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  1. I had literally just heard of this kid yesterday watching 11 Yanks Gold Cup Prediction Video. He had him pegged to start as the 6. Total bummer.
  2. Been there man. Keep grinding. Just as an aside, make sure you're actually calculating your score correctly when posting. The most you can take on a hole is net double bogey. So figure out your course handicap at your place and you can determine what strokes you're getting on each hole. If its one of the easier holes on your course and you're only getting 1 stroke, the most you can take is a triple. Even if you put 2 balls OB and 3 putt on a par 4, it might only be a 7 for indexing purposes.
  3. Agreed. A place like this is a million times better than Jets specific forums. For the record, I dont have any sort of agenda against Wilson. I just see a lot of red flags and big time bust potential. Fields is far from perfect, but I feel he's much safer (Despite the history of tOSU QB's) and still has PLENTY of upside. (Dak?) As I said, if Wilson is the guy, I will do my absolute best to be positive and not say "I told you so" if he stinks off the bat.
  4. That's not the throw I was talking about. The "big" throw was obviously incredibly impressive (although I'd be pretty surprised if he has to make that throw very often. And its just as likely to get picked off when there's actually a defender or 2 down there) I'm talking about a throw earlier in the workout. It was just your basic crossing pattern and Wlison just kinda slung it sidearm/ 3-quarterish like 15 yards over the middle. Jeremiah nearly ruined his pants over it. It just seemed like there was a lot of unnecessary ooing and aahing over some very basic throws that Wilson made
  5. The Jets are an easy target (because for the most part, they've been THAT bad) and a fun target (since most of the country who isn't NY loves to see the "big bad" New York team fail) To most of the country, NY/NJ is just a bunch of loud mouth D-bags driving up and down the turnpike or "Wall Street" taking advantage of them. I mean, all you have to do is look at the "State Ranking" thread that Joe posted in the FFA. I'm not saying that NJ is the BEST place in the country. But worse than Arkansas? Kentucky? West Virginia? Lets be serious for a minute. Nobody mocks Jacksonville b
  6. 100%. The scene right after he gets involved with that chubby latina student was pretty funny. The coach, in the most Christian way possible, was like "hey stupid. You're here for a year. Dont get that one pregnant or you'll have to deal with her for the next 20 years"
  7. To be fair, your kids probably heard more bad language from you during the Battlefield 2 days than they'll ever hear in any movies.....
  8. Not a parent, so my opinion is irrelevant. But I'm curious why cursing is a problem but some dude getting bludgeoned to death with a shield is ok. Never understood that
  9. I will say this....Burrow is obviously the counter argument to the "It was just one year" argument. He wasn't especially prolific his first year at LSU. He was efficient, but didn't look like anything close to a first rounder. But his "bad year" is still MILES better than anything Wilson did prior to this season. I mean.....11 TD's and 9 INT's? Come on Watching the workout, you would think this guy had just thrown a ball over the stadium with the way Jeremiah and the others were reacting. Have you really never seen someone in shorts throw a 15 yard side-arm throw with nobody d
  10. Went back and watched the Wilson workout again on youtube this morning. Trying SO hard to see what everyone claims to see. I just dont. Obviously there were some incredible throws. He seems to have good footwork (although who knows how much of that is just the choreographed nature of the workout). I also saw a lot of REALLY mediocre throws. Overthrew some easy ones and there were a bunch of others that were behind the receiver or forced them to noticeably slow down. Just like in his highlight tapes, I see a lot of throws that only worked for him because he was playing lousy teams with no
  11. This. Sam could certainly go either way. Carolina seems like a pretty solid situation for him to rebuild. Seems like a good kid and he handled everything as best he could, so I'm certainly not rooting against him personally But as a Jets fan, I hope Carolina somehow stinks, obviously.
  12. Harman is undoubtedly the worst dressed guy on tour. What a schlub
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