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  1. Yep, definitely a short term and long term plan coming together now.
  2. Best live venue I have ever been to; not even close.
  3. Scott Drew has had an impressive coaching career; obviously peaking in impressive fashion as of late. He has made a great situation for himself and it would be hard for any team to lure him away from Baylor. All that being said, Drew was never a consideration at Indiana for historical reasons and the disinterest was mutual. The Woodson hire has to be taken apart in layers to really unpack it. This is a BIG10 thread though and it's not worth breaking down a few decades of Indiana's struggle with their own identity to bring out the minuttia. On the surface it's copying what was unlikely
  4. Beard's buyout drops significantly on April 1st. Absolutely no reason to hear about his next move until next week. I don't think he will be back at Texas Tech next year, but I'm not sure if Indiana is the destination.
  5. 24 hours after 1st dose of Pfizer...I feel completely normal/fine. Could not have been easier.
  6. https://twitter.com/MarktheNomad/status/1374191230037426181
  7. Nobody knows anything...it's been very quiet. The initial push was for Stevens for sure, but that was more procedural than a real shared interest. I think Beilein is the safety net; which sounds ridiculous because he would be a huge upgrade. It seems like there is someone targeted between those two extremes though. Oats has a massive buyout and I am not sure there is an appetite for that with donors after paying Miller to leave; I've been surprised before though. This entire process started well before Indiana's season was actually over. So it certainly seems like they are waiting on som
  8. I drafted New England and was happy to pickup Tampa Bay this week. Holding both until more results become available.
  9. @Faust Why do you just constantly post links to articles?
  10. I'm not looking for redemption; I want to beat the Rams. The overarching point was you can't pay that kind of money to a DE/LB and have a strong NFL QB. That point is still in question for the Bears. If there is still as side discussion about how you can win the SuperBowl in 2018 with defense alone; I can't get into that.
  11. I've watched every snap of every game Mack has played in the NFL. I'm only here because @flapgreen was pissing all over the Raiders thread after the trade. My point about the salary cap was already clear but you don't really care right now. If I am wrong you can outline what year you are going to pay for/get a QB.
  12. You missed my point. He wasn't the solution, and the Bears need the contract he already has to either secure Mitch or try to find a QB.
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