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  1. Ok, $250 and I definitely want the draft to be early June soon after nfl draft and I think most if not all agree. How about we hold spots 11 and or 12 for Chad or Jordan or some other FBG staff member(s) to join should they have the cajones? 1. @phandango 2. @NE_REVIVAL 3. @jabarony 4. @barackdhouse 5. @bombjack 6. @Zyphros 7. @FreeBaGeL 8. @menobrown 9. @Marauders
  2. When I said the Chubb side probably was the value side it was just a guess but since Rock checked DLF, I checked a few different calcs. DLF was pretty close to even but slightly favoring 1.1, UTH & Rotounderworld somewhat solidly (~12%) on 1.1 side, DTC had it ~30% for the Chubb\Hill side. Pretty big discrepancy with DTC. Fwiw, I probably trust UTH over the others though Rotounderworld is brand new (at least to me) so time will tell.
  3. Wow, that is a huge deal. Current roster would matter but my man love for Najee is growing with my annual onset of rookie fever is in full bloom; that and im not a big Hill guy so im taking the 1.1, but value is probably on the other side. Pretty close imho.
  4. Yea, FFPC and he is up to 27 players on his roster which is not the way to go imho but ive been wrong before.
  5. Well he already had Lamar Jackson & M Ryan so he wasn't qb needy at all. I would have been looking for picks but the guy he traded with won the lg last yr and didn't have any picks.
  6. There was, I didn't mean to mislead, it wasn't terrible, I just remembered Evans was the primary piece and not the direction I would take in a rebuild. He got: Bell, Le'Veon Evans, Mike Johnson, David Prescott, Dak Hunt, Kareem 2022 2nd Round
  7. FFPC not involved Team A Gets: Evans, Mike 2021 Pick 5.03 Team B Gets: Thomas, Logan Snell, Benny Ruggs, Henry Team Defense, WAS 2021 Pick 2.10 Team B took over orphan and been very aggressive in making deals and I give him an "A" for effort so far but I don't like Ruggs or this deal. He told me he was interested in trading future picks for one of my RBs but never mentioned Evans. (fwiw, he had acquired him previously in a deal for Julio & Swift).
  8. FFPC SF BB (Pro v Joe), not involved Team A gets: Slayton, Darius 2021 Pick 1.05 Team B gets: Gordon, Melvin 2021 Pick 1.08 Pretty close (ProvPro), would likely depend on roster but id b leaning 1.5 side
  9. I would prefer early June myself and even though fpc dyno is open for biz now, im going to try not to do any startups before nfl draft. But I am weak, so very weak.....
  10. Well I look at it as more of a bragging rights thing than anything else and not really interested in non FFPC platform (commish, orphans etc). Having said that if there is interest at 250 I would be fine with that as well.
  11. I think we should start a signup list for a $77 fbg dyno lg so we can start to put our money where our mouth is I have no prob with a higher buy in if there's interest but this should be pretty easy to fill with fbg members.
  12. I agree rd3-7 picks are hardly worthless and the more the merrier for sure, but you still need to cut down to 18 positional players before the season starts and if you have a contending team it is really difficult to let go of the bird in the hand for 2 in the bush. James Robinson was a good example last year, I liked him a bit but was only able to keep him on a couple of my weaker teams (including non FFPC). So packaging up is often a smart move as well.
  13. I like the Cooper side (and no im not a huge Cooper fan) and would like it a lot if I knew roster size was more shallow than deep.
  14. Yes, this is the first year for DD and from what they have said interfacing with the FFPC involves some complexity and moving parts. I have talked with the owner (Nelson) and they are listening to suggestions and want to improve things but they also don't want to break what is working. Their last news letter mentioned addressing the issue with owners being able to cancel even after the reserve price has been met. According to the email they will be making changes in the next couple of weeks and one of them will be removing the cancel button once the reserve has been met so owners can't cancel
  15. Agreed, something else I would like FFPC to include in team history is name changes and ownership changes (sales). It is annoying to try to keep up with owners who change their team name again and again (why?) and sort them with new owners that are coming in.
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