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  1. Anyone jumping in on BITO, or seeing how it performs first?
  2. I wish this was true in real life also so I can know whose opinion I can ignore. I now tell people (including family members) I won’t give them my opinion on the vaccine since they have no interest in hearing it and we should just move on 🤕.
  3. Other: I genuinely get my updates on world events here, albeit from two vastly different perspectives.
  4. I was just thinking that, just seems like there is better places to park some funds.
  5. Back in today with: Amzn SQ SE DKNG DMTK (speculate with Kevzilla 👏)
  6. That was a stressful week, out of MARA @ $39.51 for a little over 4% profit. At one point this week down 22% 🤕. Back to all cash in gambling account, will look for other ways to increase crypto exposure and other opportunities. Thanks group 😊!
  7. There are very FEW true medical reasons not to get the vaccine. One could always doctor shop to find one who confirms their belief. Religious exemptions should not be allowed.
  8. There is absolutely nothing that will change peoples mind. NATURAL IMMUNITY! We should also get rid of any antibiotic or antiviral that have been approved in the last 30 years, who knows the long term effects these drugs are having on people? The millions of lives they have saved are no comparison to the possible long term effects. Did you know penicillin and its derivtives can cause auto-immunue hemolytic anemia and aplastic anemia? There is no way I am putting one of them in my body! Any way, their bodies immunity will take care of any infectious process.
  9. I’m against some of the spending on the social aspects, that’s why I’m against the larger bill. Probably wouldn’t support the larger social bill either. Just get an infrastructure bill passed first.
  10. Voted for Biden and starting to lean Democrat on most issues. I would be against them passing this as is 🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. I’m trying to decide what to do here. Was hopeful for a bigger jump today.
  12. It was never going to be a long term hold, just a trade from what I thought was a big dip.
  13. Was so close to even on MARA, go to bed and down 8% 🤕. Will hang on, but crypto not for me for the long run.
  14. Going to be a rough day for me, will just not look for a few days. Hopefully, crypto rebounds soon.
  15. It was a generic statement on taxes 👍. Over the years my taxes (all inclusive, housing, etc) have increased.
  16. It’s not just that she’s wealthy, she’s wealthy because she has a job that requires ever increasing taxes to aquire/maintain her wealth. Also, she got a free invite from someone, again using her wealth to obtain things others can’t. Again, I align with the Democratic Party, just not on some tax issues. I pay enough, it’s just used poorly.
  17. As a newly converted Democrat, this type of thing does bother me. It’s one of the reasons I can’t fully support the party, though a lot of my beliefs align with their goals. Hypocrisy at its finest, she (and all of them) is becoming rich off the back of my taxes.
  18. PM (down 15.91%) and looks like will drop to less than $8.55 (offer price). Thankfully out both times with profit 👍.
  19. FYI-HUT did a dilution AH and is taking a beating.
  20. Yes, I can get that through Fidelity 👍
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