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  1. I mean he can't be worse than Mason Rudolph and Josha Dobbs. But he currently doesn't have the maturity to be a replacement either. Not sure who that teacher is going to be. Quite a few knuckleheads on this team that thinks going to a strip club after leading your team to a crucial loss is A-OK
  2. Same old arrogance. Listened to the media and seeing their issues with COVID and didn't take as serious This is a Tomlin loss more than a Ben loss
  3. At least they are giving me a reason to watch 4th quarter. This next Cleveland drive could tell us about this game I feel like Renegade would be blasting so loud right now
  4. No ####### excuses. This was exactly like the Jaguars playoffs where they didn't take the game seriously and their opponent and got beat up. Sorry Juju but same old Steelers so far. I am begging for at least effort
  5. It is painfully obvious that the Steelers thought this would be easy. Haven't seen a more half ### effort in playoffs since the Jags game. Another game they though would be easy
  6. I am actually stunned these cult members are allowing non white people inside the building. That is one of the main reasons why they have been allowed to run amock to begin with
  7. Just remember our president is basically tweeting to his cult members to enforce justice on the vice president Meanwhile Trump is miles and miles away and just laughing his ### off
  8. I am sorry they want a war. Their leader told them to march the Capitol. Bring in the military and give them a war
  9. Only thing that worries me a little after last night is that it gives them the thought that Mason Rudolph can be a legit starter. He was really good in 4th quarter but I think it was more Browns almost choking under pressure We definitely learned that Dobbs has no place here. He is Kordell without the ability to throw the ball As long as Ben holds off the turnovers I am confident in the wild card game.
  10. If I could put money on 11-5 right now I would. The Colts are okay but they can score like crazy and frankly this offenses needed luck for 17. The Browns are hot and maybe playing for a division. I mean home field for playoffs doesn't mean anything in 2020 but seriously now they are fighting to play a road wild card game
  11. At this rate I am surprised they didn't try to throw 30 yards down the field on that 4th and 1
  12. Steelers playing like a team who doesn't think they are playing for anything. Lazy doesn't even ####### describe it
  13. I guess your definition of "fraud" at 11-2 concerning an NFL team is dependent on your expectations. If the goal of the Steelers was to make the AFC title game then they are still a legit contender and still likely to make it. But after that I don't see this at all. Connor coming back helped a little but it is clear they aren't changing this dink and dunk style of play. Plus everyone mentions how Brady can't throw the deep ball but Ben is so much worse at this point. I really can't see this team being strong in the playoffs against teams like the Chiefs and now the Bills. With B
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