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  1. Because we only have 8 days, we feel that we have choose between seeing Galilee/Haifa area or seeing Eliat/Jordan (Petra). So far, we're choosing Petra, but I'm open to being convinced otherwise if northern Israel is not to be missed.
  2. Kids are adult(ish) - 24, 21, 18, 17 and 16
  3. I'm planning a trip to Israel this December; hoping that covid travel restrictions are lifted by then. Calling on the FFA to see if anyone has any tips or recommendations for the trip. Our current plan is a couple of days in Tel Aviv, 4 days in Jerusalem and surrounding areas, and then a 2 day trip to Eliat (with a day trip into Petra too). It's a short trip and we'll be cramming in lots of site seeing in a relatively short time. Thanks in advance.
  4. I did it steady for a few months, then fell off. I liked it when I was doing it. I wasn't under any specific stress and so can't speak as to whether it was useful to reduce stress. I believe that it would be helpful for me if I could stick with it. I've never heard/read anything negative about doing it. I expect that it's benefits are similar to other forms mantra meditation, though I haven't tried any other types of meditation. The TM process is so easy - maybe that's why it's popular and expensive (or maybe it's just marketing).
  5. I've done it; wish I had the dedication to stick with it. It's incredibly simple to do. The $1250 fee is outrageously high - but it is designed so that people who can afford it supplement the free teaching offered by the various teachers and the TM community - for instance, they are teaching TM to veterans who suffer PTSD for free, and they also have lower costs for those with lower income (they don't verify income, it's the honor system). My TM instructor (a friend) was taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi - the same master that taught the Beatles. Because she's my friend, I was able to learn TM without having to pay the fee - but that is very rare in the TM community. Most instructors stick with the company policy of not teaching the method for free (or even a small donation). My friend believes that the the Maharishi would have been appalled at the cost they are charging for the course right now.
  6. I agree with the above post. It’s a really good fast food burger. But you can wait for it.
  7. Looks like Trump is going to focus on Dominion and creating a criminal investigation Sidney Powell
  8. Trump’s press secretary says they have 11K fraud incident reports and 500 affidavits thus far. I think Trump will be able to provide enough evidence of fraud to get past summary judgment. But the alleged fraud will be de minimus and Trump will ultimately lose because he can’t prove enough fraud happened to change the outcome. The problem for Biden is that this whole process is loosely structured and the rules are vague. Trump will exploit that. This won’t be finished until mid-December.
  9. Maybe he meant that Trump loses in the sense that he loses the fight to stop all votes from being counted. But he shouldn’t have commented
  10. There's lots of dog parks in the Phoenix metro area - you can search them online. Since you'll be southeast in Maricopa, you can go to Cosmo Dog Park - it has a lake and a beach where the dogs can swim.
  11. Ted Lasso on Apple TV is a funny, feel good show. Currently in its first season.
  12. I'm not a climber, so I'll take your word that Honnold is a better climber than Caldwell. Though Caldwell sure seems like he's in the conversation for best climber, and Honnold also thinks he's the greatest ever. After reading Culdeus' comment about Dawn Wall, I watched it last night. Certainly that was a lot harder route than Honnold took, and I think the Dawn Wall route required greater skill as a climber. But it didn't take more guts. In fact, I don't think that there is any "guts" involved in what Caldwell did on the Dawn Wall. It's more stamina and skill - but since they're always clipped in, there isn't really a great risk in falling. I have an appreciation for the incredible athleticism of Caldwell and KJ for climbing Dawn Wall, but I am in awe of the lack of fear shown by Honnold in going free solo (so was Caldwell).
  13. I like The Perfect Shorts from Dockers. The extra side pocket for a cellphone is great. The Perfect Short
  14. Can this review/conclusion possibly be correct? masks don’t work I’m not endorsing that study, but I’m not qualified to determine if it’s accurate. I wear masks in public
  15. My daughter, also in a La County school, has chosen option B, but she and 3 friends are finding a house far from campus. They’re looking for a 4 bedroom house somewhere warm where they can live and do online school together. It’s definitely not a college campus experience, but it beats living at home. Since school is online, they can live anywhere, so they are looking for a large house with amenities (swimming pool, barbecue, etc.), but in a location that’s a lot cheaper than LA County
  16. My daughter's school is in southern CA and has a plan for kids being on campus, but it's dependent on the State of CA and LA County both lifting applicable restrictions. Even if on-campus attendance is offered, it will look a lot different than before CV-19: dorms will single rooms only; on-campus housing priority will go to Freshman, then Seniors, then Juniors; dining hall hours will be limited and eating areas restricted and social distancing tables in effect; no more on-campus school parties; kids will all have to sign an agreement to social distance on campus - those are just some of the many changes facing the kids on campus this year. Because of the nature of the on-campus restrictions, and the very likely possibility that the school switches to on-line classes only, my daughter and her friends are looking into renting a large house (far outside LA County, where it is much cheaper to live) where they can all live together and attend on-line school together.
  17. You wrote before that you couldn’t understand the lyrics when you saw it live. I think understanding the lyrics is critical to the enjoyment of it. Try listening or watching it while reading the lyrics. The writing is historically accurate, succinct and very clever.
  18. Thanks for the heads up about Zion. We read about the crowds, so we’re bringing bikes and biking into the park.
  19. I'm headed to Zion and Bryce for 4 days of hiking. Some of the trails are closed, but most parts of the parks are open. Staying at local hotels.
  20. I had the same results as @Boston Fred re eating extra when I had earned it through exercise, but still losing weight because I stayed under the daily calorie limit. At the same time, I think @DA RAIDERS is right that it’d be best to adjust my portions and daily calorie intake so I naturally eat my daily calorie limit and feel satisfied, without having to rely on eating the extra calories gained by exercise - seems like a better long term plan in case, in the future, I stop (or can’t) exercise.
  21. Thanks for the responses about my 30 min vs 3 x 10 min calorie burn. I usually don't stop during a 30 min run, but there's some days where I'm not feeling it and want to quit after 20 min. On those days, I guess it can't hurt to post another 10-15 min run later in the day anyway (to be sure I make up for any difference in calorie expenditure).
  22. Question for the group: Setting aside any benefits related to cardiovascular or muscular improvement, and only thinking about calories burned, is there any difference between an uninterrupted 30 minute run versus a set of three 10 minute runs separated by a rest period?
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