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  1. Hi Sig. Do you have a set schedule for your live YouTube shows?
  2. My neighbor, for some reason, doesn't seem to understand that a dog or some other animal strews out his garbage every f'n week because he doesn't secure the lid on his garbage can. Every f'n Friday I have to drive by his house, see his trash strewn all over the road. And of course the wind blows it into my yard. Since he doesn't clean it up I have finally chosen to clean it up myself. Today I walked away with a trash-bag full of his crap. I could understand a week or two. But every week? Have respect for your neighborhood!
  3. I went from 185 to 155 this past year doing lazy keto. I didn't track anything. Just abstained from carbs until football season came around (from March until September). During football season I did keto M-F and relaxed a bit on Friday and Saturday and a lot on Sundays. I may drink 2 growlers of IPA on Sunday and eat a pizza but get right back to keto on Monday, and I've been able to maintain. It works guys. At 48 I'm only about 5 pounds from what I weighed in college.
  4. Lots of things are happening in Argentina regarding vaping. Now, it's not unusual to see someone vaping on the sidewalk. I found an "underground" supplier who sells great juice and supplies a few months ago. They have a facebook page and it's kind of like buying weed back in the day but it works. We communicate through WhatsApp. They'll send a guy on a moped to your house for a small fee. I did that last week. I'll be leaving Argentina for good and heading to Puerto Rico in a couple of weeks but it's been kind of fun hunting down what I need here. I don't think I'll miss it though.
  5. Nice spell checking/translation on the e-cig I just bought. http://imgur.com/4CsS3xg
  6. Perfectly said. When in Boston we'd go to a farmer's market and buy meat from a young couple who recently started raising cows. Their prices were much more expensive than any supermarket. But it was the true cost of raising, butchering, packaging and delivering to the customer while being able to earn a profit for this couple. So I just spent the same money as I would at the supermarket but just bought less meat from them. They got some money from me, I got a better product, consumed less meat and felt good about the whole process. For me, a meal is much more enjoyable when it is sourced from this sort of interchange.
  7. I've seen a few people using e-cigs here in Rosario, Argentina but I've never gone up to them an asked where they got their supplies. I found a Facebook page which seems to be some sort of e-cig supplier here but I haven't needed it yet. I'm getting close though. I went back to a head-shop I visited about a year ago because it looked like they had an e-cig battery in the window display. Turned out it was a vaporizer for weed, but she directed a certain store has e-juice. I went to that store, and indeed, I saw e-juice (very limited selection. About 4 types) and batteries in their window display. They were closed though and I didn't really need it but I logged it on my phone. The other day I went back to a place where they had just one battery for sale and they had e-juice in their display. The same 4 types. At least it's something and I won't simply just run out which is great. I'm not sure why they are displaying these items now because they are still banned but I'm not complaining.
  8. A simple and kind of fun way to cut out some calories is to split a meal with your wife when you go out to eat. You'll save money, cut your calories in half and you'll both leave the restaurant full and happy without that "oh, I ate too much" resentment. From the description of your diet it sounds like you're probably retaining a ton of water weight from the amount of sodium you're getting in your fast-food meals and going out to eat combined with the water retention from drinking alcohol. I generally drink a lot of beer watching football on Sundays. It seems to take until the following Friday to drop all the water weight I retained from that one binge. And this is just by looking in the mirror. I don't have a scale and I drink at least a gallon of water a day. As others have said you have to start making your own breakfast and lunches at home. I think you know this though. Normally I would say leftovers is a good way to do this but from your description of your home-cooked meals it may be that it's not the best option. How about trying a healthy but filling crock pot recipe on Sunday that will get you through a few lunches during the week? All you need is an elastic exercise band to work out. Just getting that little bit of burn and tightness you retain from working out will make you feel good and confident. This leads to better habits. In the end it's up to you which is a good thing because you have control over the situation. It's time to make a change for life. Not for a few weeks, forever. Since you're diet is so poor right now any amount of change will have a positive effect and it would be noticeable quickly I think. You know what you have to do, just do it. You'll be a lot happier and it will be a sustained happiness which will more than make up for the temporary joy of having a few martinis and enjoying a big meal at a restaurant. After re-reading this I think it comes off sounding a little preachy. I don't mean it to be. I could benefit from losing 15 pounds myself. I do have a weakness for beer. But I do exercise 3 times a week and I walk almost everywhere. We cook almost everything at home and go out to eat maybe once a week. We have a garden which supplements our meals with tomatoes, kale, etc. It's also a fun hobby which is also a little more exercise. But if I didn't watch what I ate and didn't exercise I would be in much worse shape. I've been there before.
  9. Yes you can boil them. They do take a long time to dry and if they aren't completely dry they won't work. I have put them in the oven to dry on really low. Good to know. Thanks.
  10. Have any of you had success cleaning cartomizers (boiling them, etc.)? Since I can't buy them here in Argentina because they are banned, I've been saving my used cartomizers in case the comes a time where I don't have any fresh supplies. This seems like a question meant for 2011 but it might be a reality for me. Hope not.
  11. I watched the series a few years ago on a whim. My g/f and I loved it. Well worth a watch.
  12. Antares Barleywine. It's over 10 abv so it packs a punch. Thank God there is a place near where I live that have them on the shelves. Otherwise I'm looking at crap Argentinian commercial brews that are on par with Miller. In fact, if a restaurant has an imported beer here from the U.S. it's usually Miller. Why bother?
  13. Wow that sucks. Can you receive a care package? And why is vaping banned (my apologies if you explained this already)? Unfortunately if I get sent a package I have to go wait in line for hours to pick it up at an agency and pay a 50% tax on everything received if I even receive it at all. They are notoriously bad here with mail. It's just not worth it. Vaping is banned here because "it doesn't seem to get people off of real cigs" in a nutshell. So laughable. I did find a store that had a battery for sale in a hidden cabinet at a head shop but at the time I was just looking for juice. I went back a few weeks later (different clerk) and they said they don't have any supplies.
  14. I purchased 2 Vapros Spinners II recently when my g/f was in San Diego. I'm not impressed. One won't charge fully so it only gives me about 3-4 hours of care-free vaping and the other doesn't seem to last as long as my 2-year-old knock-off mini egos. They say one should get about 2 days of vaping. The one that gives me the longer charge has to be unplugged from the charger then plugged back in to fully charge. I tried that method with the other and it doesn't continue to charge. I've read about these problems on numerous forums. Returning them isn't an option because we are in Argentina. It sucks because vaping here is banned so I really have to count on these to last until the next opportunity to purchase something in the US.
  15. I absolutely friggin' LOVE it. When in Boston I used to work from home only on Fridays and I looked forward to that day every week. Last June we moved to Argentina and I've been working at my home office since then. I thank the heavens above every day I can wake up at a leisurely pace, not have to commute to work and not have to make small talk with the folks at work. I can work when I want, do chores around the house (which gives us more time to do whatever we want on weekends) and basically work at my own pace. I can take breaks whenever I want, tend to the garden, take a walk and exercise whenever I feel like it. I can choose to hammer away at work for an entire day to free up other days in the week. I've been able to travel to Europe and Puerto Rico on multiple occasions with my laptop without the people I work for even noticing I've left my desk at home. I don't have to get vacations approved. I just go when I feel like it. Although, as a freelancer I do tend to work during vacations as I'm always worried that if I declare I'm not available my client will turn to someone else thus making me lose business. But it's not really that big of a deal. I can just find spots within the vacation (i.e. a rainy day, or at night) when I can just bang out my work. Then I usually have a few days before I get feedback on that work. I guess I'm somewhat of an introvert so not having, what I feel, are empty interactions with folks at work is a plus and makes me feel I can fill my hours with more meaningful things and interactions. I work much better independently anyway and am more efficient because I don't want to get sloppy and create more work for myself. It's really a win-win for everyone. I used to commute approximately an hour to and from work. So that's 10 hours a week I'm saving for myself. 40 hours a month, approximately 400 hours a year if you discount holidays, vacations, etc. Also figure in not having to go to the gym after work mixed with the household things that would have had to have been done at nights or on the weekends, that's probably more than two hundred additional hours I save. So we're talking simply not commuting into work gives me about a month more time for myself every year. Once I started getting older I started feeling like having to commute to work and to be trapped in an office is not a natural way to live. Having been away from that for more than a year I can tell you I was correct. It almost feels like I'm semi-retired now even though I do have a consistent stream of work coming in. The thought of having to go back to the old routine makes me sick to my stomach. Who knows? Maybe it will be necessary some day. But I'll do everything in my power to avoid it. Like I alluded to before, it just seems like such a more nature way to live life. I'm always surprised when I hear people don't like working from home but I respect it. Everyone is different. But for people who don't crave the social aspects of going into the office I think it's a God-send.
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