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  1. I'm sure that I do have a belief or two that should be challenged but I can't think of them at this time.
  2. Well that’s the only thing that free speech in this country guarantees For every action there is a reaction. You never know how someone is going to react to something you say. Some will agree, some will disagree and some will be indifferent. Some will be inclined to do or say something about it, some won’t do or say a thing about it. The notion that people believe that we should be able to say whatever we want whenever we want out in society without repercussion is silly to me. Would you walk into a dog lovers meeting (a bunch of people and their dogs having beers) and start shouting out how much you hate dogs? Every married guy here is free to say “why yes honey those jeans do make you look fat” if they want but to expect ZERO repercussions from saying that is silly. As a teenager playing pickup basketball I would let a curse word or two fly, I wouldn’t let those same curse words fly in a school game with officials on the court.
  3. free of fear and repercussions FROM THE GOVERNMENT
  4. Sure you might be able to glean into a persons leaning depending on the topic of the essay but you certainly aren’t going to get anything definitive. Or at least not definitive enough to make the statement “a rural conservative is the least likely person to be accepted into top universities regardless of academic achievements”. Last time I checked (a little over a year ago) there are no check boxes on these college applications that ask whether the applicant is conservative or liberal.
  5. How do universities know whether the applicants are conservative or liberal ?
  6. LOL No man you can feel oppressed with as many or as few boxes as you want. I was just commenting on the flow/topic of the thread
  7. Nope Did you miss the conservative white part?
  8. Your Clemson track example doesn't belong since the track team isn't/wasn't made up of exclusively conservative white males
  9. Most 6th and 7th round picks don’t hit anyway and everyone believes the SEC is the best feeder conference for the NFL. Why not take a flyer on a guy who just won the SEC defensive player of the year.
  10. Sam’s body of work as a player at Missouri included SEC defensive player of the year. I’m guessing that just about every player who has earned that award was at least drafted by a NFL team.
  11. Lamar Jackson 37 of 43 - 442 yards passing 4 TD - 0 INT. Plus another 62 on ground
  12. And poor Frank Caliendo just lost like 1/3 of his act
  13. The defense is atrocious! Zero pass rush. Sitting back in soft zones. And they can't stop the run. I though that they went after Jackson in free agency so they could play more man on the back end. Very frustrating to watch this defense.
  14. Giants defense about to give up their patented pre-halftime score
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