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  1. Remember when the big to-do was Al Gore audibly sighing while Bush was talking in one of the debates? Ah, the good ol’ days
  2. Whoa Nellie. RASMUSSEN had Biden up by 8? That’s so very, very bad for Trump. Here’s hoping to an absolute blowout, to avoid Trump saying he doesn’t accept the results. Let’s hit 400.
  3. The random one-word and short sentences Trump would blurt out while Joe was talking were definitely coached as a way to try to make Biden stumble and lose his train of thought. Several I recall off the top of my head were contextless, random, and just plain odd: ”Pocahontas” ”Hillary” ”3 1/2 million from Moscow”
  4. Same. I was Johnson in 2016 as a protest vote to signal to the GOP their pick sucked. So I guess they didn’t listen?
  5. I still do, and always, will love my Beretta PX4 Storm Compact. It’s damn close to the full size version and admittedly is a little larger than most carry weapons. They make great weapons, and one thing that you may appreciate is the manual safety (ambidextrous thumb β€œflip” safety). I know some folks say no safety is better when the SHTF, but I trained on the platform for years and after a few hours of training and shooting (holster/draw/shoot) it becomes muscle memory.
  6. Given last nights β€œdebate”, I wonder if some, albeit a small number, of Republicans will change their vote to Biden or third party. I’ll have to ask my mom today who intends to vote Trump even though she dislikes him. She said she just can’t vote for a Democrat. I wonder if last night moved the needle.
  7. Biden with a fantastic finish there. Now Trump rambling on about Clinton, Democrats spying, etc. Totally incoherent.
  8. Trump said Hunter was dishonorably discharged, which is a lie. Drug use is a Big Chicken Dinner, not dishonorable. A massive difference.
  9. There he goes again with the β€œNo President has done a better job than me...” A few hundred million eyes nearly rolled out of their heads just now.
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