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  1. Well... so I ate well yesterday. And walked over 3 miles total. But I also drank a decent amount last night because it was Friday eve. Did a core focus down-dog 40-min yoga session this morning. Noticed I did crow the full length of time twice. I also did all the stupid boats and half boats. So I'm seeing some progress in my yoga practice. Will hopefully keep the booze under control tonight, but I'm sure I will not stay off the booze. Weather is too nice and patio sitting seems to equate directly to booze consumption. Keep up the good work!
  2. I think I've told this in here about sodium before. We get Panera occasionally, mainly for the salads. I was on their nutritional .pdf looking for lower sodium options. I noticed their baguette (180mg) has more sodium than their little bag of chips (150mg). Seriously, what is up with that?
  3. Yesterday was another good day, was under calories until the wife got home right at dinner time and she needed wine. I couldn't let her drink alone. Only a small amount of wine, but it did put me over my calories. Oh well. Already walked the dog today, but that's probably all the exercise I will get today. Keep up the good work!
  4. Yesterday was a good day! No booze and stayed under calories by a fair bit. Did a 40-min yoga session already this morning and planning to get some walking in a little later. Nice to see so much activity in here. Keep up the good work!
  5. Person on a call in the supermarket on speakerphone. WE'RE LIVING IN A SOCIETY!
  6. First was Buffalo Trace, one of my personal favorites that I can actually find around here at times. Later was Jim Beam Black, that's my go-to second pour as it tastes good enough but is readily available and relatively cheap.
  7. Did a 30-min cardio flow down-dog yoga session today. I was looking for more cardio, but I quickly realized I don't like doing yoga for cardio, I like to hold poses for a bit to make sure I'm in the right position and to feel the correct muscle groups engage. Not really possible with a cardio flow that is constant movement. Oh well. Just walked the dog for 30ish minutes as well. Yesterday I did well with the food. But I had some stressful work news late in the day that caused me to break out the bourbon before dinner. Even logging that bourbon and all my food I was slightly under calories. So it would have been a good day... Then I got more bourbon and my wife remembered the pumpkin snaps (like ginger snaps but pumpkin flavored) in the cabinet. So... today is a new day. Keep up the good work!
  8. I assumed Arsenal v. CP would be on NBCSN today since it is the only game being played. I assumed wrong. Peacock can suck my Peacock.
  9. I wasn't too bad this weekend, but also wasn't too good. Ate at home all weekend, so food was decent but also drank a decent amount. Didn't log food consistently in MFP, so no idea if I went over on calories, and I'm sure the booze pushed it over. I did walk the dog everyday and did the usual suburban weekend tasks in the yard and stuff. Lower back has been bothering me a bit, but after a good yoga session this morning (40-min down dog, core focus) my back feels great. Need to keep on the mat consistently this week. Will walk the dog in a big, it was just too chilly/dark this morning. Glad to see all the activity in here. Keep up the good work!
  10. Have Wolves even scored 3 goals this season before today? Wow.
  11. Did decent yesterday and stayed under my calories with a grilled chicken salad for dinner. Just walked the dog today but that will be it for me today. Have a minor medical thing this afternoon and cannot eat anything all day and have to stop even liquids at noon. So guess I'll be under my calories today (unless I gorge for dinner, which may happen). Keep up the good work!
  12. Yep. Shot hit the post, then gk, then in. That's an OG. If it doesn't hit the GK it is a miss.
  13. Zardes really gives his whole body out there. Damn.
  14. I know some wanted to see LDLT, me included, but Busio has played well.
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