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  1. Oh, I agree that "nobody ehffin cares about your ff team" is absolutely true 99% of the time. However, there are exceptions to the rule like when i'm about to do a startup with you. In that case I "care" about your recently drafted team. It's all good im just busting your chops and don't want you to post your team. After all your going to need all the help you can get
  2. Follow up to this draft; moved the 9.4 (and change) for the 8.12 and took Sutton. I was offered Mahomes and picks for Herbert, 9.1 & 9.3. Eventually the deal became Mahomes, 11.1 & 11.6 for Herbert, 9.1 & 9.3. I was really torn on this, I had a couple of nice wrs lined up to fill out my roster and really wanted to make the picks but after countering a few times it got to where it did and felt it was to good to pass up. Don't pick again until the 11th where I have 3 picks. Current roster: Mahomes, Patrick Wilson, Russell Stafford, Matthew Swift, D'Andre Edward
  3. At least this guy has a chance to compete. Aren't you supposed to post the team you drafted so we can all study it? Or am I the only one stupid enough to do that...
  4. Yea, started there 2.3, 3.10 & 7.10 for 1.5 and bunch of 2022 2-6th rd picks 4.3, 6.3 & 10.3 for 1.11 & 15.11 5.10 for 10.8 & 11.5 8.3 for 13.3 & 14.10 10.8 for 15.3 & 16.10 2022 1st for 7.9 (might actually be best trade value wise, except it will be top 5) 7.9 & 9.10 for 11.3, 12.10, 17th, 18th & 19th 2022 2nd & 26th for 15th & 17th Just horrendous, I feel bad for him but he will learn. Of course I also feel bad for myself having to play against the 3-4 teams that fleeced him.
  5. Sooo I am in a 77 SF BB startup (just messin round killin time) and we are early in the 8th rd and it came to my attention we have an owner (10 slot) who traded away their future 1st & 2nd (though they do have a different 2nd) and doesn't pick again until the 11th rd. Their current roster is: Trevor Lawrence, Najee Harris & Kyle Pitts. I knew they had made some horrendous early trades but I am baffled at how they could manage to have that roster, no future 1st and no picks until the 11th rd. Full disclosure they do have multiple picks in every rd between 11-19 but still.
  6. FPC, not sure how tuff they are but guys I wouldn't mind hanging on to a bit longer Tyler Johnson, Lazard 3 of the following have to go, Conner, Vaughn, J Kelley, D Harris, Hamler, B Edwards & Albert O
  7. You set a reserve price and a buy it now price. The option for the owner to cancel after the reserve price has been met has been removed. When you sell your team you get the price it sold for less 10% of the sale price for commission and when the money is deposited in your FFPC account your FFPC deposit is added\refunded. The costs for the buyer and seller are all up front so there really isn't anything hidden. I listed the reasons why a person would want to do this a couple of posts ago. Its fun and I get paid to draft a team, whats not to like? I still have plenty of other teams to
  8. I would imagine shortly before week 1 starts would be cutoff. I think the best times will be shortly after the season once rookie picks are assigned, then right before rookie draft (provided you have rookie picks on the team) and then again right before the season starts.
  9. Yeah, it would be pretty difficult logistically.
  10. I just asked DD and they said no selling during season.
  11. Thats a good question, not sure if you can buy n sell during season. My guess is you can but I will try and find out.
  12. I just did the same thing and can explain some of my reasoning. I was bored, wanted exposure to SF, wanted to experiment with selling a startup on DD. Startup drafting is fun so why the heck not? I planned to resell it next yr once rookie picks were assigned (I had 3 1's) but figured why not see if it will sell now. I know it would have sold for more a yr from now, but now I have sold at a small profit ($154 in, Net $85 out) and can move on to another. Owner gets a good team, I have fun and make a small profit and I am already drafting my next team. If churning startups is wron
  13. My 2 cents: I assumed we could start trading as soon as draft order was set and don't really see any reason why we shouldn't. Those who want to wait until after the rookie draft are free to do so but I wouldn't want to prevent others from making trades now. We are all adults here.
  14. I told Dave when we submitted the sheet we would like to get our draft order asap so we should have it soon. The funds glitch we had with 1 owner is resolved and I expect we ill be rockin and rolling this afternoon.
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