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  1. I just recovered from a mild case of COVID, where I received the J&J shot in April. I am now indestructible.
  2. I’m seeing so much lazy play. Our defender half assed an attempt to keep the ball inbounds. Stay home and play FIFA on your Xbox if you’re going to mail in your play like that.
  3. Should be a rule that if you go out on a board, you must be subbed out of the game.
  4. Oh boy you weren’t kidding. Him trying to tee up a pass or clear or whatever he was attempting there. It almost resulted in a goal.
  5. I wish our goalie would pass out of the box instead of just blasting it to the other goalie.
  6. Well, I tested positive for Covid a few hours ago. I’m sleeping in the basement away from the family and will just hang here for a week or more. Yesterday afternoon I noticed a runny nose and very slight cough by the evening. Low grade fever right now and occasional cough and some body aches. So far, not so bad. Let’s hope this vaccine keeps me above ground! Vaccinated April 1 with J&J.
  7. Damn. That’s steep. On the assumption he was unvaccinated… a) spend $44k on hospital bills and likely shortened lifespan due to lung damage among other things resulting from long ICU stays. or b) get a free shot and buy a brand spanking new Tesla.
  8. I’m really curious what open enrollment will look like this year. My guess is a substantial cost increase should one choose to not vaccinate. These extremely expensive, preventable, hospitalizations must be killing insurers.
  9. At the beginning of the game, I saw on the TV that the US had a rank of 10 from FIFA. That’s 10 in North/South America I assume.
  10. Meanwhile, has likely thousands of dollars in medical expenses, potential lost wages, possible long COVID/quality of life issues, etc. Anti vaxxers are going to end up getting the jab at some point, may as well do it before some or all of the above. On top of that, if you value future employment, international travel, and avoiding higher health insurance premiums, among other things.
  11. Which one? Did they basically say you can switch to Phiser/Moderna?
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