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  1. Off used - BAL, LAC, TEN, NOS, N/A, KC Def used - SF, NE, DEN, BUF, N/A, TB Week 7 Off - SF Def - GB
  2. Off used - BAL, LAC, TEN, NOS, N/A, Def used - SF, NE, DEN, BUF, N/A, Week 6 Off - KC Def - TB
  3. I would think they'd have to as to be fair to the tournament. Late in the year they have that rule where a cut skill player can't be picked up after week 10(?). Someone like Jefferson should be eligible for that rule week 1.
  4. You guys are really pissing me off in that league. Ever time I look, the waiver wire is bare. Usually most leagues have a few guys I wouldn't mind picking up. All I see are very longshots.
  5. Off used - BAL, LAC, TEN Def used - SF, NE, DEN Week4 Off - NOS Def - BUF
  6. lol. I’m ok. Would’ve been a nice win and I didn’t lose much $. The real pain was losing 3 hours of my day!
  7. Probably should go in the venting thread but I had a same game parlay and only needed HOU + 14.5. Thanks a lot Slye!
  8. Off used - BAL, LAC Def used - SF, NE Week 2 Off - TEN Def - DEN
  9. 1. I'm not a CEH fan, but Team B made out nicely. 2. Barkley. Still like him better than McLaurin. Sanders doesn't make up the difference.
  10. Off used - Balt Def used - SF Week 2 Off - LAC Def - NE
  11. Agreed on his accuracy. He wasn't missing by a ton, but he was off enough to make his receivers really work. He missed high a bit too much which could have resulted in INTs or his receivers getting crushed. Thankfully for him that didn't happen. He should probably not do that as much going forward.
  12. I'll let you know my thoughts in 8 weeks. I should have a pretty good read on it by then.
  13. I have the same opinion. I don't view TEN backups like I do DAL, MIN, BAL, etc. If Henry goes down, I think it's the Tannehill show going forward. Evans was intriguing not as a Henry replacement, but more as a permanent 3rd down RB.
  14. Note to self: Go to Vegas for a Saturday FFPC draft.
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