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  1. Yeah.....I get that. The odds of him growing up normal and well adjusted were pretty low given his situation. But now....even if he turns out to be a decent human being, there's gonna be some lunatic around every corner looking to get in his face. So yeah, even if Trump were to lose SS protection (I can't imagine its going to happen. I think its too late to impeach. I think we're just playing out the string here) I would hope that the government would at least provide him with a SS detail. Its not gonna make his life much better but at least he wont be at risk for constant attacks.
  2. As much as I'd like the team to honor Carl's memory and make things right (passing on him was beyond stupid. I was BEGGING for them to take him), this isn't happening. Its not the NBA. Dude signed a deal and no team is going to take that cap hit while also giving up an asset like Watson. No chance. Zero.
  3. Yeah, I dont see someone mentally ill. I see someone spoiled, immature and self absorbed who thinks the world owes her something. I certainly understand that mental illness is a major (and vastly under-treated) problem. I dont want it to become a potential excuse anytime anyone acts wrong.
  4. LOL at that tool dramatically removing his denim jacket and turning his hat around. But yeah, that's not a peaceful protest. I honestly cant believe guns weren't drawn. I sure as hell couldn't be a cop in that situation. A crowd that size starts acting like that, I'm creating distance and pulling my pistol.
  5. Oh, I think the bolded is an absolute necessity for the foreseeable future. I worry that this "protest" was just the prelude to something much worse. A bunch of (mostly) goofballs got into the building, used makeshift devices to breach windows and doors and took some stupid pictures. Because of the nature of the way things went down, the government had plenty of time to evacuate. I worry that next time, its gonna be 20 well-trained guys with a SWAT battering ram through a side door (like the one that woman got shot at) while another "protest" takes up most of the security attention
  6. They're pot committed and throwing all their eggs in the "scoop up the crazies once Trump is gone" basket. Its not loyalty to Trump himself. Its ambition and a desire to fill the power vacuum that will be left when he's gone. I had no illusions that Ted Cruz was a decent person, so none of this bothers me.
  7. What happens if someone STRENUOUSLY objects?
  8. 25 grandchildren for mitt? Mormons, man...
  9. I thought so at first as well. But I think that's him (Pence) and his wife. Lots of red hats in the crowd
  10. yeah, that woman seems like a real pleasure.
  11. This secretary of state is NOT comfortable right now. Dude looks like he's scouting the area for a sniper
  12. Just watched. My football knowledge is nowhere near the level required to evaluate all the individual moves he's made. But at the very least, Douglas appears to be a stand-up guy with the proper temperament to succeed. Compare some of the stuff he said to the nonsense that fell out of Gase's mouth....its night and day. Yeah, some of it is cliche for sure. But the guy knows the right things to say. And honestly....I think he actually means a vast majority of it. The reporters asked him fair, reasonable questions and he gave fair, reasonable answers. After 1 year, I
  13. Pretty sure he just carried Gase's bags and cut his meat for him so he doesn't choke.
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