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  1. Trade went down in one of my leagues. Not involved. 10 team Dynasty PPR Team A got Henry Ruggs, 2021 1st, 2021 3rd. Team B got Miles Sanders.
  2. Got mine on Monday, took my 4th ride this morning. I'm totally out of shape and new to spin. I've started with 20 min beginner classes before going to work, just to get my feet wet. Alot of fun. Today though, I quickly realized that I didnt choose a beginner class. I guess it was just a normal class, but it was a nice big jump for me. Beginner classes were ok, but today's class really pushed me. Loving it so far, love jumping out of bed and being able to ride in just minutes.
  3. Wife got the call today, bike will be delivered Monday morning. Received my shoes yesterday, they fit well. Wife is picky about shoes, she wants to use her own running shoes for now, so peloton offered to send toe cages on the house.
  4. Just made the purchase, used your code. Now I wait for delivery.
  5. A new champ will be crowned. My quest to go back to back is no more. Came up a bit short this week. Good luck to all that remain.
  6. Matthew Stafford $15 Jimmy Garoppolo $12 Patrick Mahomes II $11 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kareem Hunt $29
  7. Ready to attempt going back to back. Not sure how I feel about my team, but I felt the same last year and it turned out alright by winning it all. I'll probably get knocked out early this year though. Haha Good luck gents.
  8. Bohemian rhapsody Fat bottomed girls Under pressure
  9. Come As You Are Smells Like Teen Spirit All Apologies
  10. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For With Or Without You Pride
  11. American girl You don't know how it feels I won't back down
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