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  1. Then if any collusion is found they'll put forth - "But is collusion really wrong if the President does it?"
  2. Everything with Trump is worse than one can imagine. But yeah, this was pretty surreal. Even by his standards.
  3. Oh, there's a lot to unpack today. But hey, Trump got a soccer ball.
  4. Three days ago, the United States of America charged Putin-led operatives with attacking our 2016 election. Today Donald Trump said the Russians were innocent and blamed the Democrats. That's news.
  5. Context? With Trump? First day watching him I gather.
  6. He blamed Obama for the election being hacked while saying the election wasn't hacked and that investigation is rigged. Hannity will explain it all to you tonight.
  7. People really need to stop asking where the Republicans are. I'm sorry but it's been obvious for two years now which side they're on. NARRATOR: It's not the US's side.
  8. I'm not sure I'm in favor of abolishing ICE (though I won't be upset if it occurred) but am definitely in favor of reviewing how it is used and clearly preventing how Trump is using it now.
  9. No way. He has overseen the destruction of the United States of America and today he stood right next to the man he put in power as he shat all over our country and democracy. Dude is gonna go shirtless on horses for months after this.
  10. Louise Mensch has a theory about that. And with each passing day it becomes more and more difficult to question it.
  11. Exactly. And these fears are legitimate and just. You don't have to conjure up lies. We have indictments and examples that run for miles.
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