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  1. Did Brown look to reinjure anything during the game, or just wasn't well to begin with?
  2. Would appreciate a thread title change, either add Week 2 or just subtract Week 1
  3. Adding to BABA at these levels, feels too cheap comparatively.
  4. Per WSB if we have a group of primates sacrifice a virgin by pummeling her with compressed carbon forelimbs while chanting they adore felines... ...we are lunar bound.
  5. Do options expiring today need to be exercised before bell?
  6. Nibbled more GME at 264 manos
  7. Have a link you recommend, ID be interested to read?
  8. So if there are a zillion market order for RBLX at market open, how is it decided what order they are executed?
  9. There are plenty of believers in BTC obviously, both from utility and as an asset. I don't understand why there isn't a lot of arbitage, especially to pull it up to par. Seems there would be a lot of people holding both BTC however and GBTC. Sell BTC to buy GBTC when there's a discount? Why doesn't it trade tighter to price?
  10. Does your friend have a different Lambo for everyday of the year yet?
  11. Adding VYGVF here in the $11 range, my personal favorite crypto play.
  12. Perhaps Im a glutton for punishment, but Im still slowly adding to stuff I like as we slide downward all over. Have gotten particularly interested in FUBO and TIGR.
  13. MELI under 1600 Voy de compras ahora
  14. Read through your stuff, appreciate the good work. Maybe I don't get it, but as you seem to be bullish on PSTH in general why complicate it and not just buy the stock outright vs also selling calls?
  15. Local/Individual factors could overwhelm in either direction, but the long term unlimited dollar printing effects this a lot IMO. Stocks aren't the only assets being inflated systemically.
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