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  1. Take the equal parts and use Rye, Dry Vermouth, and Campari for a classic cocktail called the Old Pal As I said before, I prefer using Tattersall Bitter Orange instead of Campari
  2. BB gun fights with a rule of no head shots That rule was often ignored Before all the houses were built, we had a woods with a dirt path and a hill at the end We would make a nice dirt ramp at the end of said hill, pack it down, and then and ride as fast as one could down the hill to get air and launch ourselves toward the path. If one landed on the path, we would spill our bikes because of the uneven dirt path and we were kids without any training but simply little kids on bicycle missles If we didn’t land on the path, the left side was those tiny little sticker plants that stuck you everywhere, poison ivy, rocks, and hard packed dirt. The right side was the embankment where at the bottom was the creek with a lot of leeches and bigger rocks Helmets? No, not in the 70s Proper protective pads? Not unless you count t-shirts and jeans as protective Learn from our mistakes? No, you get up, you should do it again No one died but many times we went home with a very severe limp and small loss of blood. I have to think that a couple of my scars today are from my Junior Evil Knievel days on a bicycle
  3. I'll kill your friends, your family, and the ##### you took to the prom!
  4. Took Fernando just ahead of Super Trouper Others I really like: I Have a Dream, One of Us,Thank You for the Music, Our Last Summer,
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