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  1. Still cannot believe the NFL condones its players dropping the N Word on the field amongst its players, use of the N Word in the locker room amongst conversation between black football players, and DeShaun Watson is still a member of the NFL and its players union after being accused of assaulting upwards of 20 plus women.
  2. Kareem Hunt can assault a woman; serve a suspension and be back on the playing field. Make an off color remark about NFLPA rep and Commissioner and your gone for Life. Says alot about how women are ummm respected in the NFL
  3. Gruden is not final word. Email thread between him and DA discussing Jeff Fisher and Rams organization drafting Michael Sam based on pressure from NFL that drafting openly gay player is a good PR move and not for his body of work as a player at Missouri...
  4. Gruden has been in the league a long time and he knows all of the leagues dirty secrets. If his career is truly over and he has enough money saved. Gruden should expose all the negative stuff the NFL has done over the years and create a PR nightmare for the shield because we all have skeletons in our closet.
  5. What we learned from Grudens email is Michael Sam was not drafted by the Rams on his football skill but his sexual orientation.
  6. Emails also show Michael Sam was just a side show performer for the 3 ring Circus called the NFL. NFL pressured Rams to draft Michael Sam because he was openly gay and not based on his resume he built at Missouri. Lets start peeling back at all the layers and bad practices the NFL has done in its time if they can rob a man of 60 Million dollars he is owed.
  7. Why is nobody discussing how these emails were obtained and if they were obtained in a legal manner.
  8. NFL sent this over to Mark Davis on Friday and wanted immediate action. Mark Davis did nothing and continued to do nothing until Goodell and his henchman preasured Raiders organization more. NFL sent messaging they would not be satisfied with Raiders suspending him. When the conglomerate sends a message to a member of what they will accept as punishment they are unduly influencing outcome. NFL should of said do what you see fit and Mark Davis lack of action on topic infuriated NFL. So yes NFL exerting its influence on Raiders contributed to Grudens resignation
  9. I am lost at the wokeness and support of Cancel culture in this thread. The language used in the emails was irreprehensible. These emails originated from Gruden when he was unemployed or an employee with ESPN. They were not sent during his employment with the NFL. This was overreach by the NFL. I see Gruden retaining council and successfully suing the NFL for wrongful termination. This action has grave consequences for the labor force nationwide. Imagine comments made when one is young and dumb resurfacing when gainfully employed and you can possibly be fired like Josh Hader had to deal with a few years back.
  10. Guy on FBI Most Wanted List on the run for over 20 years and supposedly showed up at Dodgers game in 2016. It is rumored he went into hiding with 13 Million Dollars in cash. Where do you hide 13 Million dollars in cash. Key to not getting caught is cash. 13 Million is an infinite amount for that individual so if he wants he can stay secluded for his lifetime. Still where do you store and keep safe 13 Million Dollars.
  11. Punch your ticket at the cash window tonight by taking Canadians. Lightning pissed for 2nd time in 2 years Canadian government did not permit Lightning player family members into Canada. TB wins cup in 5 and in front of friends snd family.
  12. Picked up some AUUD at 5.16 and BLIN at 2.81 this week I see BLIN making a run like MRIN.
  13. Live in a suburb of Tampa and USF has been improving and the surrounding area has been improving over the last 5 years. My son just finished his 2nd year at UF and absolutely loves it after he begrudgingly wanted to go there. His future is already set up for him. He has his 2022 Internship with a company in Atlanta locked in which should lead to FTE when he graduates in 2023. UF offers amazzing resources to set yourself up for success after UF. The Gator Nation is a powerful networking tool also.
  14. Anybody else in HCMC. I have been in since .0019 looking to possibly add another 250K shares tomorrow. It tested .006 today. I know a catalyst is the pending judgement for patent infringement by Philip Morris. It has been moving lately. I sold out of OZSC this week with a nice gain and looking to buy back in on a dip.
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