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  1. Report: Dems think kamala is a loser. 🤣 Tossing her in the nearest garbage can and bringing Pete B to the top for 2024.
  2. In just over 4 years, we have gone from Trump Making America Great Again to biden's 'Lower Your Expectations'. Sen. Kennedy last night said exactly what was needed to be said and he was 100% correct. "Mr. Pres, you've just got to try harder not to suck."
  3. I'm actually happy that this guy took the title of worst president in history away from Jimmy Carter. He didn't really deserve it. This guy absolutely does.
  4. Go ahead and jab your kids. Safe and effective. https://twitter.com/trevorcoker2/status/1450994512373899264 This crap should not be used on ANYONE!
  5. 'Build Back Better' really means 'Lower Your Expectations'.
  6. Like this failed administration said, ' lower your expectations' and that totally fits this disaster of an administration. The are so incompetent.
  7. The mandate garbage is collapsing as the intelligent Americans are putting an end to bidens' garbage. Chicago 1st responders have called the mayor's bluff. Airlines are turning on biden. The guy is a complete disaster.
  8. Keep dreaming. I could light this thread on fire. I'll just leave this one here. https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/brandon-goodwin-nba-player-covid-vaccine-blood-clots/ but blood clots have been linked to all three COVID vaccines authorized for emergency use in the U.S. — Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson (J&J) — though the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has added a warning label only to the J&J shot.
  9. Trump's immigration policy was the correct policy all along. Biden of course totally screwed that up, long with everything else so far, creating a massive border crisis. Now of course, he is reimplementing it. This guy is simply a complete disaster. https://thehill.com/policy/national-security/department-of-homeland-security/576893-biden-to-reimplement-trumps-remain Voting this guy into office was the dumbest thing anyone could have ever done.
  10. Colin Powell dead. RIP. Double Jabbed. Any questions. Didn't help him at all. Yeah that is one great 'vaccine'. I told you all it was garbage. It doesn't even last more than a couple of months and there is no long term data on the damage it could cause to your bodies.
  11. 100% biden's & the Ds fault. We can hope they get swept out of office in 2022. This administration will go down as the worst in US history. Wat to go voting for this disaster into office. WTF were you thinking?
  12. 2 months of protection now. While I knew it was true, I didn't think they would admit that for another year. https://www.yahoo.com/news/pfizers-covid-19-immunity-protection-032404881.html What a complete failure. Had they listened to doctors that were using early treatment we wouldn't have 100's of 1000s of dead people. Fauci is a complete failure. The CDC is a complete failure. This administration is the worst failure of them all.
  13. This guy can't stop blurting out pure stupidity. We are going to protect the vaccinated workers from unvaccinated coworkers. WHAT??? So it appears the jab juice doesn't work if you need to protect them. Well...it actually doesn't work after a few months. The ignorance flowing out of the WH is off the charts.
  14. 🤣 Told ya the pill was coming. merck is beating pfizer to the punch. You don't have a clue what you are talking about. You will NEVER prevent this. Molnupiravir (Merckmectin) is about to be phased in as I told you all. Oh, look at that fauci is praising it AND is a protease inhibitor. Guess you guys will be taking the 'horse paste' after all.
  15. Just like I said. They would take ivermectin and make their new drug out of it and charge an arm and a leg. The jab will be phased out once they get this approved. They can make so much more $ with it. https://www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/pfizer-launches-final-study-covid-drug-thats-suspiciously-similar-ivermectin?fbclid=IwAR35Dy4IQHeSZtuoN3uzs6mB801PC7FOYq0CRyW5zUizagJjE_plJEuh5jQ
  16. Sadly Mike Tagliere died from covid. Fully vaxxed. Here we have a 39 year old who trusted the vax was gonna protect him. It did not because it doesn't work. You think it does but it wears off and you are just like those of us who didn't get the shot (its not a vaccine) its a treatment and the treatment wears off faster than you think. its now estimated to be between 4-6 months. What a massive failure. So if you want this to work, you need a booster every 4 months to be sure. Figure it out yet? The solution, as all the best doctors on the planet say is, 'get early treatment'.
  17. Biggest disaster in all of our lifetimes. He makes GW Bush look competent. Easily takes his place in my book and Bush was 8 years of complete garbage. This loser did it in 8 months.
  18. The above 'dont' was directed at me. I hope you gave him the same timeout I got. Did you? __________________________________________________________________________________________________ As my last post in this topic, I leave this and you (fish) cannot explain it except for one thing. IVERMECTIN. Ask yourself how this is possible in a province (Utter Pradesh) in a country that had only 3.6% 2x jabbed on June 20th, while on the same date, cases had plummeted to around 200/day. based on the number of cases the weeks before, India should have exploded. 244 MILLION people. The USA has 330 million people, with way more people 2x jabbed RIGHT NOW and we are pumping out 150K cases a day RIGHT NOW. https://www.indiatoday.in/coronavirus-outbreak/story/uttar-pradesh-districts-covid-free-cases-deaths-1847365-2021-08-31 https://newsrescue.com/the-undeniable-ivermectin-miracle-indias-240m-populated-largest-state-uttar-pradesh-horowitz/ https://www.hindustantimes.com/cities/lucknow-news/33-districts-in-uttar-pradesh-are-now-covid-free-state-govt-101631267966925.html The answer is that Utter Pradesh along with some other provinces started giving everyone Ivermectin. The provinces that DID NOT, the cases stayed up. That is a FACT. You can deny it all you want but the data from those using Ivermectin shows 100% that it works. IT IS UNDENIABLE. There is ZERO disinformation in my posts. Z-E-R-O. Now assume this post doesn't get deleted.: I was 100% correct that this virus came out of the wuhan lab as many here were buying the bat BS. Watch what happens later this year/early next year. Pfizer will come out with a very expensive pill that you take at the onset of covid (theirs is actually twice a day, of course) while the Japanese company is working on a single pill as are other drug companies. Kinda like, yeah, ivermectin...as a treatment. I just wonder what it will be made of.
  19. Ok. It just frustrates the heck outta me when people push a 'vaccine' that simply is not going to solve this problem. Everyone here should listen to this man. He knows more than fauci could ever know. https://rumble.com/vkw3wt-more-covid-facts-the-cdc-and-biden-administration-doesnt-want-you-to-hear..html
  20. Trying to educate the people here. I said from day one that these vaccines would be a complete failure. That they are. Doesn't matter how many times you get jabbed, you are gonna get exposed.
  21. Well, cause ivermectin works and the Pfizer garbage doesn't. MU variant is totally resistant to it. Future variants will be the same. just like other coronaviruses, they mutate and render the shot useless. Go ahead and chase the virus or just get it, get treatment and be done with it. Of course unless you really think you are part of the 0.2% that died from covid. if you really want to learn about ivermectin, follow theses guys. Early treatment has ALWAYS been the remedy for covid. Not failed 'vaccines'. Most of you are too far gone but this may save one of you and quit believing lies & propaganda trash like that rolling stone article that made rachel maddow among others look like a complete fool. https://twitter.com/btysonmd 6000+ early treatment. Dr. Tyson's story https://twitter.com/RWMaloneMD https://twitter.com/DrHirschfield https://twitter.com/Covid19Critical https://twitter.com/arkmedic https://twitter.com/angelovalidiya https://twitter.com/DoctorWallman https://twitter.com/kksheld https://twitter.com/YoDoctorYo https://twitter.com/molsjames You may learn something.
  22. So much for your vaccines. None of you are protected now. You can jab yourself until the cows come home and it won't help. This was predicted by top doctors. Not paid off shills like fauci. Confirmed: Mu Variant is fully resistant to vaccines. Better get ya some ivermectin. https://twitter.com/daviddesjardi/status/1435693689255366657 Even the most crazy vaccine pumper says so. https://twitter.com/DrEricDing/status/1435580267603894279
  23. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8248252/ Conclusions: Moderate-certainty evidence finds that large reductions in COVID-19 deaths are possible using ivermectin. Using ivermectin early in the clinical course may reduce numbers progressing to severe disease. The apparent safety and low cost suggest that ivermectin is likely to have a significant impact on the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic globally.
  24. I can only laugh at how clueless you are as you follow fauci and the rest of the idiot train pushing a worthless jab that is now on #4 in Israel while my posts shows Ivermectin works and you can only deny it even though you have no rebuttal. Explain the 12 cases where IVM was given to patients on ventilators and recovered. You won't cause you cannot. I'm sorry you follow the idiots pushing failed 'vaxxes' and I follow doctors that are saving patients with treatments but it seems you cannot be helped. Current effectiveness of Pfizer's garbage is lower than the others and that is what they are pimping. Figure it out if you can.
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