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  1. I followed him for several years, decent man, hard to wrap my head around. Feel so bad for Tabby and the kids, just aint fn'n fair.
  2. Same here, not the right day, but I am up for doing another round table some time.
  3. My brother pointed out that Harris was gassed and asked out of the game and then came back in right before he fumbled. Stevenson is built to help them do what they were doing at the time (pound the rock and salt game away). Yea you want to send the rook a message, but in hind sight running Harris into exhaustion didn't give the team their best chance at winning. I for one am hoping bb is smart enough to realize this and gives the new kid another chance or two.
  4. Have to admit I prefer the Sutton side, but if you like someone go and get them and fwiw you have a real nice team.
  5. My 2 cents It's all good man, I don't play in any deep, never mind super deep dynasty leagues (all fpc & dfwc), but I own Johnson in redraft\bb and dynasty almost everywhere. What is not to like? He looked good in DET and in NY and up until recently he has been pretty much free. While other owners were taking Carter in the 6th-7th rds (dynasty & redraft) some of us have been taking Johnson in the 18-19th rds. Carter is a 4th rd pick who has trouble pass blocking (so better for dyn, but maybe not so much this yr imho) and Coleman is meh. Jets look like they will struggle on def and potentially be much better on offense now. I see a big neon sleeper sign flashing over Johnson. Even if it doesn't work out those who took a shot on him haven't lost much draft capital and can easily move on. As far as Stevenson goes, he has looked good (im thinking Blount with hands) and I definitely like his dynasty prospects. However, at least for this yr he will likely need a Harris inj to become startable.
  6. Agreed, good guy and gone way too soon. RIP DP
  7. I don't get Sirius but I think Ratcliffe is good and listen to his pods regularly. I disagree with him here, I don't think TSmith comes back and pushes Callaway aside; could happen but doubt it.
  8. I take whatever Silva says with a grain of salt (as I do with most), but Thomas just went at the end of the 7th in the ME I am in and his adp is early 8th. Not saying he is on my no draft list but he might as well be. Likely have to carry him until wk8 (at best?), I'm not considering him until double digit rds and even then, meh.
  9. Hell Yeah, what r u thinking peeps.....
  10. I'm doing a slow draft ME right now, don't love my team so far, but don't hate it either. Thinner at rb than I would like, but I think I am good everywhere else. Fwiw, some might criticize te but Thomas is a flag player for me and I am confident he will again be a FPC top 3 TE only better this yr. If I'm wrong I will delete the post and we can pretend it never happened 😉 Kyler Murray (ARI) Zach Wilson (NYJ) Austin Ekeler (LAC) Jonathan Taylor (IND) Rhamondre Stevenson (NE) Darrynton Evans (TEN) Ty Johnson (NYJ) Cooper Kupp (LAR) Tyler Boyd (CIN) Jerry Jeudy (DEN) Corey Davis (NYJ) Marquez Callaway (NO) Rondale Moore (ARI) Gabriel Davis (BUF) Logan Thomas (WAS) Mike Gesicki (MIA)
  11. I don't hate it either, like I said I am a microwave type of rebuilder but me thinks Chad would not agree. Yes the guy quit and I will PM you on what happened.
  12. FFPC Pros vs Joes BB SF (2020 Startup), one of the Pro's left in a huff over what he considered an offensive FPC tweet (oy) So new owner comes in today and makes all of the following moves, only 1 of which I am involved with. Why am I writing all this up? Hell if I know, but I thought it was interesting. New owner Gave Rodgers, Aaron (QB), GB Kelce, Travis (TE), KC Gordon, Melvin (RB), DEN Golladay, Kenny (WR), NYG Got Chubb, Nick (RB), CLE Moore, D.J. (WR), CAR Jones, Daniel (QB), NYG Fant, Noah (TE), DEN 2022 1st, 2022 2nd, 2022 3rd Gave Harris, Najee (RB), PIT St. Brown, Amon-Ra (WR), DET Got (from Pro) Montgomery, David (RB), CHI Jeudy, Jerry (WR), DEN 2022 1st Gave Mattison, Alexander (RB), MIN Got 2022 2nd Gave Russell Wilson Got Stafford Goedert * Last one is me Getting Wilson So in total he gave: Rodgers Aaron, Russell Wilson Harris Najee, Gordon Melvin, Mattison Alexander Golladay Kenny, St. Brown Amon-Ra Kelce Travis And got: Stafford Matt, Jones Daniel Chubb Nick, Montgomery David Moore D.J., Jeudy Jerry Fant Noah, Goedert Dallas 2 2022 1sts 2 2022 2nds 2022 3rd IMO: Huge downgrade at QB Slight upgrade at RB Big upgrade at WR Big downgrade at TE, but if building for future, 2 good young players Big upgrade for 2022 DRAFT The team he took over from the "pro" was pretty mediocre\bad imo. (I have the original and final rosters if there is any interest in seeing them). I'm a microwave rebuild kinda guy but I know at least one musician who isn't.
  13. FFWC (12tm ppr, 1/2/3/1/2F) 21 man rosters. Not involved Gave Sermon Got Tyreek Hill Context: The lg and comish was not happy and the trade ended up being reversed. I missed the original trade 2 days ago and only saw the reversal that occurred today.
  14. Not a Hurts believer and would not have traded away Wilson, especially if I were in win now mode.
  15. FFWC (12tm ppr, 1/2/3/1/2F) 21 man rosters. Gave D. Henderson Got Aiyuk Context: Out of the blue offer on by far my best dynasty team (it's a monster going for 3peat) and I like Henderson but this was pretty much a smash accept for me.
  16. He has a wrist contusion where Jones hit him with a beautiful deep ball. Hard to catch the ball with your wrists, i'm done with him, henceforth he is "Dirty Harry" to me and no I aint feelin lucky........
  17. I thought Cam played like he knew his job was on the line and played really well. Mac Jones throws another beautiful deep ball that bounced of Nkeal f'n Harry's wrist. Jones will be starting sooner rather than later but Cam solidified his early season hold on the starting job for now. Thats all I got, other than Nordin will be bordin the ww bus........
  18. Not involved, FFWC (1/2/3/1/2F) 21 man rosters. Team A receives: Taylor,Jonathan RB IND Team B receives: Robinson,James RB JAC Jones,Aaron RB GB 2022 Rnd 1 Pick Team A is a contender, Team B still building. I do really like JT, but I like the deal more for Team B in this case. Team B is not that far off (needs wrs) and now has 3 1st's to help him get some wrs if he decides to go that route.
  19. I think it's pretty close, if contending im leaning Jeudy, if building i'm taking Jefferson.
  20. FFPC, contending team Gave K. Hunt & Rondale Moore, 2023 3rd Got Aiyuk Owner had been offering him to me all off season (for quite a bit more) and being stacked at wr (AJB, Diggs, JJ, Cooper, Woods, DJ Moore) answer was always no. Value wise I think it is fine, but I'm an rb hoarder by nature and having some remorse now. Chubb and Henry are my starters and Hunt was on bench most weeks which makes it easier but rb depth takes big hit (Sanders, Davis, Mostert).
  21. All good my friend, it was FFPC (since corrected above) and fwiw rotoworld (which I do always check) didn't mention it until aprox a couple of hrs later. Imho it doesn't matter if it is high profile player like Akers or bench fodder like Long, trying to pull a fast one with damaged goods is not the kind of dynasty player I want to play with in my leagues. I could be in the minority and I understand we are playing for money but it's dirty pool imo.
  22. Maybe not the right thread but just sayin. I received a FFPC trade offer sending me Hunter Long early this afternoon before news of his injury in practice was widely available. I didn't act on it, but after I heard the news I am thinking it was a crappy thing to do. Maybe the inj is serious, maybe not and I know all is fair in love and war but it's not something I would ever do. Wondering what the consensus is on this.
  23. FFPC, hot garbage orphan team I bought this yr. Gave Mattison, Jamal Williams Got Darnell Mooney I know UTH\Chad calc doesn't like it at all, but thought it made sense in short roster full rebuild mode.
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