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  1. At least historically, Brissett has been most successful using his arm strength to push the ball deep. That is going to be very difficult to do against Bradley's scheme. That's true he has some running ability, but that has also been a catalyst for him holding onto the ball way too long. If the Raiders can build a lead and Brissett is back there waiting for a WR to out run a cover 3, it's going to a very long day for him.
  2. Bradley is going to blitz less than almost any other coordinator in the NFL but it certainly still happens. The blitz the offense doesn't expect is almost always going to be to most impactful. Lamar Jackson's OT fumble is a great example of that.
  3. I agree they should shut Jacobs down for a week or two if that is what it takes. I'd rather have him healthy for the majority of the season than the next two games.
  4. Crosby reminds me a lot of Jared Allen. Smaller school, later round draft pick, endless motor, physically almost identical in size. Just give Maxx a mullet and they are identical twins.
  5. I know folks check in here to get a pulse on what is really happening inside the confusing media diatribe (good and bad) about the Raiders. My only advice to anyone taking a temperature on fantasy football potential is get Josh Jacobs on your roster. The price is an absolute steal.
  6. https://bustingbrackets.com/2021/07/18/big-ten-basketball-updated-early-preseason-rankings-for-2021-22-season/
  7. https://youtu.be/0PbRdFVIUCE https://youtu.be/F0dVVlfweTI
  8. Not just a good pick. A fantastic pick and trade; absolute home run. That was best player available, filling a roster need, and aligning with a scheme all in one package.
  9. 100% accurate. You could tell them to all go out and sell oranges as a cure for cancer and they would have a polished presentation ready before Monday morning.
  10. Prices/sales in the Midwest are exploding in the last 2-3 weeks. Everything is sold in 48 hours.
  11. People working at home are also working.
  12. It's crazy to me anyone would not take a vaccine for a nasty virus. I am two weeks after my second dose now; never felt better. Anyone not getting these shots are just scared; we need to give them the same talk kids get when they get the vaccine for polio.
  13. Yep, definitely a short term and long term plan coming together now.
  14. Best live venue I have ever been to; not even close.
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