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  1. Been back on the mat both yesterday and today. Today was YWA Deepen and Flow. It's a 50-min typical full body flow with some one-legged stuff and boats near the end. Yesterday was YWA Healthy Energy Flow. It's one of the better Yoga for Weight Loss sessions that she has. I actually was looking for Deepen and Flow but then realized I didn't have enough time due to meetings. This one is also a nice full-body flow, although it is a little more basic. Still since she gives so many options yogis can make any of them easier or harder. Been logging all my calories this week an
  2. El Tri also fell out of the top 10. Couldn't happen to a better team of piss throwers.
  3. So the weather has been beautiful here... very, very nice. Spent the weekend mostly planting my vegetable garden and doing other yardwork. Got over 12k steps both Saturday and Sunday. Also drank way too much booze and didn't really track calories but also didn't eat too bad. Woke up very sore today, so did the 45-min YWA deep stretch session. I need to buckle down this week and consistently log my food and stay off the booze. I feel like I say that every Monday. Keep up the good work everyone.
  4. My wife thought I was kidding a while back talking about the WC in 2026. It's the same month I turn 50. I told her I'm planning on attending as many games as possible and taking most of the month off from work. I'm also starting to save and plan for this now. Have they finalize locations for the games? Last I knew they had a list of locations but nothing definitive. I live within easy driving distance of KC and Dallas. Chicago and Denver would also be options for me. Who am I kidding? Any place in the US or Canada is an option. (No way in hell am I going to a WC game in Mexico.)
  5. So after shot #2 on Monday I had a pretty rough time Tuesday. Took most of the day off Tuesday and spent time eating whatever I wanted and laying on the couch. Yesterday I felt better but only walked the dog. Got back on the mat today with Kassandra's recent 30-min Intermediate full body vinyasa flow. This was interesting. The warm up included chair poses, just to give you a taste. Also had some moves I'm not very familiar with including a transition from half moon to dancer pose (new). I didn't have a lot of time, so this fit the bill and overall I liked the session. I still get
  6. Musah is not cap tied to the USMNT. Jeff Carlisle on Twitter: There's a link to part of the letter in the tweet, but basically 4 friendlies don't count. Has to be a cap tying game.
  7. Jozy's going to pull a hamstring whining about TT saying the USMNT was poor during his run. Oh well.
  8. Yesterday was a little rough after getting Pfizer #2 on Monday. However today I seem to be feeling much better. One notable side effect. My lymph node under my left arm, same arm I got the shot in, is very swollen and tender. I didn't notice it until putting on deo this morning. That kinda smarted. According to my google skills this is a normal side effect and I should let my doctors know if I go for a mammogram soon.
  9. Really good 5g reception. An extra government chip.
  10. Had my Pfizer #2 yesterday around 9am. Around 5pm I got dizzy and achy. Came on like a wave. Tylenol seemed to help. Oh and my arm is f-ing sore. So sore my wife moved last night and the pull of the sheets against my arm woke me up. Now I have general body aches, lots of stiffness in my back, and a pretty bad headache. Really just want to curl up on the couch under a blanket.
  11. Quick update from me... got Pfizer vaccine #2 this morning. Still doing fine but a little tired. The next 24ish hours may be interesting, hoping not. Did the 45min deep body stretch from YWA right after the shot. Just wanted a stretch after being a weekend off the mat that included some gardening and home improvement. Walked the dog a bit ago in the wind. Hoping the exercise today will offset the dreaded vaccine #2 effects, time will tell. I didn't track food for crap this weekend and drank too much. I basically ate healthy meals, but I'm sure the booze put me over calorie g
  12. I held a strong magnet on the injection site during my wait time. That's supposed to make the chip(s) ineffective.
  13. Just got home from getting Pfizer shot #2. Nurse told me she put two chips in mine because I wasn't supposed to ask about the chip. Kinda curious how this goes. First shot I had no symptoms. I kept my schedule pretty light at work the rest of today and all day tomorrow.
  14. Did an hour long YWA this morning, Yoga for Weight Loss - Balance. I think I've done this one before, and I really enjoyed it. It's pretty much for beginners, but I took the harder options all the way through and it was a nice workout. Keep up the good work.
  15. Never got on the mat yesterday but did walk the dog. May be the same today as I have a busy afternoon and haven't carved out the time yet. Ugh.
  16. That's no joke. My liver can't handle much more of him leading Spurs.
  17. What the heck time is kickoff? My FotMob app shows now. ESPN doesn't show soccer until 20 after.
  18. I had a visible bruise the size of a half dollar for about a week after #1. It was only sore for a few days, but the discoloration stuck around longer.
  19. No idea. Trends continue down here. But also government leaders are removing what little restrictions we had. Time will tell.
  20. I've mentioned this before. Hershey kisses are my 'not so bad' after dinner snack. 4 dark chocolate kisses are 86 calories. I can make those kisses last at least half an hour and it (mostly) satisfies my sweet cravings. I've also done vanilla wafers and the Chicka Boom Pop light kettle corn popcorn. Moderation with all of it is key.
  21. Oklahoma starts Friday. Very much a lack of willing arms here. Damn it all.
  22. Just did a YWA video from 2013. I didn't like it so much I'm not even linking it. She's gotten a lot better at videos in the last 8 years. I'm sticking to videos from 2015 and newer from now on.
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