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  1. I have one of these:https://www.dangoproducts.com/collections/tactical-series-wallets Been happy with it. I think I have to D series. Be careful which one you get if traveling though. Some of them you need to take out the tactical part to get security. For that reason, I got the basic one.
  2. In NOK @ 4.73, do I keep overnight?
  3. In NOK at the close with some gambling money.
  4. Just thought I’d update the thread. Went with a Outback Touring Trim (their highest trim), with a few added accessories. The thing has everything you can have in a car. Having a hitch installed for my road bike, so picking up Monday. Final walkout price 36k with 0% financing so I’ll make about $100/month and get a brand new car. Couple of notes: 1-The interior of this trim is fabulous. Looks like the Audi inside. 2-Not sure how people afford new cars. A Subaru Outback for $571/month x 63 months is ridiculous. Can’t imagine what the Audi payment would’ve been. 3-Lastly, b
  5. NPA having a nice day. Thanks for the recommendation 👍
  6. Sold Amazon. Had enough of seeing red since September.
  7. First crypto purchase of any kind....in GBTC @ $36.33 🤞. Thanks all! @BassNBrewalmost up the same percent as my Amazon which I’ve had for 5 months 😂.
  8. Would really like opinions of people have owned these long term 🤷🏻‍♂️, I’m going from Ford Edge so hardly rolling 😞. FYI- I voted Outback bc I’m cheap.
  9. Funniest place was the Land Rover dealer. Asked about leasing a new Defender. It was $7000 down and 1250/month 😂, declined the test drive.
  10. No need for snow tires and youngest will get their own car. I’m a FBG, I love comfort. In all seriousness, I want something I can use for my road bike and take hiking also.
  11. Minimal to no customers in car. I can pocket any difference. That certainly is an option.
  12. Live in Oklahoma (some snow and ice but not much). Youngest kid will drive in October. Most of driving will be to the airport. Some down to Dallas/Arkansas. Not related 😞
  13. Since technically I’m buying it I would like it be a long term purchase with low repairs.
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