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  1. shame I missed this....... Shaq and Steph were taken criminally low.
  2. true , but popular doucher though
  3. Any Thoughts on the BUZZ ETF Portnoy is repping ?
  4. seems all positive momentum but the major dip is puzzling after it shot up to $3 early hours
  5. Dak is delusional , especially with the lower salary cap expected.
  6. Pitt could be a prime landing spot. If they get a great talent falling to them they could look to move on from oft-injured Conner. After Miami , Atl and NYJ could be top production from a rookie.
  7. Chris Olave needs to be under consideration.... his routes and hands are very solid.
  8. big game vs NY Jets may propel someone's team into the playoffs !
  9. partner with 1 or 2 annual sponsors for a well placed ad and cash in.
  10. I've found if you go Zero RB this year (WR/WR/TE/QB) in some form that it's best to target entire backfields immediately after (Mosert/Coleman) (Taylor/Mack) (Johnson/Swift) (Ingram/Dobbins) etc . It ensures a starting level RB to pair with the star WRs.
  11. with 11 pick, I'd take Hill if the board fell like that. You still may get one of Chubb and Jacobs if the 12 pick goes WR/RB or WR/WR . With Hopkins, Julio, Miles Sanders, (all who I like more than Jacobs) on the board you will have plenty of options on the turn
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