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  1. I went from 185 to 155 this past year doing lazy keto. I didn't track anything. Just abstained from carbs until football season came around (from March until September). During football season I did keto M-F and relaxed a bit on Friday and Saturday and a lot on Sundays. I may drink 2 growlers of IPA on Sunday and eat a pizza but get right back to keto on Monday, and I've been able to maintain. It works guys. At 48 I'm only about 5 pounds from what I weighed in college.
  2. Of course The Audible takes center stage on my Ipod. I've been having a hard time finding anything that I may enjoy on a regular basis. I was wondering if anyone had any they listen frequently to (Video or audio). The other 3 Podcasts I subscribe to are Coffee Break Spanish (great for someone trying to learn Spanish), BrainFood, which some grad student explains how things in daily life work (i.e. touch screens, contact lenses, boomerangs) and the Boston Globe (short summary of their front page news). Today I find myself without anything really to listen to. Any ideas?
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