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  1. Apparently he's not even handling the details of his clients' NBA contract negotiations, I find it unlikely he's in charge of Lebron's business empire. The fact Simmons caved the minute it became clear he wasn't going to back the money he was losing strongly suggests, to me at least, that he wasn't advised that this was the likely outcome.
  2. I think move #1 would be to take away his personnel power and replace Lynch with someone who’s not a figurehead.
  3. I think the problem is that Porzingis didn't protect the rim at all last year. A team taking on that salary would have to feel pretty confident he would regain his mojo on that end.
  4. It’s not a clean fit. Fox can play off the ball a little. Maybe Simmons plays the 4 and you surround him with a bunch of fairly versatile pieces like Haliburton, Barnes, and Holmes; that would at least be an interesting experiment. But the Kings’ interest is definitely an asset play more than it is because he would fit well with the current roster.
  5. His body was going to start falling apart at some point given his style. I’d hoped he had a couple more good years.
  6. A lot of the places around here had to fire or furlough the teachers during the worst of the pandemic. It’s probably the rare place that isn’t dealing with staffing issues right now.
  7. (A) No? (B) That reminds me a lot of when the Maloofs were like, "Yeah, Rick Adelman has been OK, but this up-and-coming star Eric Musselman is really going to take us places."
  8. Who wants him, though? He looks like a toxic contract at this point. Dallas says he can’t play center, and if he can’t, he has very little value. on a related note, I don’t understand the Dallas as a sleeper title contender buzz. It doesn’t seem like they’ve meaningfully upgraded and they’ve taken a massive step backwards at head coach.
  9. I don't think the NBA cares about the Sixers getting their sought after return - that has a lot more to do with the fact that Simmons isn't as good and doesn't have the value Morey thinks he has. I think the NBA is definitely going to refuse to allow his new team to restore his pay for the time he's missed during his holdout. How Rich Paul didn't see that coming is mind blowing.
  10. He wrote a book on the backstory for the Targ dynasty, but it was more like an encyclopedia than a novel. A lot of the dialog people loved and got hooked on from the first few seasons of the show was lifted almost verbatim out of his books. So this show won't have the benefit of that detailed, prewritten material to draw from.
  11. I've heard a couple of QB interviews in the last few months (including, IIRC, from Alex Smith) saying it is really beneficial to be able to sit for a little while, especially if the team you are stepping into is a trainwreck. I don't pretend to know enough about it to have a personal opinion. I'd love to see Lance at this point, but I don't want him traumatized either. Playing maybe the league's best team on the road, with no running game and a bad OL, doesn't seem like an ideal situation this week.
  12. This is my big macro concern for the franchise in the medium-long term. This team's competitive advantage is having a top tier offensive mind at the helm. If Shanahan has lost a step, or is bungling the personnel side so badly he's sabotaging himself on the field, that is major problem.
  13. I’ve been saying this for a couple years, but… I think this year’s problems go deeper. The offense has been a mess, period. Not sure if that’s because they can’t get the offensive line figured out, Shanahan is slipping, or they did a really poor job of filling out the RB room.
  14. As I've always said, it's one of the most venerable franchises in sports.
  15. Maybe. We really don’t know what Shanahan thinks of Lance’s readiness. I don’t think Shanahan is going to throw him out there if there’s any chance he looks like Fields did last weekend.
  16. I wonder how many guys have been maxed after about 115 games played. Maybe I’m forgetting a bunch of examples but seems odd.
  17. Mostert isn’t coming back and while I like Jeff Wilson, it’s asking too much for him to be a savior. They’ll have to have a couple of the newbies step up, and they’ll have to get more comfortable airing it out more consistently and on early downs.
  18. It’s not, but Sony somehow landed the KOTOR remake as a timed exclusive. That may be what gets me to buy a PS5 at some point a couple of years down the road.
  19. You had me until the Bosa part, unless you are convinced he’s a guy that’s just never going to stay healthy. There’s just no one else on the defensive line who offensive lines constantly need to account for. Bosa dominated one on one on the first drive, and then GB made a more concerted effort to take him out of the game, and nobody else could take advantage of the extra attention he was getting. For a guy coming off an ACL tear, Bosa has been a bright spot.
  20. 1) add CB to the list of positions that SF has been totally unable to develop young talent at. 2) this team’s title window closed the moment Buckner left - a questionable decision at the time that has aged poorly. 3) this team is in an awkward spot - a Jimmy led team will never be a contender absent an amazing defense and run game, and they have neither. At the same time, the roster seems too talented (and old) to totally waste a season developing an extremely raw QB.
  21. Mine won’t recognize me with a mask or sunglasses on, so it’s basically worthless in the car or in a store or anything like that.
  22. There are a lot of nice things about the 13 versus my old 7. But they are all negatively overshadowed by the switch from the fingerprint sensor to Face ID. I've used my passcode to unlock my phone more in the last 24 hours than I have in the last 4 years with my old 7. It's awful.
  23. Those books were the perfect sequel to the original trilogy. Even before the Disney sale, it blew my mind that Lucas wouldn't just adapt the novels.
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