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  1. That's why I refused to vote in Joe's poorly thought out, embarrassing polls.
  2. The silence from Trump on the World Series booing is deafening. He went into the game expecting accolades from Sunday morning's ISIS announcement, only to be dragged on national television in front of millions of viewers.
  3. This is poor logic. One can be applauded and criticized for two different acts simultaneously. Also, the crowd cheered the service members very gleefully.
  4. Capitalism in play here. And if you were to put even a little thought into it [you didn't], you would realize that other hotels benefit from this hotel's loss of business. Therefore requiring them to increase staff at their locations. A true Republican [you aren't] would know this.
  5. We strolled by a Trump hotel in Vancouver this summer. I asked my wife, who in the heck opts to stay there? Hopefully all of his hotels are feeling some pain.
  6. Nice. So now, our guys and gals will be battling some of the very same terrorists had previously defeated, captured and subsequently escaped thanks to Donny. A lot of ISIS fighters just earned a 1-up green mushroom. MAGA
  7. Any Republican who stands up for the tenets of the GOP, while at the same time putting country above party. This is a Judas Republican. I was a Judas Republican. Now I'm a Democrat.
  8. True. Actually Trump invited McAleenan to the Oval Office where he promptly dropped him through the trap door that was installed in January 2017 for “cabinet jettison purposes”.
  9. You sound like Kim Jong. Did Trump also shoot 40 under par last week?
  10. I really hope the GOP helps register the Amish to vote. Because you know they'd vote against him.
  11. 30% of Republicans + 95% of Democrats = 125% support impeachment. /Trump math
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