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  1. Yoga with Tim Transform Day 3 done. More of the same with a decent amount of one leg balancing today. I did this one a little too soon after lunch and almost . Need to be more aware of that in the future. This one also had some tough ab work near the end when all the cool down stretches had already started. That really messes with the mind as mentally I thought I made it past the hard parts. Will try to be good this weekend. Time will tell.
  2. Wow. I really like Yoga with Tim. Transform day 2 really kicked my ###. Probably did more chataranga pushups in that session than I have done in the last month. Also held crow pose for several breaths, that was a first for me. This one had a lot of flow to it, and included lots of lunges and planks and side stands. Something about his style really pushes my 'edge' and I feel like while I continue to get more flexible I am also starting to build strength. Keep up the good work all.
  3. This was my first thought. This list way overrates Colorado. It has become California with better mountains. Or as I like to say Colorfornia.
  4. Was under calories and off booze again yesterday. Two whole days in a row! Just got off the mat. Decided to shake it up a bit. I did Yoga with Tim Transform Day 1. Since I stopped doing pushups I feel like I need a little more strength building in my yoga sessions. This session was a lot of the typical moves, vinyasas, warriors, tree pose, even some boat at the end. I don't know what it was that was harder, but I ended up shaking pretty good during the boats at the end and definitely struggled with some of the harder options for the vinyasas. Seemed to be a good change. He also sa
  5. Had my garden in the ground for a few weeks. Probably too many tomato plants, one 'Sweet 100' (grape), two 'early girl', seven 'jet star'. 2 jalapeno plants, one 'jumbo' and one standard. One bell pepper. Two cucumber, one bush and one standard, both burpless. Two zucchini. Also planted onions, green beans, and collard (or mustard, I forget) greens. May still add some herbs. I'm having a big battle with ants right now. I usually don't have this problem, but they have already almost killed one of my cucumber plants. The ants will die.
  6. That's the version I got for PS5 as well, I think. I got the digital $99 version. I won't spend any more money, but I like the boost that the more expensive version gives at the start. I also took the day off Friday so I can start playing tomorrow night at midnight and spend all day Friday playing.
  7. The stadium thing doesn't interest me that much. I may play some of the ones others make, time will tell.
  8. If this has been linked then I missed it. Men in Blazers tweeted out the entire Daryl Dike interview from their show this week. Really liked what the kid had to say.
  9. Gotcha. Yeah, I wasn't very clear. If there was a way to play PS5 games on an external HD I would consider it at some point, but ideally I'm going hold out for the internal. I've had a PS5 since early December. I don't play a whole lot of different games so my stock internal HD isn't full yet. My internal 2TB SSD is still in my PS4 that I gave to my daughter at college. She's enjoying years of my PS+ downloads. Not gonna lie, I got a little emotional when she took that PS4 out of the house.
  10. I'm still waiting on the new internal HDs to be approved. There's a M.2 slot in the PS5 that is very easy to access. For now I'll just keep waiting. I do see your point, but I also just don't really want an external HD at all.
  11. Was good yesterday, stayed sober and under calories. Even slept really well. (When I drink I sleep poorly.) Just got off the mat this morning. Did a YWA 45-min Renewal session from last week. Very different session for me, lots of groundwork for hips/glutes. Gonna have that JLo booty in no time! I did enjoy it as it was fairly challenging, even without having a lot of 'flow'. This is probably the most current date YWA session I've done, so I was happy to see Benji is still chilling near the mat. Keep it up.
  12. Oh. Didn't even catch that part. Weak. Even a bigger reason for me to hold off for now.
  13. April PS5 update will add external hard drive support for PS5 games, blog. The update will be released tomorrow. I know this has been discussed a decent amount in this thread already. I'm still holding off on getting an external hard drive for now as I still have around 100 gb free. MLB the Show 21 has already downloaded to my PS5 and it's 'only' around 55 gb. Seems developers are learning how to make the games smaller. On a side note, MLBTS21 preinstalled both PS4 and PS5 versions at 55gb each. I'm keeping the PS4 version for now, but in the future I want the optio
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