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  1. A couple things here. When Wanda was talking to the camera Office/Modern Family style, she mentions something about "he", right? Mephisto? But aside from the comics, where there's a history with Wanda & Mephisto, why would this show bring in Mephisto without at least some hints/cameos*? I would imagine the reactions when Mephisto appears from behind the curtain: Comics nerd - Holy crap it's Mephisto! Average viewer - Holy crap.... there's a devil, now? There's likely more of the latter watching this show. * Or did Mephis
  2. Agreed on Hahn. She was a bit annoying in the, admittedly, very few things I've seen her in. But she's great in this show.
  3. I agree. Though I don't understand why people get hung up on the rejection reason wording as if they said your momma isn't pretty. Just assume "Player X sucks" or equivalent means that there's no interest at his current price. There's always players at various tiers that I'll never have on my team. But that's not necessarily because of stubborness. I don't like Miles Sanders at his assumed price, and would probably respond with "I don't like", "no interest", or "he's a bum", but if someone offers him to me for a late 2nd, I'd accept in a heartbeat. Point being, fellow leaguemate, stop of
  4. I do absolutely hate this. Maybe it's just me as a scorned D. Henderson owner, but I'm not on the Akers hype train. Yes I do think he'll get the volume next year. However I don't think he's a special back. And I can't believe Zeke could average over 20 ppg last year and suddenly turn to a washed up back at the exact same time Dak got injured. That would be quite the coincidence. And if I'm wrong on both of those viewpoints, I still think they're close enough that Juju steals the deal.
  5. Nope. Also frustrating is that you can seemingly win (or lose) the auction, and still not be notified of what the final result was. If you got outbid, or if the auction was cancelled, you have no way of knowing. Your bids disappear from you history. The other day, I had the high bid on a team (nothing amazing, your average orphan) until the last minute with the reserve price met. When the auction seemingly ended, it didn't appear in my Inbox. Within 24 hours the team was put back up for listing. Apparently the seller didn't like the final price and cancelled it at
  6. I'm sure it happens, but I doubt too many people are looking to buy a team, make a few moves, then sell it. The reason I say that is because when you buy a team, you pay the 2022 league deposit. So if you buy a "$250" team for $200, you'd have to get it to sell for $300 (not to mention transaction fees) to at least break even. And a few weeks earlier, it didnt sell for near that. FFPC would love these transactions - multiple deposits collected on 1 team before the season even starts!
  7. Well for the record it was 1.07 😁 And I would consider trading Hopkins plus 1.07 for 1.01 in the right situation - for instance if I love the rookie at 1.01 and I'm relatively indifferent between what's there at 1.07 and my 2nd round pick ( or if i have extra picks etc.). Long winded way of saying it didn't seem so bad to me and I could work with that guy.
  8. Dang. I was hoping you'd say sophomore year 😁 Thanks!
  9. 58 pages with what I assure is good info. So, at when should I start reading this and beginning the process based on my kids grade?
  10. Why? Seems like other owners with differing values on players are exactly who you should be looking to trade with.
  11. I would consider buying him if I needed a second RB and my squad was devoid otherwise. Today I'd pay a 3rd for him. If he's gets through free agency unscathed, I'd go mid/late 2nd. If he gets through the draft with only day-3 competition added, I'd go mid/early 2nd. If I have a few RB2s already, I'd add a round to each of the above scenarios.
  12. I've noticed on that site that the crazy* bids are not always for the best "win now" teams, or even for teams that I'd consider the best mix of young talent + competing roster. Rather, the big bids can be for a team with say J. Jefferson, Cam Akers, 3x 1st round picks, and utter garbage elsewhere. As fun as a fresh team is, I wouldn't overpay for that chance to build. Seeing those types of bids would make me want to run an experiment where I take an average team, and sell it all for future 1sts. Just load up and place said team on the site for auction. Even though the overall v
  13. Unless i have one of the top 6 QBs, I'm keeping Hurts and crossing my fingers. You can always pick up a D. Carr or Cousins week 3.
  14. Faust provides an amazing service and is probably the most valuable poster in the shark pool. Please don't compare what you do to what Faust does.
  15. I give Zeke and Tyreek. I get Diggs and W. Fuller and G. Tate
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