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  1. I love the series, but if it’s only some mild graphical enhancements, I’m not sure I’ll jump in again.
  2. Started watching the documentary on Inside the NBA last night (HBO). It's fantastic so far.
  3. Kind of funny looking back at the online reaction to the Kings signing Lavine to that “ridiculous” offer sheet, and the even dumber Bulls deciding to match. In Sacramento everyone was furious that it signaled that Vlade wasn’t sufficiently committed to Buddy Hield. A good reminder that us online pundits don’t always know what we’re talking about.
  4. I do think Shanahan is the cat’s meow as far as coaches go, but this whole narrative that he deserves blind faith in picking QBs (that at least one prominent Niners beat writer is pushing hard) doesn’t hold water for me. He also wanted Jimmy, Beathard, Hoyer, Mullens, Cousins, etc... that’s not the QB-selecting track record of someone who can’t be second guessed.
  5. I had pretty bad fatigue and got the chills about 12-13 hours after each of my moderna doses. By the next day I was good to go both times though.
  6. I thought it was incredibly dumb, but the show has enough other redeeming qualities that I enjoyed it regardless.
  7. [quote] Former BYU and 49ers QB Steve Young told SF radio station KNBR the 49ers' "No. 1 choice" is BYU QB Zach Wilson, but Young believes the Jets are sold on him with the No. 2 pick. He said "there's no question in my mind" the 49ers prefer Wilson, but "I just don't know how they get it done. The Jets have committed to Zach and recruited the family." Young, an ESPN analyst, said he spoke to members of the Jets' coaching staff. He said Wilson's family "would love" Zach to end up in SF. [/quote]
  8. Doesn’t sound realistic unless Wilson pulls an Eli Manning. I mean, I’m sure SF would love it even more if Trevor Lawrence were available at #3.
  9. That says the Niners love Wilson, but it doesn’t say they traded up with the expectation they’d get him.
  10. MLB the Show is going to be on Xbox game pass on release date. I’ve been a relatively late adopter of game pass, but the value is absurd and keeps getting better.
  11. I'm looking forward to doing another run through that game once the next gen graphical updates get released. Last I checked there wasn't an ETA on that.
  12. If the Jets are refusing to trade because they want a specific guy there, it wouldn’t be a devastating blow to the organization for someone with the Jets to tell or at least hint to the Niners who they were leaning toward. I don’t think anyone is saying Saleh signed a contract guaranteeing Shanahan that the Jets were taking a specific player.
  13. Sure. If the QB busts, there’s a good chance they end up winning 4-6 games the next 2 years (without a couple high first round picks to replenish the roster). And if if that happens, Shanahan will have won 6 or fewer games for 5 of the 6 years he’s been the head coach. Their jobs won’t be safe.
  14. With the top two picks seemingly set, I’m not sure what the value would be in posturing. I think it’s more likely Lynch/Shanahan know this pick is going to make or break the remainder of their tenure with the team and want to do extra due diligence on everyone, even if they already have a good sense of who they want to grab.
  15. Apparently this is an unpopular opinion, but I'm enjoying Falcon & the Winter Soldier a little more than WV. WV was just a bit too weird for me for most of its run. Though I'm enough of a nerd to have watched all the Marvel movies, I'm not a comic book guy and WV just seemed really geared toward that demo.
  16. I don’t know, there’s more games that I want to play on game pass than I’ll ever have time to play. Especially with the Bethesda acquisition. I guess if you are into one specific area, you could go through the inventory that interests you pretty quickly.
  17. Frankly, I don’t care who it is. Shanahan is an offensive guru and you have to be able to trust him to find a guy he can make elite. Whether the draftniks have the same grade on that guy as Kyle really doesn’t matter. The team isn’t nearly as loaded on defense anymore, and to be a contender they had to make an aggressive move to be really good at QB. The timing of this, pretty soon after Watson’s off the field allegations came out, suggests to me they may have been working on something for him as well. I don’t blame them for wanting to go in a different direction.
  18. I thought I would hate it, and it's...ok. It's now basically a mini-series, not a movie, so the comparisons to the original version sort of seem like apples & oranges. It still manages to bite off more than it can chew, story and character-wise. But as something to watch on a streaming service, I've done a lot worse.
  19. Would he have made any all star games in the West? Maybe he qualifies, but it doesn’t seem like those should be a significant factor.
  20. Wright is owed about $6 million more next year than Joseph (Joseph's deal isn't fully guaranteed), but Wright is better at basketball. Also, I can't stand watching Joseph play. I approve.
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