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  1. I'm just checking in from last week, but I'll go ahead and cherry pick this post for a reply of the multiple quotes I've gotten. I'm fine with this sort of response, but what I don't get are many of the posts talking about how impressed people were with his pseudo press conference. The man is mentally compromised, and while I'm sure people might say the same about Trump, you know as well as I do, this is a different thing. I wouldn't trust Biden to drive himself to the grocery store right now, just like my grandmother the final few years of her life. I'm pretty much a moderate but lean ri
  2. I’m pretty sure there is a Brokaw piece from the 80s talking about him having alcohols inspired issues, but yeah, I’m spewing bannable nonsense.
  3. Ok. Just be honest about it. I had no problem admitting what Trump was while he was in office while being in favor of a good number of his policies. Couldn’t stand the person. Trying to act like our current POTUS isn’t cognitively impaired, when people were making such arguments in the 80’s, just baffles me.
  4. That presser? The guy has been dodging interactions with the press from the jump, and after a totally scripted PC, where he wouldn’t even take a question from that goober, Peter Doucey, I don’t see why anyone would claim this as some sort of triumph when he couldn’t even maintain a consistent train of thought in some of the answers. We followed up a Presidency of a an antagonistic, narcissistic buffoon with a pudding head of a guy who has been a running political joke since I’ve been alive, and somehow we are supposed to think he’s now Presidential. I really don’t know how people are making th
  5. What in the world are some of you watching? I was as embarrassed as anyone that Trump was POTUS, but this is just as embarrassing in a different way.
  6. Should Ticketmaster, airlines, and other entities be able to ban people who do not get the vaccine from using their services?
  7. You sure are reading a lot into my thoughts. Where did I say anyone was faking?
  8. News is spreading pretty fast. Hearing this might lead to contact tracing ruling out even more. With all the breaks and rule changes given to OSU to get them into the playoffs, I hope everyone will laugh in the face of any suggestion to postpone. This is my completely unbiased opinion.
  9. Supposedly Ohio State has a couple of Covid positive cases with starters, possibly on the DL.
  10. He's consistently proves his Cousin Eddie moniker correct. That whole brawl causing incident when Trask basically got pushed to the ground late was the most embarrassing, but he says the dumbest of things at the oddest of times. I figured that quote was a funny joke someone made up when I first saw it. https://twitter.com/brandonfoshee/status/1337994306053935104?s=20
  11. https://twitter.com/RikElfrink/status/1337397713651044357?s=20
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