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  1. Are you really saying that there’s no difference in pedigree/ability between Mark Ingram/JK Dobbins and Ty’son Williams? Williams he of 233 career carries in a college career started in 2015? I think it’s pretty clear they drafted Dobbins to replace Ingram who was 30 at the time…no? When they signed Ingram, other than Edwards the cupboard was bare. Ingram went on to have a 1265/15 season in 15 games that year…yet Edwards as a UDFA carved out a role. So I think the notion that somehow Gus didn’t take advantage of an opportunity is BS. But if you think a pre-season of work and 233 career carries at three different programs is as/more impressive than 3 years of 5+ YPC in each NFL season, you do you.
  2. Even during the NFL Draft process, while the Jets zeroed in on him, it wasn't like there was a lot of 'stupid Jets' chatter because of it. Jets have been lousy for so long and their QB history might only rival the Bears in terms of futility. I kind of wonder if that's why most of the FF world was sleeping on Wilson, not necessarily because of Wilson but because of where he wound up. Coupled with playing at BYU where barely anyone saw him play. And I hate to say one pre-season game had that much of an impact on me...but it did. We'll see how he fares once the real games begin, but I'm pretty high on him long term.
  3. When has he had the chance to seize the job? When you say 'hold off', I disagree. One was a $5M/year veteran FA RB signing, the other a 2nd round highly touted rookie RB. Those guys are simply going to have roster stature based on the financial and draft capital investment made. And yet despite that, Edwards has maintained a healthy/sizable role. Am I saying Edwards gets 350 touches? No...you're right in that respect. Ravens like multiple RB's/ball carriers to carry the load because they are as run centric as they are. But I think it's a stretch to say a guy who on his pre-season highlight video has exactly 1 first quarter run on it, is going to supplant a guy with a 5.2 YPC career average whose got three years in the offense. Especially when that same braintrust gave JK Dobbins 25 carries thru the first 6 weeks of his rookie season in 2020.
  4. Well, he was a UDFA that led the Ravens in rushing his rookie year. You can say it was because Alex Collins busted and Lamar only began starting games late in the year…but you’d have to agree he exceeded expectations. The next year, they brought Ingram in on a 3/15 contract. Ingram performed and with an offense built around Jackson’s running, Edwards was still able to carve out 133/711. Then the following year, they draft Dobbins and he still puts up 137/718. Fact of the matter is, the Edwards has dealt with a lot more than a 6th round rookie to stay productive. This hasn’t been a situation where Gus hasn’t been able to ‘seize’ an obvious opportunity but rather Edwards is a pretty resilient mofo…
  5. I imagine if a veteran is signed, it wouldn’t happen until next week as to not guarantee the salary.
  6. Have to admit, I’m enjoying browsing/buying NFT’s and rummaging around in that world.
  7. Former 1st round pick who may be over his injury issues and showed well last year, gets traded to Sean McVay with only Darrell Henderson in the backfield to compete for touches and aside from some chatter the day of the trade, this thread has been silent for 2 weeks? What am I missing? 🤷‍♂️
  8. Just about…there was a ‘buy now’ button though. The reason I did it was to start an experience. I’ll probably wind up putting 1-2 ETH toward this. Might also throw some ADA toward their burgeoning NFT marketplaces. I won’t be in a hurry to buy…I’ll likely buy a mixture of stuff that appeals to me and/or if I can catch a buzzy project/community early, something there. As a concept, I’m all-in in NFT’s, but my mind can only wrap around at the moment it’s applicability toward real world use cases. So I’m going to have to get my hands dirty a little to try and get a bit more educated.
  9. Had started following the guy on Twitter; liked the imagery specifically on that one, but overall liked the theme of many of the companion pieces. I'll see what owning what one feels like and how much desire I have to continue to add to the my 'collection'.
  10. In some ways, I almost think Edwards could be ranked higher than Dobbins was prior to the injury. Dobbins was always going to spit time with Edwards. As a No.2, Edwards was significantly more established than either Williams or Hill. At most, Dobbins was getting 60-65% of the snaps. Every year, there are Day 3 picks that look good at RB in August and then invariably fall into a nondescript role because there is a facet to their game that is wanting when the games are real (think Josh Kelley/Darwin Thompson types). I think the Ravens would like to keep the RB1 snaps at a 60-65% rate, but the confidence they have in Willimas/Hill to handle the remaining 35-40% of the work I can't think is as high is the confidence they had in Edwards coming in to spell Dobbins. And if there is a big gap, I could see Edwards then. getting much for than what Dobbins was slated to. Let's not forget that Edwards placed a priority in his off-season work to become better in the passing game. JMO.
  11. So this WR depth chart looks real green…a lot of opportunity? Or is Darren Waller going for 168/1798/4?
  12. Ingram was an established veteran albeit one in decline. Dobbins was a highly touted rookie 2nd round pick. That level of talent isn’t present now with Hill/Williams. Hill is a guy whose struggled to see the field in two seasons and Williams while having a nice preseason, is still a rookie 6th rounder. It wouldn’t be the first time a rookie late rounder looked good in August and come October was found to need a little more seasoning (think Josh Kelley from last year). It would still leave 350-375 snaps for the duo. Now could they sign a veteran to eat up ‘filler’ snaps? Perhaps.
  13. Between Ingram/Dobbins, in 2020…they had 616 RB snaps, 230 touches, 1274 total yards and 10 TD’s to replace. Edwards put up 347/153/852/8. Let’s just say Edwards replaces 40% of what’s no longer there while keeping his 2020 workload, that’s an additional 244 snaps, 92 touches, 509 yards and 4 TD’s. Is 1300/12 outlandish here? Almost feels like a peak Rudi Johnson (dating myself) type year.
  14. Miami Dolphins - we’re interested in Deshaun Watson!!! Also the Miami Dolphins, who hate fluff and empty gestures like videos about fluff and empty gestures…
  15. Appreciate the insight. May experiment. I am on Twitter quite a bit so I’m certainly plugged into the buzz, but probably more ‘general’ in scope than specific. Not the Discord’s as much. It’s fun watching you guys dive in though. Kudos.
  16. I would love to figure this out, but I honestly have no clue. I think the concept of NFT's is HUGE. But I have 0% skill/acumen in determining present/future value. The stuff with the rock? I mean...I just must be old. Maybe it's because anything minted now will be the first artifacts of a new digital age projecting out hundreds of years. But, I'm at a loss. Wish I wasn't.
  17. Wondering what the guy who voted 21-30 (out of 97 so far) is thinking right now...?🐥
  18. Just as an FYI, Hoskinson confirmed it was BS on Twitter.
  19. I'll have to check out those comments to understand the context. He's largely been a guy that doesn't pay attention to price so this would be counterintuitive to what I (think) know about him.
  20. As a fellow ADA HODL'er...I can understand where you're coming from. My stake at one point was over 500K (bought in at $.09)...that's been reduced to less than 300K. Took some profits along the way which more than covered my original investment. To the extent that you are 'following' the project...IMO, that's what gives you conviction on how you want to proceed. 25x is a big place to be on an investment. Smart contracts are to launch 9/12. Could it be a 'sell the news' event? Possibly. If there is a more polarizing project out there than ADA...I'm unaware. There are some big fish who have some reputational capital at stake pooh-poohing it's utility and progress (Novogratz for one). But if it does deliver on its promise, that could be game changing for the space. I'm also in Cardstarter, which is a Cardano incubator. And for the most part, each of these protocols being launched tout cross-chain capability. If it can do that at negligible gas fees...? Anyway, figured I'd give you some perspective as someone whose rowing the same boat as you.
  21. Not sure if there is a way to liven up this Hard Knocks formula...the All or Nothing series on Amazon feels much more like what Hard Knocks should/could be. But after however many installments of this series, it feels like a Hallmark movie insofar as same script/different locale and characters.
  22. I’ve thought about this topic quite a bit last couple of weeks since the infrastructure bill stuff. If you think about how fast this space is moving (your example above for instance), the US Government still doesn’t even have clarity as to which body should be regulating crypto; SEC vs CFTC...meaning is crypto a security or a commodity? It doesn’t feel like we’ll reach resolution on even that basic issue anytime soon. The world is about to embark on a transformation that is simply not going to fit previous structures that have been built to govern humanity. If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that location has become irrelevant in a multitude of industries (particularly technology based ones). That doesn’t just mean doing a job in New York or San Francisco...that applies to comparing New York and Abu Dhabi too. Even prior to crypto, the world has gotten significantly smaller and more mobile in even just the last quarter of a century. Throwing the planet into a forced virtual state answered questions that might have taken the next 25 years to us answer. Over the next 100 years...and I know I’m thinking extraordinarily macro here, but how viable is the world structure that exists today, one whose bones were largely formed during a time in history when land was colonized by means of wooden ship, as we continue to develop decentralized means of value exchange at exponential rates? In a span of 3 months, we’ve seen BTC hash rate migrate away from China and get dispersed across the globe. We’re not back at peak levels, but when you look back on China banning mining 10-15 years from now, it’ll look like a blip. And something that seismic was swallowed up in relatively short order. Ultimately, crypto is a ‘better business model. Better business models replace incumbents because from the ground up, they are structured without the legacy ‘baggage’ of the past which was constrained simply by the fact it didn’t have the benefit of leveraging technology that didn’t exist yet. Not just that, but these new business models can provide better incentive structures which attract adoption. To that end, I wonder if the concept of a nation state will require ‘land’ at some point in the (distant) future.
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