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  1. I have the same opinion. I don't view TEN backups like I do DAL, MIN, BAL, etc. If Henry goes down, I think it's the Tannehill show going forward. Evans was intriguing not as a Henry replacement, but more as a permanent 3rd down RB.
  2. Note to self: Go to Vegas for a Saturday FFPC draft.
  3. Normally a RB is out for the year I pop into my league rosters to see who the poor sap is that owns said RB. I don't have to look in this case. In 80% of my leagues, it's me! Oh! Woe! WOE!
  4. Washington will will the NFC East by 2 games minimum. They'll then make it to the NFC Championship Game. May even win it!
  5. Desean Jackson 3 TDs in week 1. Hurt in week 2 for remainder of year. J. Herbert disappoints, FF and for LA (subjective I know). Washington makes NFC championship game. May even win it! Gus Edwards top 10 RB. Mac Jones ROY. D. Henry another 2k rush yds.
  6. There's a world where you are right on all of these. All but this one. Hooper 7 receptions is more realistic.
  7. I don't understand this line of thinking. Edwards had solid value even before the Dobbins injury. 2 weeks ago, he was worth a 2nd and was better than the nominal starters the likes of HOU & NYJ. Come this time next year he still should be worth a 2nd, barring his own injury. He's a good back on a great running team.
  8. Similar to Cam Akers being out, it's easy to say they'll bring in another back, but who? I don't think there's anyone out there that could be considered a threat to Gus' workload. If Dobbins is really out for the year, I can't think of many "cleaner" situations for the backup RB to be an immediate RB1. Pollard I guess. Perhaps Mattison or Dillon?
  9. Keeping him over J. Taylor, non-ppr. I know I probably shouldn't, but Hill is just so much fun to watch.
  10. I’m in the non BB pros vs Joes league. I’m surprised all the pros didn’t leave in a huff considering 5 of the 6 missed the playoffs! 😂 What kind of tweet causes someone to leave a league?
  11. Actually the offer is better in SF as Wilson is essentially worthless in 1 QB. Not that it matters, even if it's 0 QB, I'm still taking Mahomes!
  12. While that is a possibility, I'd pay a mid/late 2nd to see if he can return to form.
  13. I would imagine most teams would like to have Ertz on their roster. I don't know that any teams want to spend $8 million + draft capital for him.
  14. I don't mind it. Shame on me if I don't hit rotoworld or the shark pool before pulling a trigger on any trade. And it also lets me know who the hucksters are in my leagues. And it also depends on the offer. If it's Hunter Long for a 4th when he was drafted in the 4th, who cares? Long wasn't probably doing anything this year anyways and in big-roster dynasty it may still be an even trade. If it's Cam Akers for a 1st a couple weeks back, then it's offensive - not that I'd really be that offended.
  15. 1. There seem to be a lot of Ron Jones trades recently. Do people know something I don't? Seems like a good deal for you. 2. Your leaguemate needs to change his team name.
  16. So it's up to the individuals then? US players say they're playing for club? EU players say they're playing in EU? And while I'm casually dropping in for expertise... why the hell is Qatar in this thing???
  17. Serous question because I don't follow this team - if Gold Cup doesn't deserve the A players, is it literally only the World Cup that has them assemble their best team? Euro seemed to be fairly important for EPL & Bundesliga players.
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