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  1. It’s appreciated. Will hopefully try to respond when I find time this week.
  2. Added note: I read the book Being Mortal a couple of years ago anticipating this day was coming. It's given me a good frame of reference for my mom's mental state. I feel like I'm doing the right thing asking her "what's important to you?" as often as I can. I might not like her answers or agree with them, but I'm trying to keep her wants in mind.
  3. Guessing three's a lot of us entering into this realm. I looked, but couldn't find a thread already. If there is one, please hit me with the HONDA emoji and I'll participate in the existing thread. My situation: Mom is 81 years old and starting to enter into the phase where she won't be able to care for herself. Has still been driving and had a large degree of independence. Has been renting a room from a friend. Lives about 45 minutes away from me in Anacortes, WA. It's a small town on the Puget Sound with a largely retired community. She loves it there. Lots of friends in the area
  4. Are you making the argument that credit and blame were misdirected in both cases?
  5. The last play was a reception for David Moore. Wilson changed the play in the huddle to get him the $100K. Stuff like that always plays well in the locker room. Nobody wants to play for an organization that keeps players from getting bonuses purposefully. That's what you would expect from Paul Brown, not Pete Carroll. Wilson was asked about it in his post game press conference. He had talked about it with a coach on the sideline before it happened.
  6. Thanks for chiming in guys. Appreciate the input and idea. Don't have time now, but will later on.
  7. I find the Jets a fascinating study over time. They've been abysmal for so long. In my opinion the differences in franchises is so small that tiny factors can lead to different outcomes over a giant sample size. So what's the biggest long term factor? I always end up back at ownership. Curious to know if Jets fans will agree with me. I'm not convinced I'm right about the ownership factor being "it". The other things like having a franchise QB, stability at the head coach position, getting lucky in the draft, etc, all have to play a role. What would the NFL look like over time if a
  8. Hey there Jets fans. Your team lines up against Seattle this week. Do the Jets have the capacity to play two deep safeties and stifle Wilson, Lockett, and Metcalf this week? The Seattle faithful are hoping to see Carson get a ton of carries again. I'm happy to see the shift away from all the "Let Russ cook" mantra. That just felt selfish and lame. Any perspective on what could lead to a Jets win?
  9. Not much changing in Seattle. Two deep safeties are still a simple solution to stop the deep passing game. The loss to NYG was a big upset, but in retrospect teams will keep Seattle's passing game stalled until Carson is fully up and running. NYG were begging to be run on. Will be curious to see how many carries Carson has by halftime this coming week against NYJ compared to how many pass attempts they give to Wilson.
  10. Just read this in a tweet. Think it’s a solid take on the situation We often look for a winner and a loser in every trade. I think the cheesy truth is that both sides can win. Teams are in different places. The Jets aren't contenders. If I was the Jets, I would rather have two 1.20's and McDougald. If I was the Seahawks I'd rather have Adams. http://twitter.com/grizwald87/status/1287390663898611713
  11. Thanks, Jets. We will continue to cheer a contending team each year with star players. At least you get to enjoy draft day. Best of luck with that.
  12. Third round pick. They took Bobby Wagner in the second that year. Not too often a GM nails two HOF players on back to back picks.
  13. Struggled a bit during Dirt Car Nationals at Volusia, but was cool to see him finally get the golden driller.
  14. IMO Larson is the greatest race car driver in the world right now. Has shown he can win in ANYTHING.
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