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  1. 🤣 The D party isn't even remotely capable of doing that.
  2. She's aging faster than Kirk, Spock & McCoy in "The Deadly Years".
  3. So therefore it's not to be believed. Got it. Pretty sure they stayed in contact over the years. Yep, I'm right about that. “I still see Tommy and we’ve done a lot of charity work together,” said Hagler, who resides in Milan, Italy. Pretty weak counter. Yep. https://newsone.com/4105374/tommy-hearns-marvin-hagler-cause-death/ TMZ reported that one of Hagler’s sons said his father was hospitalized Saturday “after experiencing trouble breathing and chest pains at home.” Hagler’s website was updated to say he died “of natural causes near his home in New Hampshire,” cont
  4. Bury your head in the sand & believe what you want.
  5. Went into ICU after taking that damn 'vaccine'.
  6. All I gotta say is if you don't want the book 1984 to happen in the USA, vote Trump and never let the D's control all branches of govt again. If the do, it's over.
  7. Spoke, walked away and left all the reporters sitting there and took no questions after they sat waiting for 45 minutes. Can wait for the fake outrage coming.
  8. These people are seriously sick, disgusting humanoids. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/this-is-my-big-worry-obama-officials-and-other-democrats-fear-strong-post-coronavirus-economic-recovery
  9. Why is Mickelson wasting his time? Brady can't even come close to doing what he says. That putt was gawd awful.
  10. Brady is getting mad. He's gonna yell at Mickelson for not doing his job.
  11. Dude, you gotta give him strokes. Like 1 a hole.
  12. Does the course have lights on it cause they are taking a 1/2 hour a hole.
  13. Get out there and entertain me! Wusses.
  14. “Mask-police CNN reporter @kaitlancollins caught removing hers at presser, as soon as she thought cameras were off” Hopefully if she is at any more press conferences, Trump destroys her.
  15. How tough is Donald Trump? He's taking a drug that the FDA says is killing people. We need tough person like that in the WH. Not a frail fossil living in his mom's basement afraid to come out because he can barely function. Now how dumb is that statement by the FDA? The drug has been approved by them. So if it is killing people like they claim, why is it approved? Why isn't it off the market? Yeah. Total BS.
  16. Trump voters are working and not at home for these poll phone calls. Biden would have like 5 people along the road if that was him.
  17. The media will just act like that discussion never happened. Won't be reported by CNN or MSNBC.
  18. Trump having productive discussion with s Democrat Jared Polis of Colorado and other D & R governors with common sense. Won't see it on CNN. Doesn't fit their agenda. This is Schumer, Pelosi & Schiff and the rest of the haters of successful govt.
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