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  1. Who are you? Are you new here? (This post is sponsored by Friday night bourbon.)
  2. Oh to be sure, I often check email during longer yoga sessions. Or even just move my mouse to see if I have any new messages or emails to read and respond to. It may take my focus away or change my breath thoughts but it is better than not doing yoga.
  3. Went back to my boo today. Yoga for weight loss - Healthy Energy Flow with Adriene (and Benji). I haven't done any of her weight loss series before and wanted a shorter session, this was 36 mins. It seemed pretty basic and overall not all that hard, but then she ripped my abs apart at the end. I was sweaty by the end, so it was good enough. Probably will avoid that series in the future tho, seems too 'simple'.
  4. Didn't realize that was ruled an OG. Totally agree with your sentiment, I thought it was on target before the defender clipped it. Sheesh.
  5. Tottenham with two league wins in a row?!?! Anyone watching Pool v. Chelski? I have it on but also working. (I have already cancelled my Peacock subscription, but I have another few weeks so I'm trying to get the most out of it.)
  6. I stopped posting in the game day thread years ago because of the in game jinx. I now only post during games I don't care about, and I rarely watch games I don't care about.
  7. I've often encouraged our soccer brethren to stay away from the PSF, to no avail. At least have another 'pen name' for that cesspool. Gets too quiet here during politically heated times (which is all the damn time lately).
  8. Did Kassandra's 1 hour beginner yoga today. It starts off easy, and there's a lot of basic instruction that seemed overly redundant for me. Then it got much harder. Lots of time spent in warrior poses and some tree poses. Deep back, hip, and leg stretches thrown in. I opted for the 'harder' options the whole way through and was definitely gassed by the end. I will keep this in the rotation. Keep up the good work.
  9. I've been staying mostly in this thread because it's where I started at last year. I've posted in the other thread once or twice early on only to discuss what I did last year and the results. I mainly use this to post workout and yoga thoughts.
  10. Did another Kass' yoga session today after 135 pushups. This one was about 45mins and called Energy Boost and Detox. Lots of twisting stuff and it was tough. Side stands, boats, lizard legs, etc. No balancing, very little 'flow' or vinyasas. I was looking for a little detox because I decided to have some booze on a random Tuesday night. It seemed to do the job. Lots of the poses had me shaking pretty good.
  11. Been debating on doing this, but once I paired down my PS4 installs to things I may actually play I have space in my PS5 still. Mind linking the SSD you went with? I've already preordered MLBTS and need to check the my hard drive space available before release date in mid April.
  12. Yeah, the only thing is that doesn't do routines or voice command search/driving functions. I have a routine of weather/news/pods I listen to on the morning commute. You can also set up routines for when you arrive to a location (via geo-location) but I haven't done that. The echo Auto isn't really all that great, but I've definitely gotten my $25 worth.
  13. Echo Auto- Hands-free Alexa in your car with your phone (I got it for only $25, in the early release window in 2019.)
  14. Also have a Roomba, which can be activated by Alexa or on a set routine. And a few Fire tv devices, which I guess can be activated by voice as well.
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