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  1. Biden should've said your vaccine card was required to vote to prove to everyone this is all a simulation.
  2. China now has a direct land route to Iran, if they control Afghanistan. I don't need a history lesson of Russian and U.S. influence in the country, but considering the Chinese are already exterminating one subset of Muslims, as the rest of the world has turned a blind eye, I don't think you can say things will go the way they've gone the past 40 years if fighting erupts over a pipeline being built. We could effectively starve the Chinese of oil right now, but it'll be tougher if they control Afghanistan. I really want to think this is just incompetence out of our administration.
  3. I’m on Bactrim because I split my finger open on Friday and decided poorly against getting stitches. At least I’m covered on AIDS too, according to Fauci
  4. Trump mispronounced a random Iranian terrorists full name on the fly and the media and the left said, “he’s an idiot, can’t speak English, and is getting too old.” Biden gets his wife and sister mixed up, forgets his granddaughters name, says tornados are misnamed and in the Nevada wetlands, calls voters fat right to their face, calls black kids roaches, says black people don’t know how to use the internet and aren’t black if they don’t vote for him, says people who fell off planes yesterday died 4-5 days ago it’s not a big deal, thinks we all own record players, etc etc etc… and the media and left says— “Oh, at least he’s being presidential. At least he’s not Trump.” Stole that, but it’s a good representation of where we are. I’m sure some of the clip could be explained away in full context while making excuses, but someone doing so while agreeing with the scrutiny and accusations of lies during Trump…. I mean, Trump never said white supremacists were “good people” or that injecting bleach into your veins cured Covid, but intelligent people still believe he did. Hell, some pointed out to me one of Trumps tens of thousands of lies was that he claimed he got back to Washington at midnight, and it was described as a lie because he was like an hour off. If you sent me a clip of your dad speaking like this, I’d feel sorry for you: https://twitter.com/charliespiering/status/1435307216454701058?s=21 Yes, I understand what a derecho is. No need for an education.
  5. It’s now coming out Glenn Beck wasn’t lying when he said the State Department blocked commercial flights trying to rescue Americans from having a safe place to land, pretty much anywhere in the world, including the United States. Leaked State Department emails. This is insane, and I don’t understand how it could just be incompetence.
  6. I really don't care about the number. Just one of them is sort of important at the moment.
  7. Fun game last night down the stretch. Thought Tess was a little over the top, but I’ll be pulling for FSU while Milton is in there for sure. Alabama looked OK. lol Losing Allen sucks hard. Was hoping all summer we would get to see Anderson mauling people with him for a full season.
  8. [quote]Watching the post-game presser, Pulisic's first reply in the presser is "we need new ideas" and "new solutions.[/quote] A poster on another board said this, but I didn’t watch the post game stuff. I doubt we will can Gregg until after this round and/or WC, but this seems like an indictment of him. Also, someone else who attended the game said they kept looking for Gregg on the field in pregame, but they couldn’t find him for most of it. Players were pretty much doing their own thing. I’m not a soccer coach and certainly not at that level, but it seems off. Also, that person said a few players were constantly #####ing at each other throughout, not seeming to know what the others were supposed to be doing.
  9. Remember when people were upset about how CNN was covering Biden... or if they weren't, they were using criticism to say CNN isn't Pravda? Well, I'll agree they aren't Pravda. You couldn't cover this mess in a positive way without looking totally compromised. Anyhoo, they are who we thought they are: https://www.cnn.com/2021/09/01/politics/far-right-groups-praise-taliban-takeover/index.html White supremacy is the thing to worry about because of this.
  10. Yeah, I had this thought yesterday, but I don't want to start venturing off into conspiracy theories just yet. I read H.R. McMaster's piece, and while I think he wanted to stay a little too invested in that place, I'm afraid he's correct that we're going to have to start over again at some point. If that happens, who's going to be with us? I'd link the piece, but I cannot find the one I read. I swear it was the first link I pulled up yesterday, but now google is just propagating mostly articles from the last day or two. It was written by him this year, and I think from about a month ago. I'd know it when I saw it if someone else finds a link.
  11. I've been working at the hunting camp all day today. Did we pull out completely already? I know I called it, but it's still appalling and shameful. After 4 years of Trump, I really don't understand how some of you now think he would've taken this lying down as Biden has done, stranding Americans and SIVs to the Taliban and ISIS. I'm not saying Trump wouldn't have screwed up in some other way, but when Solemani threatened our embassy in Iraq, he got turned into pico de gallo. I can't believe if Trump made the same mistake to leave Bagram that Milley apparently suggested to Biden that he would've let the Taliban do their cannonball run across the country to take Kabul with Americans still there, but maybe I'm wrong. I fear what propaganda they're going to be putting out in the coming weeks and months. Let's remember Daniel Pearl, but let's hope that isn't the same kind of thing we're doomed to see more of now.
  12. I know I hit eject on this place for basically 12 years, but I've at least stopped by enough to be on record as no Trump fan. Caveat: I did vote for him in Florida the last time ("What's Allepo" in Alabama in 2016), but I felt like crap, and I only felt better about it the past couple of months. I'd love to know what Trump's exact plans were so we could more closely compare apples to apples, but if it was anything close to this exit strategy, I wish they'd take him out back of Mar-a-lago, and beat him senseless with a rubber hose. Infer what you will. Since I'm into the Trump vs Biden space, I thought it was horrible for Biden to answer Doocy's question today by saying basically, "oh, the buck stops with me, but it's Trump's fault." Then Trump gives an unnecessary, but kind of decent commentary on the incident today, and then totally ruins it by making it about him. I really don't understand why people complain about people voting for one side or the other when these were our choices.
  13. I think we all know why it wasn’t a topic.
  14. Biden has been wrong on so much regarding foreign policy over his career, I’m soooo surprised we didn’t hear any debate on the subject last year.
  15. Here’s Milley in June butting in on a question for Austin about Bagram. https://twitter.com/scuba2024/status/1431019669863927813?s=21 I've been thinking for a while now that the first head to roll should be whomever came up with that hair brained idea.
  16. By the time I caught onto what he was saying, all I heard was "there was collusion between ISIS and the Taliban," but he already had said something about no proof, and he was slow in getting to the part I heard. It was like, "There is no proof... and I talked to (people)... there was collusion...." Edit: I disagree, of course. While I don't know about collusion, I've seen several times today, and even reported by CNN, that ISIS-K is friendly with Haqqani, and Haqqani is the faction controlling our security.
  17. I missed the very front end of that. I was incorrect. Thanks.
  18. Would we ever have gone to Afghanistan if Osama was in Yemen? You got us there, Joe.
  19. Maybe I missed a "no" in there. I'll go back an check.
  20. This is why they don't let him answer questions most of the time. After saying ISIS-K was the arch enemy of the Taliban in his prepared speech, he just answered a question where he admitted ISIS-K and the Taliban were in collusion for the attack today. If there was an approved reporter who wasn't a feckless coward, there would be an immediate follow-up on that.
  21. https://twitter.com/PaulSzoldra/status/1430989640379498499?s=20 Can't believe we're blowing up equipment if we plan on staying until Tuesday. I learned today: Troops killed and severely wounded We're trusting security to the part of the Taliban friendly to the group we're blaming for the attack We gave intelligence to the Taliban which they can use to better identify our citizens, SIVs, and allies in the war If we're running away even sooner than expected while the POTUS gives another tone deaf speech... oh, and no questions please. Jenn will be along in a few to not answer those.
  22. https://twitter.com/Zabehulah_M33/status/1430983650816970753?s=20 Several explosions were heard in Kabul in the evening. These explosions were carried out by the American forces inside the Kabul airport to destroy their belongings. The citizens of Kabul are not worried about this. Statement from Tollybon. Could be true tbh. I've been thinking since Tuesday that we'd be cutting bait and running by tomorrow. It's going to be a wild ride for our troops whenever we do try to get out.
  23. Senate has to approve. 50-50 Senate. Dems will have to have someone like Romney to get the pick through, or there will be no VP and a deadlocked Senate until 2022.
  24. Babylon Bee is just going to close up shop at this rate.
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