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  1. What I can't believe is that Trevor Siemian and Case Keenum are starting games in the NFL. Only need Brock and Chad Kelly to get the call up and all of Elway's nightmares come true. Since Darnhold was all dink and dunk last week - Trevor should step in nicely.
  2. Back in 68 it was more party leadership making the call not primaries. Humphrey really got nomination that way. Bobby was coming on strong by taking California. Wallace only had votes in the south and it wouldn't have been enough to defeat either. In a straight up race against Humphrey he would have lost in an all primary situation.
  3. Epic start to a career. That highlight will be shown forever
  4. Offensive coordinator will probably be gone - Broncos have already asked permission
  5. Pure luck? He could do something vs SF. If you watch Manziek it's totally up in the air what Manziel will do, he doesn't follow reads or the gameplan. Vs Seattle & KC, no thanks. I'd like Barnidge better if Benjamin is out but it looks like he will play. Duke's & Crowell's value is likely gone. Only player IMO with a real chance is Benjamin who could get the deep TD. Agree on the above - as a Barnidge owner - when I've watched him in action he runs more of these quick straight routes over the middle and turns around quickly to "post" up the D. Manziel is too short and can't see him ove
  6. What? You'd rather have Austin Davis throwing him the ball? 5/59 >>> 2/35 or any of the other games he's been in - so answer is yes
  7. Ironically, all four of the NFL Championship Games the Lions played in 1952-57 were against the Cleveland Browns. Those two teams won six of the eight Championships between 1950 and 1957. Since, then, only the Browns 1964 title. When it comes to those 2 cities football teams, something must have happened between 1957 & 1964 to really piss God off . His name was Vince Lombardi
  8. One would be hard pressed to find someone who's Thanksgiving was worse than Joe Lombardi. Lose your job and watch your old offense rack up 45 before letting off the gas.
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