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  1. My current Top 10 which, if all signs prove accurate, will have a new No. 1 when Infinity War comes out: 1. The Avengers 2. (tie) Captain America: Winter Soldier/Black Panther 4. Iron Man 5. Avengers: Age of Ultron 6. Captain America: Civil War 7. Thor Ragnarok 8. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 9. Spider-Man Homecoming 10. Dr. Strange
  2. Can't wait to see this next weekend. Between Black Panther and Infinity War and everything else coming in the 10th anniversary I'm way more geeked up than I probably should be for a man my age. But I don't f'n care. This is gonna be awesome.
  3. Guessing Brown gets the 2-3 targets Bryant has been recently getting. I'm back to where I was at with him on Sunday night. Dropping today and moving on. I've had enough of this soap opera. Maybe I'll look to re-acquire off the Waiver Wire in a couple of weeks if something changes but I'm done now. I don't think this is gonna have a happy ending unless he's traded and I doubt that will happen. Just gonna stay ugly.
  4. It's not true that Bryant is a star who deserves to be catered to. It's also not true he's a bum who's done nothing and hasn't shown he can't help this team with a more sizable role. Toss out the extremes and focus on the middle ground. Perhaps that's where you can find a resolution to this that keeps the player happy and enables the team to maximize the talent of said player they insist they believe in.
  5. So you're saying that giving him the exact same number of targets they were giving him in the first five weeks of the season is going to seriously damage the team? He was getting six targets a game. Again, I'm not saying give him 15 but six is going to set a precedent the likes of which Tomlin can't recover from? Sorry just not buying that.
  6. Yup, he's handling it poorly. I completely agree with that. However, I do think the Steelers should use him more. He was getting 6 targets per game the first 5 weeks. Start by getting him back to that level. It's not like it should seriously damage your approach by just using him more. I'm not saying give him 15 targets. He isn't Brown and shouldn't be catered to like Brown was. But if you believe he is talented - and by refusing to trade him the point is then made that the team does believe he's talented - how are you harmed by using him more?
  7. Nope, I believe Bryant is being singled frequently (which is accurate as Romo also pointed out on Sunday) and I think the Steelers should be using him more on offense (which is entirely subjective). I don't recall ever saying Bryant is standing wide open with no one else around him.
  8. Throwing him the ball is more has roughly a 100% percent chance of improving his attitude.
  9. Suspension makes sense but I wonder if they will suspend him if Smith-Schuster can't play.
  10. Tomlin just said Smith-Schuster in concussion protocol. If he's out the Steelers may not have a choice but to throw the ball to Bryant. Worth noting teams have attacked the CBs on the other side of Slay this season. That's where Bryant would be Sunday night vs. Detroit. So there's that now to throw into all this.
  11. I'll say again that I don't think there will be a trade. But in my opinion if you can handle the roster spot there's no harm giving this another week just to see if the unlikely becomes likely. It's not me wishing for anything. It's just taking a practical approach. Him on my bench in Week 8 and then seeing where things are at in Week 9 isn't gonna kill me in any of the leagues where I have Bryant. In fact, in two of them my team is in first place so I can definitely afford to give this another week. #HumbleBrag As far as the change in offensive approach I agree the Steelers have ma
  12. He got the first touch and then was immediately subbed out when the passing plays began. So yeah, it was pretty clear from the opening series they weren't going to increase his role against the Bengals. Again, I'm not saying he's handling this well. He isn't. But his role has changed significantly the past two weeks. That is indisputable. From a fantasy perspective, I've decided to hang onto him until the trade deadline. I still don't think he's dealt but I'll hang on for another week and see if the Steelers blink here. I think it's worth the extra week just to see if the 1% chance o
  13. By all accounts things went great for him in practice last week and then once the game began the Steelers ignored him more than they had all season. So I'm not sure the bolded means things will change. I think at this point it's a no-win situation for both sides. Bryant likely won't get the trade he wants and if he continues being phased out the Steelers will continue to have a distraction to deal with every week.
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