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  1. Musk referred to the University of Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance site to validate his energy consumption concerns this AM. Tesla announced they bought BTC on 2/8. University of Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance If he is now concerned about the 'trend' of BTC energy consumption...that concern existed then as it consumed 124.2 TWh on that date. On May 10, that figure was 148.77 TWh...about a 20% increase when using the 'estimated' figure. On November 2, 2020...that figure was 64.38 TWh. So when Tesla bought BTC, they were not concerned about the close to 100%
  2. With the ETH gas fees off the charts...and the unpredictability of the gas fees spiking (1-2 weeks ago, people were in disbelief as to how low they were)...I can absolutely see a $2-3 MATIC.
  3. Welcome to $4000 ETH (said a week after it first eclipsed $3000).
  4. Don’t use WeBull...you can’t trade between other cryptos. No portability.
  5. Real Vision: Brave Browser - Taking Back Control of Your Data... Brendan Eich, founder and CEO of Brave, joins Ash Bennington, Real Vision senior editor, to discuss the Brave browser, basic attention token (BAT), and controlling your own data. Eich explains that Brave was created as a way for users to control the ads and cookies in their browser, noting that simply blocking ads and removing data hurts publishers. He wanted to allow both Brave users and publishers to benefit, so the basic attention token was created to allow users to pay publishers while still coordinating their own ad pre
  6. I’m likely more bullish on Cardano than most. What I like about it is that the team took an extremely methodical and scientific approach to building it through a rigorous process that included validating their development and direction through a multitude of peer-reviewed academic/research papers. You’ve actually been an owner much longer than me. I bought in 6-7 months ago. I do think it has a long term future and the fact that it’s survived this long is working in its favor. As for price prediction...don’t know. But Stan Druckenmiller once said about investing ‘I put all my eggs in
  7. Been in since $.09. It’s a very polarizing crypto. Seems like it’s either loved or hated.
  8. March has typically been an off month for BTC; in the 9 previous Marches, BTC declined in 7 of them. April has been the complete opposite, increases in 7 of the last 9.
  9. 1) If you like 'gangster' movies, you're almost obligated to watch it just to have a cultural reference in the scope of the genre. I've always thought it a tad overrated and you can almost pinpoint the year it was made via the soundtrack. 2) Yes and no. At the end of the day, Pacino had already played the most notorious movie gangster of all time. Him returning to such a role amkes sense simply from a legacy POV. At the same time, this era of...people...whine quite a bit. So there'd be a pocket of outrage if Luis Guzman played Scarface since he's Puerto Rican, not Cuban. 3) Weig
  10. You may want to check into some of the Decentralized Exchanges like Uniswap (UNI) and SushiSwap (SUSHI). Also, there are DEX Aggregators like 1Inch (1INCH) that find the best prices on all the DEX’s. As far as tools to use to simply educate yourself on the details of many crypto projects out there, I’d look into Messari.
  11. I think one of the reasons may be because of their ability to access it for their clients. I know my Raymond James broker was prohibited from even putting GBTC in his clients portfolios as recently as October. So an investment class where access is sketchy at best but likely taking dollars away from vehicles they do have at their disposal...it’s not unexpected they’d have a jaded view.
  12. Perhaps I can get you to see a different POV related to your concern. There have been 3 bull market in BTC’s history; 2013, 2017 and the one we’re in now. Satoshi could have sold at the 2013/2017/2021 market peaks when the value of his/her BTC was: 2013: $1.15B 2017: $21.8B 2021: $63.8B ...the stones it would take to hodl thru those 2013/2017 market peaks...and even now when hodling has become mainstream would seem unrealistic when you consider human behavior. To not sell a single one? After the 2017 bull market, a year later, Satoshi’s BTC stack decreased to a value of $3.8B
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