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  1. back to back nothing burger stories? Whats next...OBAMAGATE spied on trump?
  2. so GIANT nothing burger with mustard, even by bought an paid for auditors? Thats some self own right there......
  3. sounds like Shanny Jr has a dog house, and he has two guys in it right now
  4. besides Eli Mitchell I dont see much Perhaps Winston if you need a QB
  5. so lets see...bush got us into this war, which many at the time saw as justified, the Obama admin got bin laden, but he didnt get us out. Trump admin started to wind down our presence, cut a deal with the Taliban, invites them to camp david, got their prisoners released and criticized Biden for not getting out fast enough. Biden keeps trumps plan, and gets us out and that Taliban basically swooped in and the current afghan military/political leaders laid their arms down and surrendered? chaos ensues. Did I get that right? Good riddance to that place, seems like the only policy that works in the middle east is let a dictator rule, or some kind of Islamic state? oh well 20 years was long enough, and for the afghan politicians and military to essential give up, pretty cowardly on their end,
  6. next election is pretty far out, generally at the mid terms, the party not in power does well anyway. I don't think this current issue will be relevant in Nov of 2022.
  7. nah bro- dad rock was two days before - guns n roses. I mean Fall out boy was there, LOL, and most of the kids came to see them, the median age at that concert was well under my age.
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