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  1. Today was kinda the last "big" info dump prior to the release (3 weeks from tomorrow if you pre-order) https://www.ea.com/games/battlefield/battlefield-2042/news/battlefield-briefing-what-we-learned-from-open-beta?utm_campaign=bf2042_hd_ww_ic_soco_twt_tw-learned-open-beta&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&cid=70994&ts=1634846458257 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFvZSwHq3nQ Seems like they fixed a bunch from the beta (UI issues, some stuff with movement, supposedly performance issues, etc.) Not surprisingly, they're doubling down on the specialist system. They claim that once the full game meta is available, there will be teamwork and that the system will play well. I'm skeptical. It seems like right now there's 2 or 3 specialist that will be VERY useful (borderline overpowered in a couple of cases) and then a bunch that almost nobody will play. Why would you pick a medic specialist when A) ANYONE can revive a squad mate already B) you can just pick another specialist (grappling hook, wall hack, whatever) and just carry a med kit to heal yourself. One of the specialists they announced today basically has a wall-hack and another one has a riot shield that can ricochet bullets back at people (I'm sure that wont get annoying at all.....). A couple of the others seem cool, (the Indian hacker dude) but in reality....I dont think the flow of game play will allow you time to actually use his special abilities. (When I see someone....I shoot them. Not gonna spend 5 seconds "hacking them" first just to see where some other people are. 90% chance he or someone else shoots me in those 5 seconds) Really seems like the Bf Portal is gonna be the saving grace here. Guessing there will be a lot of servers running a version of the game without specialists (using the traditional Bf4 classes), which will satisfy a lot of the BF vets. Plus the portal will have more maps then the main game. Need something to play, so I'm in regardless (and I do think that even with the wacked out specialists, the core game will still be a lot fun) but they basically gave up the core gameplay of the franchise in order to sell some skins to the kiddies. Oh well.
  2. yeah, very little keeping me here in terms of new content. Back in the day, we'd get a classic thread full of laughs at least every couple of weeks. Can't remember the last time this place had a "great thread". What keeps me here is the long term discussion with people I've been interacting with for years (the USMNT/soccer threads, Survivor, video game threads). Occasionally something will pop up in terms of learning about something new or generally useful group discussion (the DirectTV negotiation thread, for example) but I could almost certainly find that elsewhere if i wanted to. I HATE the format of Reddit, so going there doesn't interest me at all. Not hard to see why this happened. Combination of attrition (I'm sure the average age of this place has gone WAY up in the last 20 years. I was 18 when I started posting here. I turn 38 in a couple of weeks.....oof) , the change in moderation and the rise of social media. It is what it is. We're all getting old
  3. Yeah....REALLY rough season so far (and with it being shortened, we're kinda already getting to the end game). The blue team is kinda the most interesting (at least to me) but because they never lose, you really haven't seen much of them. Green is obviously a complete trainwreck. Yellow's eventually path seems fairly predictable. Eventually Xander is just going to get completely blindsided because he's totally naive and wont realize when he's no longer useful. My guess is they're gonna lay the social message on THICK down the stretch....since there really aren't any good "characters" this year to root for/against. Just a big bag of meh across the board.
  4. I just can't with these pre-game outfits. I feel like the players are just pulling one gigantic troll job. No chance Westbrook actually thinks that's a cool look. No way.
  5. This is probably # 2 for me. Its even worse when they actually take the time to bring the cart to the return but then put it in the wrong row (my grocery store has big carts and little mini carts). Because then it stops everyone after them from subsequently stacking carts, resulting in total anarchy and carts just spilling out everywhere.
  6. My biggest "WE'RE LIVING IN A SOCIETY!!!!" trigger is when someone just straight up takes up 2 parking spaces. I'm not talking about just barely going over the line. I'm talking about when someone is like 2/3 in one spot and 1/3 in another. That's not a "whoops", that's an F you to anyone else who might need that spot.
  7. Had a very weird situation at an outing yesterday. It was a scramble and none of us had played the course before. Our caddie was acting as a forecaddy as well, standing in the fairway and moving up to the green to collect wayward shots and keep up pace of play. So by the time we got to the green after hitting our approaches on most holes, he'd already picked up all 4 balls and marked the best one for putting. On the 2nd hole (par 3, so closest to the pin was available) I saw him quite obviously toss the ball marker (which he had put down) like 2 feet closer to the hole when we went to measure the distance. None of us prompted him to do this and I was pretty surprised. I saw him do it several other times during the round (so I now assume he was doing it on basically every hole). We hit some really good shots, but I'm guessing he was turning a lot of 10 foot putts (or longer, I honestly have no idea) into like 7 foot putts. I happened to be on fire with the putter (made some longer ones as well) and we ended up finishing in 2nd place and winning some prizes. One of the dudes in our group won the closest to the pin (where he was clearly aided by the caddie) and a straightest drive (that for all we now, the caddy just tossed onto the line. We couldn't see it land because for some reason....the straightest drive hole had a blind landing area. Weird choice....) I honestly had no idea how to react. Obviously this gentleman subscribes to the idea that if we have a good round, we'll be more likely to give him a good tip. He wasn't overtly doing it right in front of us most of the time (the course had a lot of elevated greens, so I couldn't always see exactly where our shots ended up) but I saw him do it at least 2-3 times myself. For all I know....every caddie was doing this...but based on the other scores, I doubt it (unless nobody else made any putts all day). Would ya'll have said something? I'm happy to walk away with some decent prizes (got 2 pretty nice Quarter zips out of the deal.) but I feel so scummy after the fact. Good chance we would have gotten 2nd place anyway (the gap was big) but still....I absolutely HATE when people cheat in events like this.
  8. Yeah, good results all around this week. Sad that this is all we have to root for, but such is life as a Jets fan
  9. Oof. They're paying zeke HOW much and they don't go for it on 4th and 1? Cowardly
  10. Meh. Wake me up when he outperforms George bello
  11. United absolutely in shambles at the back today
  12. Not that I would ever root for a player to get injured.....but Russell Wilson on injured reserve. At least a month of Geno Smith starting. That first round pick for Adams looking pretty decent right now
  13. 100% agree that I dont know much of anything. (I know you're not taking a shot at me personally or anything, just sayin....) Never played the game at a high level. Never coached it at ANY level. Only really been watching it seriously for 10 years or so. (thanks mostly to all the info I learned from the actual soccer minds in this thread) But this was my first substantive post (basically anything other than "WTF is Greg Thinking") after the lineup came out....(before the game started) Others posted something similar. This wasn't MM QB'ing, it was an immediate acknowledgement of the weaknesses of the individual selections, as well as the likely shortcomings of those players as a group. Literally everyone could see it other than the one guy who mattered. Its just really disappointing. It also makes me question the value of Greg's assistants. Either they liked this lineup too (which, IMO, makes them incompetent), they're Yes Men (which makes them cowards) or Greg doesn't value their opinions (in which case....why are they there?) Its over now, so not much point crying about it. But I'd LOVE to know just what the actual tactics WERE prior to this match. I sure didn't see any. What was the plan? It seems like the plan was "lets just hope Panama doesn't score and maybe we'll luck into one". And that's a pretty crappy plan. I know that "draws on the road" are a good path to qualification, but they weren't set up to draw. They were set up to lose. Agree that you have to give the coach credit for the good results if you're gonna blame him for the bad ones. They won the 2 Mexico games. That happened. Kudos to Greg. But they really didn't play well at all during those tournaments (For the most part). They got results against mostly weaker opposition (even the US B team is better than most of what showed up at the Gold Cup) and didn't create many chances at all. Had Turner not stood on his head all tournament, they certainly dont win the Gold Cup.
  14. Called again today. (my discounts officially ran off last week). Now, the person i talked to is claiming that discounts might not be showing up because I've already scheduled my disconnect. Asked me if I wanted to cancel my disconnect to see if any deals came through. Just a bunch of nonsense. I'm not gonna play their little games to see if their computer system is gonna catch up. You either want my business or you don't. Pretty clear what the answer is, so I'll look elsewhere. Gonna explore the option with cable but it looks youtube TV is gonna be a good option as well.
  15. I dont think anyone was asking him to play the "perfect" lineup.....just a better lineup. There were plenty of options to make that happen without burning out the main 11. They picked a lineup with no creativity and got exactly what we all thought they would. No goals.....not even a shot. I honestly think things COULD have been very different (hell, even a shot or 2 on goal would have been nice) if he just made like 2 changes. Take out Lleget and Nips, add in LDLT (or Busio) and Hoppe. I really think those changes relieve a lot of pressure on Musah (which would resulted in him playing better) and create more opportunities to involve Weah and Zardes and create some chances. Weah was totally frozen out and ineffective without a midfield that could reliably move the ball forward. I would have played Yedlin as well, but the offense was easily the bigger concern It just seemed like GGG just gave up on winning the game without even considering all the options. Panama is a perfectly decent, organized team....but they were beatable if we at least tried.
  16. I'm not sure there's ever been anyone more happy to play survivor than Nasir. Dude is just a fireball of positivity Whenever Jeff asks him a question, I keep expecting this to be his response https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66gG4g5_GJg
  17. Just kinda seems like it's destined to be Marsch. American, youngish, plays an exciting style and we have a group that should be capable of playing that style. I think it happens
  18. Dude thought was SOOOO much better than he was. Yelling "money" as he misses a ring toss....brutal. That lady could have tried that reward challenge for 6 hours and not gotten close to getting it. Pretty sure she never even got her hand on the ball a single time
  19. The next window is only 2 games. El Salvador won't be until January.
  20. Thanks guys. The wifi thing really isn't a huge deal. 2 of my 3 setups are or can be easily wired and the 3rd is a TV I very rarely use (usually just right before I go to sleep or waking up early on a weekend when I'm top lazy to get out of bed) and most of the time, it works perfectly fine. Definitely gonna try the YouTube TV free trial. My biggest cord cutting fear was being forced to jump to multiple aps during regular TV watching, but yttv has every channel I watch
  21. Agree with this. Pretty sure 3 gk's are a requirement for the world cup. I'd be very surprised if he didn't take Acosta. I would think de la torre or busio would be left off. They have other guys to cover the 8 (gio, aaronson) if depth at that spot becomes an issue.
  22. If the system isn't built to maximize cp and gio's skills and impact, it's the wrong system
  23. Best thing about BC2.....no Jets. I get that battlefield is about vehicles but they've just never gotten the jet balance right. 90%+ of people completely stink with them but when someone really good gets it, they go 75-1 every round, basically ruining the game for everyone else
  24. Woke up this morning still glad we won, but realistic about what happened. We were incredibly fortunate that Bryan ruiz might literally be the slowest man in world futbol. I've never seen anything like that. Whoever caught him (forget if it was Robinson or richards) covered like 4x more ground than he did over the course of like 3 seconds. That shouldn't be possible at this level. That's beyond embarrassing. How does an athlete not see that as proof that they should retire? Really hope we have the whole squad for Mexico. Also a very good thing (IMO) that it's a 2 game window. Less likely that Greg will rip another brain fart and over rotate the squad again.
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