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  1. I saw a legit document this morning that read "I am the only employee on the rooster". It was hard to contain myself.
  2. And the alleged rigging goes AGAINST the guy in charge of the country (President)? The guy who appointed the head of the USPS? I don't get it.
  3. I'm all for eating healthy and living long and all that jazz but this cannoli cake from Carraba's...holy moley mother ####. It's incredible.
  4. Flipping through the channels and watched a few minutes of My 600 lb Life. Whoa. If anyone needs some motivation, watch that show.
  5. I recently got a government job (not federal though). The pay is less but the benefits are pretty damn good. I have to decide if I want to opt in the pension retirement plan or the the investment retirement plan. I'd lean the pension plan but they aren't as good as they used to be.
  6. Maybe once a month for me. The key is to avoid the bath tub and toilet. Also, if you're quick enough and it's falling on a hard surface, try to slow the fall with your foot. I learned that bussing tables and dropping glasses/cups.
  7. Our LOWS have been right around 78 plus a lot of humidity. If you don't work out first thing in the morning (assuming you are doing it outside), it's not getting done.
  8. I feel like Beck at the beginning of the Loser video..."things are gonna change, I can feel it".
  9. If I was going out for a 3 mile jog/walk/run.....which would be better for me? 1. Get it done in 35 minutes with mostly jogging. 2. Get it done in 60 minutes with more of a mix of walking/jogging/etc. Health benefits and calories burned would be fairly close, right?
  10. Did they ask if you were gay and had sex with a prostitute in Brazil? I mean, can't we keep some things to ourselves?
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