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  1. I did 100 pushups today. Personal record. The 6-week program keeps going, so I will too. This is the end of week 3 for me. Then I did day 26 yoga. It was 'earth' based and mostly involved on the ground poses/stretches for 23 mins. Pretty easy. Yesterday's yoga was day 25 was dancing warrior, it was around 30mins long and involved warrior into high lunge moves. It was a good one. Been good about tracking my calories and staying off the booze this week. Feeling like I'm mostly over my ice fall, just have a few little aches/pains that I can generally work out in the yoga
  2. Mostly just busting balls. I like the cookies as well. I really think the key to MFP and CICO is moderation. If you really want something, then eat it. Just log it and make smart choices the rest of the day or exercise more and it will work out.
  3. Didn't do as much yoga this weekend as planned. Also probably drank more than I should. Oh well. Didn't weigh today. Think I'll switch my official weigh in to later in the week since I seem to be back on the weekend booze train. Adriene day 22 yoga was about 30 mins, lots of thigh work. Warrior poses, high lunges, that type of stuff. I enjoyed this one, but for some reason my back started really hurting after... probably from my ice fall. Heating pad, NSAID and booze helped. Adriene day 23 was 24mins, lots of arm work. I did this right after doing 93 pushups, so this was
  4. You got the anorexic teen warning. Don't keep doing it, but I find it quite ironic.
  5. Holy hell. Ice is dangerous. I went out the back door with my dog yesterday evening to get some fresh air for a quick minute while he did his business. Didn't realize that the water from the roof during the afternoon melt had frozen. Slipped right onto my ###. Hard! I didn't break anything but today I feel like I've been in a car wreck. My left wrist and upper right hip are very sore. Also have pain throughout most of my torso from tensing up and keeping my head from hitting the pavement (so glad it didn't). I think I'm going to soldier on with the yoga and pushups today, just to try
  6. Week 3, day 1 today. I did 78 pushups on Wednesday. I've done the program before but never finished it. I think my form is better this time, as I'm incorporating some yoga thoughts and trying to keep my spine in alignment with a long neck and my hip bone tucked, all while trying to keep my facial muscles relaxed. That has really helped.
  7. @bostonfred @Steve Tasker @DA RAIDERS I will probably try Yoga with Cassandra next, since it is at the top of Tasker's list. I'll try to be better about posting short reviews on the yoga vids, especially when I move away from Adriene since she's been mentioned in here a bunch. For now I'm still doing double daily of the original Adriene 30-day. Just finished days 20&21. 21 got a little tough late on with lots of low lunge and then just 'hanging out' in warrior 2. Day 18 or 19 was a lot of balancing, which I'm surprisingly decent at and actually enjoy even tho it really bring
  8. I'm following you on Amazon now, so I look forward to future offerings. I do quite enjoy the spontaneous humor within thrillers, and found your humorous moments to be quite on point.
  9. Finished books 2 and 3 in the trilogy recently. Really enjoyed them. I would like a series based on the NYC 'retired' detective that's now going to have his own investigation company. Please and thank you.
  10. Re: yoga Does Andrea have any series that are all 30+ minutes? While I'm enjoying the yoga, I really want it to be >30mins. That's the primary reason I've been doubling up, I prefer the 30-50min sessions. Some of the session in the initial series are <20mins, which makes me feel like I'm just starting to get 'heat' before it's over. If not her, anyone else someone can recommend that does slightly longer sessions?
  11. Hey all, haven't checked in for almost a week. I think I've beat back my head cold for now. (Still have some altered taste/smell .) Been doing the '6 weeks' pushup plan and also doing two sessions of the original Andrea yoga 30 day series since last Wednesday. I had a four-day weekend, so I didn't really track any food over the weekend but I tried to eat decently well with wine/booze a few nights. Weighed in today at 198, the same as I was back on Feb 5 before I started feeling sick. Getting back on the calorie logging today. May try to get back on the treadmill also,
  12. Yep. I'm an avid reader and have considered reading it, but it may be too 'Chick Lit' for me.
  13. Was told this. I've had two negatives now, first the rapid then the PCR. Medical folks seem confident I don't have it. I have been quarantining. My wife has had both shots, so she's the only one that leaves the house now.
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