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  1. Everyone: Well, Biden clearly lied about that. Lib: Hopefully Psaki will lie to my face tomorrow so I can ignore it.
  2. Hope you are doing well and kicking cancer's ###. Just saw the thread.
  3. If that game camera pic is actually him, he was less than 20 miles from my hunting camp.
  4. If that game camera pic is actually him, he was less than 20 miles from my hunting camp.
  5. I know there was a search warrant placed on his house, but I haven't seen where there is a warrant out for his arrest yet.
  6. Biden should've said your vaccine card was required to vote to prove to everyone this is all a simulation.
  7. China now has a direct land route to Iran, if they control Afghanistan. I don't need a history lesson of Russian and U.S. influence in the country, but considering the Chinese are already exterminating one subset of Muslims, as the rest of the world has turned a blind eye, I don't think you can say things will go the way they've gone the past 40 years if fighting erupts over a pipeline being built. We could effectively starve the Chinese of oil right now, but it'll be tougher if they control Afghanistan. I really want to think this is just incompetence out of our administration.
  8. I’m on Bactrim because I split my finger open on Friday and decided poorly against getting stitches. At least I’m covered on AIDS too, according to Fauci
  9. Trump mispronounced a random Iranian terrorists full name on the fly and the media and the left said, “he’s an idiot, can’t speak English, and is getting too old.” Biden gets his wife and sister mixed up, forgets his granddaughters name, says tornados are misnamed and in the Nevada wetlands, calls voters fat right to their face, calls black kids roaches, says black people don’t know how to use the internet and aren’t black if they don’t vote for him, says people who fell off planes yesterday died 4-5 days ago it’s not a big deal, thinks we all own record players, etc etc etc… and the media and left says— “Oh, at least he’s being presidential. At least he’s not Trump.” Stole that, but it’s a good representation of where we are. I’m sure some of the clip could be explained away in full context while making excuses, but someone doing so while agreeing with the scrutiny and accusations of lies during Trump…. I mean, Trump never said white supremacists were “good people” or that injecting bleach into your veins cured Covid, but intelligent people still believe he did. Hell, some pointed out to me one of Trumps tens of thousands of lies was that he claimed he got back to Washington at midnight, and it was described as a lie because he was like an hour off. If you sent me a clip of your dad speaking like this, I’d feel sorry for you: https://twitter.com/charliespiering/status/1435307216454701058?s=21 Yes, I understand what a derecho is. No need for an education.
  10. It’s now coming out Glenn Beck wasn’t lying when he said the State Department blocked commercial flights trying to rescue Americans from having a safe place to land, pretty much anywhere in the world, including the United States. Leaked State Department emails. This is insane, and I don’t understand how it could just be incompetence.
  11. I really don't care about the number. Just one of them is sort of important at the moment.
  12. Fun game last night down the stretch. Thought Tess was a little over the top, but I’ll be pulling for FSU while Milton is in there for sure. Alabama looked OK. lol Losing Allen sucks hard. Was hoping all summer we would get to see Anderson mauling people with him for a full season.
  13. [quote]Watching the post-game presser, Pulisic's first reply in the presser is "we need new ideas" and "new solutions.[/quote] A poster on another board said this, but I didn’t watch the post game stuff. I doubt we will can Gregg until after this round and/or WC, but this seems like an indictment of him. Also, someone else who attended the game said they kept looking for Gregg on the field in pregame, but they couldn’t find him for most of it. Players were pretty much doing their own thing. I’m not a soccer coach and certainly not at that level, but it seems off. Also, that person said a few players were constantly #####ing at each other throughout, not seeming to know what the others were supposed to be doing.
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