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  1. I think he could play today if he wanted and once he feels CAR has made a $ commitment to him you will see him on the field.
  2. True it is different now for sure, but Brady or no Brady, for Gilmore it has obviously been about the money and his last contract. It is his right to protect himself for next year and it is NEs right to expect him to play for the 60mil or so they had already paid him. Wish they could have kept him for this yr but glad they didn't give him a boatload of guaranteed money to stay.
  3. My 2 cents: Could be wrong, but been obvious for some time now he was "almost certainly" doing an in house hold out (faux inj ) and wanted new contract else he sits and protects himself for next yr and his last contract. Myself and others hoped they would offer and he would be happy with a ~5mil salary bump for this year and figured there was no way NE would go higher (maybe not even that high). I am interested to find out if they offered him something and it wasn't enough or if they didn't offer anything. Either way we have known for many months he wouldn't be here next yr so this scenario has been a fait accompli for a while now. It would be a shame with all the money they had and spent (on questionable talent imho) if they didn't offer him a solid one year bump. If they offered him the bump and he turned it down so be it, I don't blame them at all for not wanting to guarantee him a huge pile of money for future years. I thought there was a good chance he would get traded and was hoping it would be Tampa. Pretty surprising if they couldn't find a trade partner to at least give them something.
  4. With the thread bump I just now saw this gem from long ago and have to smh. Like all the other "unprovable" assertions people make about essentially any qb doing what Brady does it can't be disproven. This time it isn't Rodgers, Mahomes, Manning etc, it's Jared Goff could\can do what Brady does. I can't disprove it, but I can say it demonstrates how biased and silly some can get with Brady. No, put Brady on the Rams and the Rams win imho; they likely dominate big time imho. I guess I could be in the minority here, probably would make a good pole....
  5. Like most everyone here on the board I respect your Pats thoughts and opinions the vast majority of the time, but u know that you and I disagree big time on Brady. You have said (on more than 1 occasion) that both sides claim you are on other side, but in the Brady threads you and I have been in, on this subject since 2019, I have never seen it and you have consistently again and again over a long period of time trashed both Brady's abilities and work habits. You have done far more than just "post his numbers" when trashing him and its really disingenuous to imply as if that is what my criticism is based on. You have ripped him in the past and in the bolded above your attacking and smearing his character. By checked out do you mean he knew that even with all he had done for that organization BB was ready to move on? Ok agreed, do you also mean he knew the team around him was hot garbage? Ok, agreed. But to impugn his character and not acknowledge that, considering what they had around him it is amazing that they scored as many points as they did. On more than 1 occasion you have claimed\implied that the talent around him wasn't all that bad and the real reasons the offense suffered were his actions in TC, how he "had checked out", bad attitude and his talent had fallen way off etc. Those are dog whistles for me and that is what my criticism is based on. That and you claiming you don't have a side when you clearly do. You are a BB company guy and im a Brady guy; it's all good, just own it. Yes, Brady had bad numbers in 2019, where we disagree is the why (I say it was primarily due to the chicken crap around him) and you claim it was bad attitude and diminished skills (or at least you did for a very long time). I agree with u that the "NE made no effort to get talent at the end" is not true; they tried, they just failed at it (which for offensive players is undeniable pretty common for BB the GM) and they also had some really bad luck. On that we agree. When you see what Brady did with Moss and now in Tampa at 43, it is fair to wonder what he could have done offensively had BB made a point and had similar success to drafting WRs like say the Steelers have had. I will close with what I wrote at the end of the post you responded to. BB is the greatest HC of all time and Brady is the greatest QB, I still like both of them; well I love Brady a bit more. BB didn't feel he needed or wanted Brady anymore and Brady felt similar. There split was like Lennon\Mccartney and almost inevitable imho. I DON"T BLAME EITHER ONE. Brady left and showed he didn't need BB as his genius HC to win a SB and now BB will try and show he doesn't need Brady (good luck with that Bill..). Some don't like that but that's the way it is.
  6. David I respect your opinion and agree with you most of the time but you can't claim you haven't picked a side when clearly you have and have trashed brady again and again. You continue to say derogatory "rumor" type things about Brady like he "checked out" in 2019; really? Look at the numbers he put up while surrounded by total chicken crap and look at the following year. Your opinion that Brady was a washed up bad apple is well documented as are my arguments for why I felt you were wrong. You thought Brady was all done; he wasn't I don't blame BB for believing Brady would likely fall off a cliff and for doing what BB always does which is whatever he "thinks" is in the best interest of the team. Sometimes he is right and sometimes he is wrong; clearly he is a much better HC than GM. BB is the greatest HC of all time and Brady is the greatest QB, I still like both of them; well I love Brady a bit more. BB didn't feel he needed or wanted Brady anymore and Brady felt similar. There split was like Lennon\Mccartney and almost inevitable imho. I DON"T BLAME EITHER ONE. Brady left and showed he didn't need BB as his genius HC to win a SB and now BB will try and show he doesn't need Brady (good luck with that Bill..). Some don't like that but that's the way it is.
  7. As I pointed out in my post I think both BB & TB are equally responsible for the dynasty and you really can't split them up. I agreed with the majority of what the op had written other than imo TB winning a SB does take the wind out of the it was all BB crowd of which there were many. So in that respect it is hard to deny BBs rep takes a bit of a hit. Doesn't mean i don't think he is the best HC ever, it just means Brady proved he doesn't need BB to win a SB. BB has obviously not done that as a HC. You and others make it sound so easy, limited acclimation period the only thing in the way of taking a team that had 1 winning season in the previous 10 to the playoffs and a SB win. Totally new system, terminology and players and all he had to overcome was a sore knee. The Tampa def dominated the SB but getting the team there was a lot more complicated than that. Many insisted Brady was washed up in 2019 while some of us felt it had more to do with the chicken crap BB put around him. There is little doubt now about who was right; so now (for some) the argument morphs into well Brady was the reason he was surrounded by chicken crap. All I can say to that is oy. People can argue resource limitations exist because BB and Kraft leveraged the future to "give" Brady his SB win vs the Falcons and Rams but they would be wrong. Drafting Jimmy didn't help Brady one iota but a wr\rb\te in his place could have. Some actually wanted to keep Jimmah over Tom, howz that workin out for SF? One constant (for the most part) over Brady's time in NE was BBs refusal again and again to mortgage the future (or even draft offensive weapons) for the sb push. Yes, great QBs command big contracts but imho they are in bad shape primarily due to poor drafting not drunken sailor type FA spending during Brady's last 5 yrs. It's all good, reasonable minds can disagree.
  8. I am on record as believing BB is the best HC of all time and I agree with those points. My post was more directed toward the it was all about Bill crowd and Tom winning a SB without his help. BB is obviously a brilliant coach but Tom winning a SB without him has to matter in the was it Bill or Tom debate.
  9. I agree with all of that with the caveat that Brady winning in Tampa with a different coach and different system proves Brady can win without BB, while the opposite can't be said of BB. We can't pretend it doesn't muffle the cacophony calls of the "it was mostly Bill" crowd and amplify the "it was mostly Brady" voters. So fair or not, one has proven they can win without the other and one hasn't. I am on record as believing it was both and it's impossible to split them; however, I am very happy the "it was mostly Bill" crowd had most of the wind taken out of their sails.
  10. Well, at least they fixed it, in 1 of my fbg tourno lgs I saw the following "FAAB Acquisition Added: James Washington, PIT (WR)Dropped: Antonio Brown, TB (WR). The team is 0-3 and last in points and desperate but is this not insane? FTR, feeling good about my FBG dyno team but long way to go.
  11. I followed him for several years, decent man, hard to wrap my head around. Feel so bad for Tabby and the kids, just aint fn'n fair.
  12. Same here, not the right day, but I am up for doing another round table some time.
  13. My brother pointed out that Harris was gassed and asked out of the game and then came back in right before he fumbled. Stevenson is built to help them do what they were doing at the time (pound the rock and salt game away). Yea you want to send the rook a message, but in hind sight running Harris into exhaustion didn't give the team their best chance at winning. I for one am hoping bb is smart enough to realize this and gives the new kid another chance or two.
  14. Have to admit I prefer the Sutton side, but if you like someone go and get them and fwiw you have a real nice team.
  15. My 2 cents It's all good man, I don't play in any deep, never mind super deep dynasty leagues (all fpc & dfwc), but I own Johnson in redraft\bb and dynasty almost everywhere. What is not to like? He looked good in DET and in NY and up until recently he has been pretty much free. While other owners were taking Carter in the 6th-7th rds (dynasty & redraft) some of us have been taking Johnson in the 18-19th rds. Carter is a 4th rd pick who has trouble pass blocking (so better for dyn, but maybe not so much this yr imho) and Coleman is meh. Jets look like they will struggle on def and potentially be much better on offense now. I see a big neon sleeper sign flashing over Johnson. Even if it doesn't work out those who took a shot on him haven't lost much draft capital and can easily move on. As far as Stevenson goes, he has looked good (im thinking Blount with hands) and I definitely like his dynasty prospects. However, at least for this yr he will likely need a Harris inj to become startable.
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