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  1. Because he’s bad at basketball. I don’t know what the trade offers were, or even if there were any, but I doubt the Kings were offered anything other 2nds and maybe bad contracts, and at that price you might as well hang onto him and hope his value improves somehow.
  2. I might agree but Hield and Bagley are also malcontents in their own right. If the Kings and Sixers want to swap problems, at least the Kings are getting the best player in the deal.
  3. From Shams’s article in the Athletic: “People present at the scene say Simmons has simply come and gone inside the 76ers’ Camden, N.J., facility since returning to practice Sunday. He enters the facility and ignores most 76ers staffers. For instance, when the 76ers’ security official greeted Simmons on Sunday, the three-time All-Star just walked right by him.” classy!
  4. There have been some indications the Sixers are overplaying their hand. If the rumors that the Sixers turned down an offer including McCollum are true, for example, they’ve messed up. I doubt the Blazers are offering that deal again today.
  5. Simmons can't even pout right. If he outright refuses to participate, the team can suspend him and take away his paychecks and it doesn't seem like he has any real grounds to contest that. Now, if he took the Harden route and played, but just kept throwing the ball into the third row "accidentally," at least the team would have a harder time taking his money.
  6. Generally agree with this. I would make an exception for Gobert given how amazingly valuable his regular season defense is. There aren't more than 3-4 centers in the league I would pay max money to.
  7. Apparently he's not even handling the details of his clients' NBA contract negotiations, I find it unlikely he's in charge of Lebron's business empire. The fact Simmons caved the minute it became clear he wasn't going to back the money he was losing strongly suggests, to me at least, that he wasn't advised that this was the likely outcome.
  8. I think move #1 would be to take away his personnel power and replace Lynch with someone who’s not a figurehead.
  9. I think the problem is that Porzingis didn't protect the rim at all last year. A team taking on that salary would have to feel pretty confident he would regain his mojo on that end.
  10. It’s not a clean fit. Fox can play off the ball a little. Maybe Simmons plays the 4 and you surround him with a bunch of fairly versatile pieces like Haliburton, Barnes, and Holmes; that would at least be an interesting experiment. But the Kings’ interest is definitely an asset play more than it is because he would fit well with the current roster.
  11. His body was going to start falling apart at some point given his style. I’d hoped he had a couple more good years.
  12. A lot of the places around here had to fire or furlough the teachers during the worst of the pandemic. It’s probably the rare place that isn’t dealing with staffing issues right now.
  13. (A) No? (B) That reminds me a lot of when the Maloofs were like, "Yeah, Rick Adelman has been OK, but this up-and-coming star Eric Musselman is really going to take us places."
  14. Who wants him, though? He looks like a toxic contract at this point. Dallas says he can’t play center, and if he can’t, he has very little value. on a related note, I don’t understand the Dallas as a sleeper title contender buzz. It doesn’t seem like they’ve meaningfully upgraded and they’ve taken a massive step backwards at head coach.
  15. I don't think the NBA cares about the Sixers getting their sought after return - that has a lot more to do with the fact that Simmons isn't as good and doesn't have the value Morey thinks he has. I think the NBA is definitely going to refuse to allow his new team to restore his pay for the time he's missed during his holdout. How Rich Paul didn't see that coming is mind blowing.
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