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  1. Rough week for me with Friday keeping it from being a complete disaster. Today officially marks 1 month where I moved my gambling account into MUDS. Down just over 20% for week, OVERALL up 8.34% for the month. Average share price $12.67. Think I may have jumped in early, but the more I read the more I become confident this reaches mid-20’s by July. Thanks for all the education.
  2. Some of these premarket prices are scary (NNOX, RIOT, BLDP...) 😩
  3. Though slowing down, and getting a bit volatile, my all in strategy on MUDS is holding up. This week - up 2% Overall since 4/14 - up 30.7% Holding through the weekend. Hope everyone has a nice weekend 👍
  4. I attest to @Todem always working for his clients, and well worth the money 😊. Now he’s just got to get me to the 1MM mark so I can do some of those covered call things 😜.
  5. I added a 195 shares at the dip ($15.50) to bring my average share price up to $12.73.
  6. I feel like Chet and Dodds, but #notselling 🙏. Part of this is I don’t trust my ability to pick anything better 🤣 I think they are just starting, Star Wars, etc still not started. PT in the low 20’s before I sell.
  7. That is correct. I noted that a few hours ago. Huge recurring revenue.
  8. Trevor Lawrence NFT drop and premiums packs selling for $1000 on the secondary market (TOPPS gets 6% of resales). Feeling good about MUDs, need the transition to TOPPS to occur sooner rather than later. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.www.complex.com/sports/trevor-lawrence-nft-topps
  9. I’ve got 10,425 shares 🙏🤞👏, let’s go!
  10. I’m all in on this MUDS, decided to focus my secondary account on 1-2 targets. Was a bit late, but in for a yolo amount at 12.67. I think this thing has serious legs. That’s all I have in my play account besides a minuscule amount of QS. Note: This is not financial advice 🤣 Todem runs my real account to make sure I can really retire.
  11. Sold my RIOT @54 and in HGEN @ 16.05. Seemed like a good entry for HGEN and not sure what COIN IPO will do to RIOT.
  12. Finally the RIOT day I was expecting after the earnings report. Everyone staying put or taking profits?
  13. I moved from GME to RIOT and am losing more money over there. Guess I’m getting a free gamma squeeze. Do we expect RIOT earnings to be bad? That’s the only way it shouldn’t be moving up with BTC 🤷🏻‍♂️.
  14. I just tried and got on. Felt the gamma squeeze as the page loaded.
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