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  1. Should Ticketmaster, airlines, and other entities be able to ban people who do not get the vaccine from using their services?
  2. You sure are reading a lot into my thoughts. Where did I say anyone was faking?
  3. News is spreading pretty fast. Hearing this might lead to contact tracing ruling out even more. With all the breaks and rule changes given to OSU to get them into the playoffs, I hope everyone will laugh in the face of any suggestion to postpone. This is my completely unbiased opinion.
  4. Supposedly Ohio State has a couple of Covid positive cases with starters, possibly on the DL.
  5. He's consistently proves his Cousin Eddie moniker correct. That whole brawl causing incident when Trask basically got pushed to the ground late was the most embarrassing, but he says the dumbest of things at the oddest of times. I figured that quote was a funny joke someone made up when I first saw it. https://twitter.com/brandonfoshee/status/1337994306053935104?s=20
  6. https://twitter.com/RikElfrink/status/1337397713651044357?s=20
  7. Worst fanbase in the SEC. Saw a guy piss off the stadium onto UCF fans before the game where Georgia almost lost at home. 99, I think. Sure, it was one random fan, but what disturbed me was everyone pointing and laughing, including the grey haired couple walking next to my dad and I. A Barner friend of mine said he saw someone get thrown into a piss trough one time, so he just walked out and held it until halftime was over. Once again, the crowd around thought it was hilarious and no one stepped up to help. Great town. Awful fans from what I've come across. Guess that can happen when you have
  8. We already saw that with the initial reaction to the Marlins.
  9. Michigan State votes no on college football, but intramural sports are looking like a go. I'm so tired of all the virtue signalling surrounding one sport playing. No one really knew what myocarditis was until this week. It was just this nebulous notion there could be long term effects. Now everyone is going to get to add cardiologist to the list of arm chair degrees they've earned in 2020. This is so exhausting and obvious. https://twitter.com/UnnecRoughness/status/1293949087268601856?s=20
  10. Apologies. I don’t see it either. Maybe I decided not to post something earlier.
  11. https://twitter.com/brucefeldmancfb/status/1293346125739470848?s=21 Sounds like they’ve decided to have a fall season.
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