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  1. 5th largest economy in the world. I have no problems. Yeah, guess I shoulda voted against the “same ol same ol”
  2. Yes, (In Alameda County at least) I received a email when my vote was scanned into the postal system, when it was received by the county and when it is counted and recorded. I am sure some shady vote counting insider, familiar with the inner workings, could come up with ways to manipulate vote totals on the back end. But they could do that with in person voting too. So far, I haven't seen any evidence at all this is actually happening anyplace
  3. I live in California. To register to vote I had to provide my name, birthdate, social security number and address. I get a ballot mailed to me with a unique barcode linked to my registration information. I fill in the bubbles and sign the envelope to mail it back. Do you think someone out there is creating thousands of “fake people” living at thousands of addresses and going around stealing these ballots from mailboxes? Or someone is coming up with exact replica ballots with random bar codes that trick the machines into thinking they are legit ballots? I really want to know how you think someone can “mass produce” thousands or millions of fake votes without being caught?
  4. As a Californian, I don't necessarily like Newsom much, but voted NO, because these recalls seem WAY too easy to bring about and way too expensive. I don't want to encourage them becoming a recurring thing after every election going forward. That's reason enough to vote no for me.
  5. Got Pfizer 1 this morning about 7 hours ago. Currently feel like a mild hangover, though to be fair it may just be a hangover from the 3 rounds of whiskey shot and a beer combo I had at the local BBQ place last night haha. The shot itself was a breeze. I thought the lady was kidding when she said I was done. Didn’t feel a thing.
  6. No doubt. And i will say there has been a big difference in how Northern CA and Southern CA have faired. Again i dont like Newsome. But setting rules for a state this big i imagine is tough when you have massive populations acting/living differently. (North vs South)
  7. Like i said below. I live in Alameda County. Its been super restrictive but everything in my city is open now. I dont see it closing back down no matter who is Governor. Maybe im wrong.
  8. I get your point. But i live in Alameda County. One if the most "restricted" counties in California. And everything is basically open now. I dont see things regressing again no matter who is Governor
  9. Will whoever replaces him be any different? Likely not. Id rather the state save the money on a replacement special election
  10. I live in CA. I dont like the guy. But i will vote No on a recall. Its a waste of time and money.
  11. It was negotiated that there would be no cameras on the senators during the trial only “sketch artists”.
  12. Well at minimum, let this be a reminder that the United States of America has money to blow on blowing things up~ haha
  13. Honestly, probably.. haha there was a quick dark scene where he was like maybe “helping her take off her microphone” and he was super close. Right before he said she could give him her number and address then patted/rubbed her waist a few times. So strange.
  14. Just watched the movie. Im sure its edited for the worst parts. But the way he talks to her and touches her.. CRINGEY
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