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  1. With the departure of J Smith and Davis, you think there's a chance of getting Henry more involved in the passing game?
  2. The last time Damien played with the Chiefs, they won the Super Bowl
  3. I can decide between TB @ Det Mia @ LV Both ranked pretty closely, but being able to watch TB of Friday is tempting.
  4. I can't believe the last post on the HH thread was mid-October. He has been trending downwards with Ekeler back in the lineup, but with the recent news of Allen and Williams being true GTD, wondering if this has the making of a breakout game for him. He is currently on my bench, but will be watching for official rulings before tonight's game.
  5. Started this clown over Parker in my flex, so I guess it worked out ?!? Now, let the mulling begin for next week.
  6. Have him on my bench over Hunter Henry, but that may change by Sunday. Loving Ebron's contribution to the season.
  7. Week 14 and after last week ... really? Welcome to Dumpsville, Population Snell
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