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  1. Over/under that Dez comes back with an esposa?
  2. Is it dumb to hold MARA, RIOT, and BLOK? (BLOK holds some MARA and RIOT already)
  3. Yup. I petition bringing back McGarnical (sp?), Zartan, Zippy, cocoagirl and of course...Longball Larry.
  4. I believe it. Probably best not to be rude in the forums either.
  5. Are the moderators long term FBG members? Could there be some bias towards certain posters based on posting history?
  6. As a whole, timeouts seem to have gotten much harsher in the past few years. Also, I think the fantasy football playing demo (both people subscribing and people simply posting here) are primarily adults and can look past a lot of jokes/comments they don't find funny.
  7. Oh yeah, and maybe he can work out a good deal with the local tackle shops. Not sure of the typical $$$ structure but give the tackle shop a big incentive to keep his product on the shelves.
  8. He should get his friends to post pics and videos holding big fish with testimonies that they caught it on ChiefD jr. lure. I remember a TV infomercial from years ago of pretty cool soft plastic lure that would "dive" into the fish hangout that you were targeting. I don't think I bought it was definitely intriguing.
  9. Probably the worst lyrics of all big "popular" hits. And "stepped on a pop top"? He sings like it like "stepped on a pop tart".
  10. Anyone know how it will work with PayPal come year end with the crypto transactions? If I'm buying/selling bitcoin through them over the year, will they simply issue a 1099 similar to stock trades?
  11. He's training to be the next Corbin Burnes.
  12. Had this done yesterday and the place I went to almost always does it on a Friday with a post-op appointment on the following Monday. You will definitely need someone to drive you afterwards and it's a good idea to keep the weekend free for mostly rest/recovering. You will be safe being alone after the procedure. The eye drops that you have to use 3-4 times a day do burn/sting a little and although it's helpful to have a SO put them in for you while laying down, it's definitely something you can do yourself. I think your first idea of booking a hotel for the weekend and Ubering there i
  13. FWIW, Newark and southern NJ are two totally worlds. If Newark was someone's only trip to NJ and they came away with "I hate all of NJ"...that's not fair.
  14. Florida has had it for years now. #beststateinthenation #notgodswaitingroomsortof
  15. RIOT blew up today. Are you guys jumping out temporarily? Surprised MARA didn't really bounce much with it. Eta: oops...anyone else?
  16. 👍 (You're gonna get crap for this one).
  17. Just relaying what's on HBO's website. https://www.hbo.com/q-into-the-storm
  18. I only got through the first episode. It was a little slow going for me.
  19. His music sales are going to blow up this week.
  20. Yeah, but it's April 9th and according to the link below, 1 in 5 Americans are now fully vaccinated and one third have received one of their two shots. Mid-May is over a month away. I think my "most" prediction will be correct. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/04/09/covid-19-cases-deaths-vaccinations-daily-update.html
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