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  1. I think so but keep an eye on the injury report. He was listed as limited in practice today (hip)
  2. Good for DJ. I don’t think he was the offensive player of the week but he did play well.
  3. N.C. Judges Strike Down A Voter ID Law They Say Discriminates Against Black Voters
  4. Golladay outburst was directed at Garrett not Jones https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/32245739/new-york-giants-wr-kenny-golladay-says-outburst-was-jason-garrett-not-qb-daniel-jones
  5. https://www.npr.org/2021/09/17/1038354159/n-c-judges-strike-down-a-voter-id-law-they-say-discriminates-against-black-voter Judges strike down a North Carolina voter ID law
  6. Surprisingly the OL held up well last night especially considering the moving around guys before the game and the Gates injury. Jones looked the part of a franchise QB last night. He didn’t have any of those flat-out terrible plays or turnovers (or near turnovers) It was nice to see Garrett finally incorporate Jones’ running ability as a regular part of the game plan and Jones didn’t fumble on any of those runs. I hope they continue to keep the QB runs as part of the offense.
  7. Agree 100%. They needed to be aggressive there. Maybe go play-action on 1st down.
  8. I think this is his 3rd season, so they might have him under contract through the 2022 season
  9. Can we throw out that end around to WR where we don't block the DE on the side that we are running to out of the playbook please?
  10. If he is scared of McLaurin toasting Bradberry, he should put Jackson on him because that zone #### ain't working
  11. Too much zone defense by the Giants. They are paying Jackson and Bradberry too much damn money to have them sit back in zone all night
  12. Defense is disappointing tonight. Giving up 2 long drives in the 1st half. Seems like they are playing too much zone. Why pay Bradberry and Jackson all that money to have them sit back in zone?
  13. Great opening drive for the Giants. They finally got Jones' legs involved
  14. Giants have worst offense in league - scheme wise - Per Dan Orlovsky
  15. https://twitter.com/DDuggan21/status/1438488078084190210?s=20
  16. All of the Giants beat writers were saying this was his best camp. Hopefully this is just a minor set back and he is ready to go in week 3. I'd like to think with Golladay on the outside, things might open up for Engram in the middle. Of course having the clapper calling plays might night make a difference.
  17. On the positive side, the Giants have won their last 4 meetings against Washington with DJ at QB (even won two of those games with the clapper calling plays)
  18. Isn't the MET gala a fund raising event for the Museum ?
  19. I've got to stop reading about the Giants offense, it's depressing https://twitter.com/DDuggan21/status/1437820729580531714?s=20 Good grief! Looks like my personnel boycott of not buying any Giants merch is going to continue for another season
  20. Any idea what's going on with Gibson? I read that he injured his shoulder but can't get an idea how serious the injury is.
  21. Probably no big need to require these on the Federal employees since most of them are (and have been for a long time now) required to attend public school
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