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  1. Damn. That’s steep. On the assumption he was unvaccinated… a) spend $44k on hospital bills and likely shortened lifespan due to lung damage among other things resulting from long ICU stays. or b) get a free shot and buy a brand spanking new Tesla.
  2. I’m really curious what open enrollment will look like this year. My guess is a substantial cost increase should one choose to not vaccinate. These extremely expensive, preventable, hospitalizations must be killing insurers.
  3. At the beginning of the game, I saw on the TV that the US had a rank of 10 from FIFA. That’s 10 in North/South America I assume.
  4. Meanwhile, has likely thousands of dollars in medical expenses, potential lost wages, possible long COVID/quality of life issues, etc. Anti vaxxers are going to end up getting the jab at some point, may as well do it before some or all of the above. On top of that, if you value future employment, international travel, and avoiding higher health insurance premiums, among other things.
  5. Which one? Did they basically say you can switch to Phiser/Moderna?
  6. If a mask prevents me in any way from passing the virus to some little kid, I’m all for it.
  7. The constant barrage of misinformation to a large segment of the population is going to have dire long term effects.
  8. Soft bun (nothing crispy that cuts the roof of your mouth) Some salt and pepper seasoning White Onion tomato lettuce mayonnaise NO CHEESE!
  9. She’ll deny it even in 10 or 20 years when her heart gives out, her lung scarring is so bad she’s toting around an oxygen canister or whatever the long COVID effects will be. Meanwhile, her ex-boyfriend will be climbing mountains and running marathons if he were so inclined.
  10. Can you post what your doc tells you on this? My oldest son and I both got the J&J and we will booster (or plain switch to Phiser?) whenever it’s recommended.
  11. Thanks for the cruise info. My wife and I were just chatting about doing something around Christmas. Maybe a cruise! We cancelled a Norwegian cruise in early 2020, so maybe we give it another go.
  12. Yeah, we’ve been on 3 cruises with our kids in the past few years- all in the Caribbean. We are all vaccinated, and would not even consider it these days. Now, if the cruise line requires proof of vaccination, maybe. The main risk is the destinations not allowing the passengers to disembark because of someone popping on a test.
  13. This is fantastic. My oldest son and I got the J&J months ago. I swear most of the news and published studies on vaccines were nearly all in regard to Moderna and Phiser. I’m happy that our shot was decent as well!
  14. For the upcoming World Cup qualifiers, can I assume our “A” team will be present for those? (Pulisic, Sargent, etc)
  15. Long winded post incoming. I started out looking at hybrids, with Toyota as the front runner. I’ve always been interested in EVs, but always thought they were way too much. It turns out that after the $7500 rebate, gas savings, brakes, general in-the-shop savings, it’s a very affordable vehicle. On top of that, I know several people who’ve had their catalytic converter stolen in the last year. One guy was done twice! Anyway, I decided to look for an EV crossover/SUV. Hyundai piqued my interest, but is only available in a few states (not mine). I then stumbled upon the ID4 in my research, and after some napkin math and reading/watching reviews, I bought the ID4 Pro. it’s much quicker than any previous vehicle I’ve owned. By a lot. It’s not Tesla quick, but I’m not into racing from lights and all that anymore. It’s super quiet. There is so little road noise, it’s eerie. The drive is smooth and tight. Unlike my Dodge Grand Caravan I traded in, which drove like a loud bumpy milk truck. I average 3.4 miles per KWh - which a single KWh costs $.067 at home, on the separate circuit for my EV overnight. Doing the math, you can determine cost over time and all that. The level 2 charger in my garage is 40 watts and chargers the car at a pace of about 30 miles every hour. At 80% charge (all EVs recommend not charging above 80, except for road trips) I get about 240 miles of range. Maybe 270 on a full charge - I haven’t done that yet.
  16. The thing that many gloss over, is though you’re not likely to die from COVID, there is a good chance you’re ####ed up in some way long term.
  17. I picked up a VW ID4 about a month ago. It’s the nicest car I’ve ever owned, by a mile. I highly recommend taking a look at this one.
  18. It’s insane. We’re going on vacation the week of the 4th and likely will only go somewhere that’s good good public transportation or is nicely walkable. NYC, DC, Boston, Seattle or somewhere like that.
  19. McKenzie had better shore it up. He caused the first goal, and followed up with a flailing arm hand ball in the box later on. If not for Horvath covering for him, McKenzie would have been the leading scorer for Mexico last night.
  20. Remember when the big to-do was Al Gore audibly sighing while Bush was talking in one of the debates? Ah, the good ol’ days
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