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  1. If they want Sam to have bad days, they're gonna be very satisfied
  2. If you're getting your work done, it really shouldn't matter where you sit. I will say that pre-COVID, I definitely noticed that the people I worked with (many of whom had a scheduled WFH day once a week) always just happened to be "swamped" with work the day after their WFH day. And then some of that work would fall to other people (including me) while they tried to catch up. I think a lot of people treated their WFH day as a de-facto vacation day. 15 months later, I like to think that a lot of people have broken that habit. If they haven't, I'm sure it would have been noticed by n
  3. pretty sure the designers just let Alex Morgan try them on. "eh, looks like pretty good to me".
  4. Man, those new away jerseys really are just completely awful.
  5. Pretty much. Now, he still has to pass the "does he do stupid stuff in game" test, (and we'll see how the game plans look) but yeah....he seems to be the ideal mix at the press conference table.
  6. I know they're saying he's excused for "personal issues" but I think everyone sees through that pretty easily. His "personal issue" is that he's the worst and personally wants more
  7. I, for one, am SHOCKED that Jamal adams is holding out for a contract extension
  8. I don't think mosley milked the injury in 2019. I think he was legitimately hurt and then hurt himself worse rushing back for the pats game. Do I think he took advantage of the covid opt out to avoid putting his body on the line for Gase? Yes. Hes still only 28 (29 in a few days). Certainly not impossible for him to bounce back to pro bowl level. It will still be an over pay, but if he's an elite player again (unlikely, but certainly possible) it won't be too bad.
  9. Yeah, Douglas not messing around. Had to apply the pressure once crowder's eventual replacement lit up OTA's. Solid move. Sucks for crowder though. Good dude. Guess he figures he wouldn't do better on the open market
  10. Brazilian nicknames really are the best. Gabagool with a late sub appearance. Wonder if we'll see mortadell or prosciutto
  11. I'm the knucklehead......based on my half-assed review of the rules (and that Athletic article) , it seemed like you can change your captain each day if you dont like how many points they scored. (you just can't go back once you've un-captained someone) As I said....I was VERY confused. Whatever, its free....leave me alone
  12. Still think I'm picking France to win this thing. Their A game is just better than everyone else's and it seems like they're healthy. (Plus they're adding Benzema back into the mix). Kante is in top form right now, so if Pogba is anything close to where he was at the WC, I think they're the best squad by a fair amount.
  13. I was basically in the same boat on Bf1. I played the beta the whole time it was available and it just didn't click. It was polished and a nice step forward graphically, but the setting and the design choices just were a big big miss for me. Maybe they changed this at release (and via later patches) but the guns in the beta were too specialized for their various ranges. If you didnt have an SMG, you lost at close range. If you did have an SMG, you were 100% useless outside of like 20 meters. I know that weapon selection and figuring out when and how to fight is part of the strategy, but it fe
  14. A dozen solo wins in warzone is probably more than like 95% of the population.
  15. I mean....Battlefield has never been "realistic". We're talking about a series where you can revive headshot victims with a defibrillator and do things like this They just did a WW2 game. It bombed. Before that, they did a WW1 game. It did ok but a large portion of the fan base didn't like the setting or lack of options (since.....ya know....they were limited to 100 year old technology) The new game is set 20 years in the future, not 100. So I dont think we're gonna see wall running and rocket packs. But yeah, it looks like they're taking the opportunity to take technology that curr
  16. Gotcha. I think BF brings something much different to the table (in terms of the vehicles and the destruction, which no other franchise comes close to replicating.....at least when BF doesn't screw it up) but the battle royale format has certainly changed the game. While BF has the big maps and player counts (and lots of cool moments) you dont get those "hero/victory moments" like you do in a squad based BR. Battlefield has the big scale, but unless you're a jet pilot going 150-0 and just massacring the entire server, you're just kind of a piece of the puzzle. You can be a great i
  17. Player count on the new game is 128 (for PC and Next Gen console). Its never been a 6 v6 type game. Although they've had TDM modes, (while conquest and rush have always been the focus) its always been with larger player counts. There's going to be a squad based mode called "Hazard Zone" (no idea what that is yet) and another mode (yet to be detailed, but not battle Royale). If you've been playing TDM on battlefield, you're doing it wrong. They've had it in there, but its basically been to placate the COD fans or to provide a faster paced option for those who just want to rank up.
  18. That's right...I do remember some people having issues with that one. To me, 10 is the right number. But whatever. If its 7 and they're all GOOD.... fine. I don't even count something like Metro or Operation Locker as a real map, because they really were just no-strategy meat grinders only good for point whoring.
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