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  1. Look for the KC def, raiders broncos and jets next 3/4 weeks, dolphins week1 of playoffs
  2. and...................nobody cares..............giant nothing burger with mustard
  3. this is such an odd "but what about" from the right. It has nothing to do with police brutality. Ill be the first "lib" to say it here, if you are looting, burning, destroying property, aiming lasers at cops, F You, and you should get arrested. The problem in Portland is the goon squad, no one wants them there. Let the state/city handle it. Tear gasing the moms in yellow shirts is just a terrible look for the fedds.
  4. while the posting member of the board maybe liberal leaning, one of the owners certainly is not.
  5. pretty much, if it happens on your watch, its your fault. Love how trump has zero accountability with his supporters He sent the goon squad in, so its on him.
  6. bunch of soccer moms in yellow shirts protesting, getting the Fed Goon squad out
  7. well I cant give him away in dyno......oh well......please sign somewhere good next year....sigh......Look Dante Pettis is on the wire too!
  8. Mike Evans and Derrick Henry for Dalvin Cook, Mattison, Kerryon, Giesicki
  9. rebuild on the fly for me in one league Gave - Kittle Got- Fant, 2021 1st and 2021 2nd, probably both late, in the 10 - 12 range.
  10. complete joke of a franchise, its clear Quinn n Fat Matt are in over their heads
  11. I don't quiet remember a season with so many QB question marks, and team needing QBs......
  12. Two days ago: "We will not be touching your Social Security or Medicare in Fiscal Year 2021 Budget.” -Trump Today: #TrumpBudget proposes $800 billion in cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Pass it on.
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