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  1. This might be the most out of touch, tone deaf post I’ve ever read on this site. “Treating whites as less than human “?? Live one day in a black, gay, or trans persons shoes. Better yet, just listen to any of these folks and the stories they have to tell and the injustices they have to live through every single day. What abuse are you taking as a white man? What challenges and hardships are you facing on a day-to-day basis? What rights and basic freedoms are you struggling with every day?
  2. This place also has pretty good burgers and fries. Their milkshakes are phenomenal. It's a 50's type diner. If you eat the 1 pounder, you get your picture up on the wall of fame. Cheeburger Cheeburger
  3. I think there is one in Glen Mills. Edited: There is. And according to their website, there is one in Clifton Heights now too. hmmmm, you are correct sir.45 minutes from where I live. Close enough to be able to go once in a while Far enough where I can't force myself to go too often Perfect location. Thanks!
  4. Had them for the first time this weekend at the Baltimore Inner Harbor. Really greasy, like you said, but ridiculously tasty. Lots of topping options, went with Mustard, Ketchup, Mayo, and Lettuce. Comes with two patties and your choice of cheeses. Fries were excellent as well. Also really enjoyed the tubs of peanuts around the restaurant, toss the shells anywhere. Good stuff here, wish they had this place in Philly.
  5. If Libby was from the tail section of the plane and Hurley from the front, how would Hurley have stepped on her foot while getting to his seat? He was the last one on the plane, so Libby would already have been sitting (or at least standing at) her seat in the back.
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