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  1. He has generally been basically a league-average (or worse, at times) 3 pt shooter, which didn't exactly match his rep as a silky-smooth shooter coming out of college. His struggles inside the arc I think are exacerbated by his ballhandling skills - I'm not sure I've ever seen a guard with worse handles.
  2. Fair. He gets it off quickly and it goes in - he could shoot it underhanded for all I care. I still remember everyone gushing over Ben McLemore’s perfect shooting mechanics…the only problem was that he couldn’t make anything (early in his career at least) to save his life.
  3. You are just talking about how ugly it looks, right? Because he's shooting >40% on >5 attempts per game. Not exactly a Ben Simmons situation.
  4. In my experience those programs are basically identical. I used H&R Block for a long time, until one year I had a weird, one-off tax situation that H&R Block's software couldn't handle and TurboTax's could. Functionally they are very similar. If H&R Block's program is cheaper and covering your needs, there's no reason to switch.
  5. So we’re back to you accusing Biderman, et al, of outright lying about who they’ve talked to and what those people said to get clicks. Cool, you’re entitled to your opinion. I don’t share it.
  6. Or - and hear me out here with this insane idea - people in the building actually thought Jones would be the pick for some reason.
  7. Biderman said on his podcast this morning that he got bad info from an inside source he normally trusts. They weren’t all just running off a Peter King report.
  8. The odds of successfully picking any QB generally are pretty bad. The odds that the third one selected is going to be a franchise player are probably marginally worse. All the candidates at #3 seemed to have some big red flags. Spending three firsts and a third to take that gamble seems like a bad percentages play to me. But maybe Shanahan was right and Lance is a future rock star; more power to him if so and I certainly hope he’s right.
  9. I don’t think Schefter reports stuff without any basis. Local beat guys like Maiocco and Biderman have expressly stated that their sources in the building thought it was Mac Jones. Your supposition that those guys were all making this up for clicks is thoroughly unpersuasive.
  10. Maybe. That’s definitely the narrative they are pushing today, which was foreseeable no matter who they picked. Lots of people in the building thought it was going to be Jones for some reason. I’m curious as to whether everyone was just extrapolating from Simms in the absence of communication from Kyle, or if the people in the building were being told different things.
  11. Fields seems like at least as wrong an answer. The problem is that you don’t trade 3 firsts for the third best QB in the draft.
  12. Kawakami thinks Shanahan got talked into Lance in the last 24 hours. Who knows if kawakami is right. But if he is, there were serious problems with the process here.
  13. I get that everyone has it out for Mac Jones now, but if you had told Niner fans 6 months ago they’d be dealing 3 firsts for a guy with this little experience, people would have had the pitchforks out for him instead.
  14. Would love to know the inside story on what’s been going on at 49ers HQ the last few weeks.
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