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  1. Yeah, that was weird when I first heard about it (I didn’t catch that part live) but I don’t think it’s some kind of bumbling misspeak that most people seem to be making it out to be. I think it’s a poorly told joke. There is one video circulating that includes Rivera off to the side when Dan gets to the podium. When he starts off with that phrase, Rivera laughs in a “knowing” way. He very much seems to be laughing “with” Dan, not at him. I thought there must have been some sort of inside joke between them. I double checked when Rivera got fired (after the WAS/CAR game) and it was the g
  2. Rivera talked to/spent time with Joe Gibbs before deciding on taking the Redskin's HC job. Holy crap, how cool is that. Not that I know any more than the next Average Joe (no pun intended) about Xs and Os, but that would be a dream come true, to hang out with Gibbs, having him draw up plays and talk about how he sees the game.
  3. For me, I don't think OL has to be a top draft priority. In no particular order, I would put CB, LB (mostly MLB) and TE ahead of OL as the 'Skin's top positional needs. I'm like dgreen in that I'd much rather see 1.2 used on the BPA over just filling a position of need. Also, even though this OL unit was cobbled together with a hodge-podge of FA castoffs, I think the 'Skins OL still did alright this season. PFF even just ranked them as the 13th best unit in the NFL for the 2019 season. I will say, though, that I chalk up much of that "success" to Callahan and O'Connell. Callahan is g
  4. Man, I really want to get all the warm fuzzies after watching Rivera’s press conference, but I’ve got 20 years of scar tissue buildup that just won’t allow it. My New Years Resolution is to wait until this time next year in order to decide on whether I jump back in to Redskins fandom with both feet, or not. I keep reminding myself that Snyder is still ultimately in charge of all of this. ETA: Speaking of Snyder, it’s easier now to see why he doesn’t get behind a mic, like ever. Pretty sure he has a healthy fear of public speaking. He is not comfortable, at all, doing it. Saw thi
  5. Hmm, I’m still not a big fan that the front office stuff wasn’t figured out/finalized more before the HC hire. Just seems backwards, IMO. I’m sure there are examples where it’s worked, but history seems to suggest (to me) that this is putting the cart before the horse.
  6. Albert Breer update “Word is the Redskins are going to move fast, and more changes could be coming on the football side as soon as Monday. Obviously, the big question is going to relate to the status of team president Bruce Allen. Owner Dan Snyder has led the process over the last couple months (he’s been alone for parts of it) and, by design, has kept the vast majority of those in the organization in the dark on where it stands as he looks to remake his team. But there’s a belief he’s pretty far along at this point. Ex-Panthers coach Ron Rivera could be one to watch there. An
  7. I’d be surprised if he hates them for the reasons we want him to hate them.
  8. Williams did a couple of interviews with local beat reporters, here and here. From the second link, Williams commenting on criticism regarding his motives for his actions, or perceived inactions: If you want a peek behind the curtain at the ineptitude that plagues that organization, those interviews will give it to you.
  9. From the Hoffman piece: I wasn't really aware that there was no "SOP" for performing a physical in the NFL. But, piecing together some tweets from various sources, this is what it had sounded like to me last week. That he got the green light until the helmet issue. There's no flippin way an NFL team has "Can player comfortably wear a helmet? Y/N" as part of their regular physical procedure. ETA: Also...whoa
  10. Mike Jones got an interview with Trent for USA Today and Craig Hoffman of 106.7 was given a follow-up interview with him. Lots of crazy stuff in there. I feel for Williams. I wish I could feel angrier towards the front office, but at this point, this isn't shocking that the current leadership for this franchise could operate like this. Or, maybe more accurately, allow the franchise to operate in a way where this feels like "just another day at the office". This whole mess (the medical side and the contract side) could have been completely avoided with just some basic job competenc
  11. Tweet from Field Yates: "The Redskins put on a clinic on how to completely waste a season of one of the most talented offensive tackles in football 👍."
  12. Redskins place Trent Williams on Non-Football Injury List. Tweet from Field Yates: "The Redskins put on a clinic on how to completely waste a season of one of the most talented offensive tackles in football ."
  13. Wow. Trent Williams had an 18 minute presser regarding his situation. Turns out he had a tumor that the Redskins medical staff misdiagnosed as a cyst for six years. When he finally got the cancer diagnosis a doctor told him to "get his affairs in order" and that it was very possible he could die. Had multiple surgeries to completely remove the tumor, the last one in June. Will have to do follow ups every 6 months to check if the cancer returns. When asked if his relationship with Bruce could ever be repaired he answered "Next question". Says he has no trust in the organization but s
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