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  1. Anybody else in HCMC. I have been in since .0019 looking to possibly add another 250K shares tomorrow. It tested .006 today. I know a catalyst is the pending judgement for patent infringement by Philip Morris. It has been moving lately. I sold out of OZSC this week with a nice gain and looking to buy back in on a dip.
  2. Who mentioned BLPG. I did not check on it since it dipped into the .004 I should of bought more but much Thanks the price movement has been nice I did not even know it is knocking on a penny door. Again Thank You and holding 100K shares.
  3. Berns always kills me for 4 bills wine for the wife old fashion's for me and then the dessert room. Are you guys in Tampa proper or the burbs. New Tampa or WC whatever you want to call it here
  4. I am amazed that no politiican is calling out the practices of the SEC and FINRA how they are blatantly restricting the access Retail Investors access to buy securites while hedge funds have free reign. This is a crime happening in front of our eyes.
  5. Robinhood limiting to account holders to buying only 5 shares of the meme stocks. We need DC to make systematic changes so both Retail and Institutional Investors are on the same playing field. Equality in the markets. Retail needs the same exponential notion that brokerages give Hedge Funds. If I have 1 million I should have a minimum of 10X buying power that is the same buying power hedge funds get.
  6. He wanted to give people a free choice to do what they wanted to do with there money with no restrictions which was not the case of his parents in Bulgaria.
  7. What a hypocrite. https://www.cnbc.com/video/2021/01/27/robinhood-ceo-vlad-tenev-on-his-motivation-for-starting-the-commission-free-stock-trading-app.html
  8. Scathing Emergency Press Conference by David Portnoy calling out Robin Hood. https://twitter.com/stoolpresidente/status/1354848771184750598
  9. AOC is going to be calling some CEO's to Washington to explain themselves as to why they locked out retail investors from stocks. https://twitter.com/AOC/status/1354830697459032066
  10. We talk Free Markets but are they free. This is BS people should hold are you going to ban people from buying these securities forever they will move there accounts to other brokerages that do not limit an investors rights and freedoms to trade. We should be concerned here where the institution is put ahead of the retail investor.
  11. American Airlines great earnings and heavy short interest.
  12. Not at the casino. When I have clay in the front of money it is not money until it gets to the window and have no issues shoving all in. More reserved when it comes to securities.
  13. KOSS $115 unreal never had a security in my portfolio go from 10 to over 100 in 2 trading days. Unreal I sold 2/3 of my position at 50 and let the rest ride. Did not want to be greedy.
  14. Issue is TD and Schwab will no longer allow trades in GME and AMC. That is a horrible policy you put in place restrictions against the retail investor but Institutional Investors face no such restrictions.
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