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  1. I'd also suggest not playing A7 offsuit preflop. Type of hand that causes more trouble.
  2. Agreed. Forums like FFA would be so much better if pics/gifs were allowed and moderation eased up a little in some regard (mostly pertaining to jokes and being to discuss beautiful women).
  3. Reddit wins simply because of pics/gifs and forums for NSFW stuff.
  4. I really want to check them out as a consumer. They need to go nationwide.
  5. The worst is when you're at an airport or amusement park and a group of people decide to stand in the middle to discuss whatever (where they are going, what to eat, last night's episode of Grey's Anatomy, etc.). Is it really that difficult to just group together on the side? Why block the middle? Don't make me give you the Derrick Henry stiff arm.
  6. Do you ever feel unsafe down there? I assume you are out and about at night?
  7. Maybe take half the profit along with your initial investment ($16.5k) and let the remaining $6.5k ride?
  8. Is it confirmed that she died via hand strangulation and not by some other form of strangulation (neck tie, belt, etc)?
  9. Definitely agree that people camping out in front of their house isn't cool. However, based on what we know, I do believe Brian told them at least something about what happened with Gabby that they aren't releasing.
  10. Thank God. Thought it was hug furry street prostitutes for a minute.
  11. Based on this post and a few others you made in thread, I see you really the parents are being treated unfairly in all of this. Do you really think they don't anything that's not out there already? Anything? I mean, they went camping with Brian after he came home without Gabby. You don't think they had some conservations about Gabby that the parents are keeping to themselves?
  12. Anyone know why MARA is doing really well but RIOT is lagging a bit? With bitcoin at an all time high, I would think both would be crushing it.
  13. I think too that in the span of a career (let's say 20 to 50 years), starting at 65k versus 85k or something a little higher won't mean a whole lot in the long run. Regardless, you'll need to grind it out in the first few years and go from there. Maybe move up in that company or jump ship to another. I wouldn't sweat the starting salary too too much. It'll go up before you know it.
  14. Do you have a different....let's say "more politically neutral" link about this? After reading some of the headlines for their other articles, I get the impression Redstate leans a certain way.
  15. Welcome to the forums! In all seriousness, this forum is where you post about job issues, pop songs you like but can't admit to coworkers, dogs, songs from 59 years ago, imaginary fake internet money, etc.
  16. Just show everyone your rooster and we'll move on. We need the entire picture.
  17. Definitely worth it! Oh yeah! I'm cutting diamonds over here I'm so excited for you!
  18. Are you outgoing? More of an introvert? Would you be happy sitting at a desk all day? Do you like talking to customers/clients/people? What hobbies/sports do you enjoy? Any other passions that you would love to do every day?
  19. I heard on the news that Columbus Day is forcing Indigenous Day to move to another day.
  20. Did OP indicate if we were fully erect or flaccid? That would make a difference I think.
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