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  1. A B C D 1 Team vQB vRB vWR 2 ARI 21.1 13.5 18.9 3 ATL 20.2 14.7 18.5 4 BUF 19.1 16.5 17.7 5 ... Set up your table with the SOS data as above, teams down the side, a column for each position. The reference for this data if placed in the upper-left is going to be A2:E33 (32 teams and if you add TE). The headings shouldn't be in the cell reference. Then to grab this data wherever you want, say you input the team in cell X10, the VLOOKUP formula will be: =VLOOKUP(X10, $A$2:$E$33, 2, 0) ... this will be for QB For RB, you would change the third variable in the formula from "2" to "3". This represents number of columns to move across in data in the cell reference. Hope that is explanatory enough as it is late here. Hit me back with questions if you like.
  2. I listened to the interview and that isn't how I interpreted it. Wasn't so much blame as stating facts about the person he used to be as he said in his rebuttal to the criticism. And really, the Browns should blame themselves for not doing their homework and drafting him. That is a fair statement.
  3. Damn, I spent ton of tonight's game reading every post here after seeing it mentioned on Twitter. Unbelievable someone running leagues for ~10 years with such a reputation can let this happen. It isn't like Unlucky wasn't aware of the AFFL debacle and this is the exact same script. Inexcusable. My sincere sympathies to everyone impacted. Hoping to add to the discussion (while trying to not send people into a panic), something I've actually thought about recently is advice for people who have money on account particularly at some of the smaller daily fantasy sites (yes, I realize I operate one myself). Smaller I would suggest is anything other than FanDuel or DraftKings. If you have money sitting there, strongly consider withdrawing it soon before the end of football season. Or just leave what little you plan to play and/or can afford to lose for the final four weeks of NFL+DFS (16, 17, WC and DP) and take out the rest. If one of these upstart sites is going to go under because things aren't going well, then it seems to me a higher probability it happens after football season. FF just dominates the % of market in fantasy sports so much, including baseball, it can look like a long time to the sites before next football season. Obviously I hope nothing like this happens, further tarnishing the industry, but better safe than sorry for consumers. My 2 cents.
  4. How long can Roberts last this year? Here is hoping the back problems don't flare up again.
  5. I found my library has a decent selection of graphic novels. Found some in the adult fiction, and some in the young adult fiction sections. Here is what I picked up: Road to Perdition - This is very good, entertaining. Fast pace. I haven't seen the movie and knew little about it other than it was violent. I thought the story was well done but for those who have seen the movie already it might not be as interesting. I would guess the movie followed it closely. All-Star Batman and Robin - This is good. Of course, expectations are high with two heavy-weights, Frank Miller and Jim Lee. Do I really need another rendition of the history of Batman? No, personally I don't. Lee's art is fantastic but there is something to be said for having too many splash pages. Bone - Okay, this is more of a kids one but there are like, 10 volumes. I figured it was good. I read the first issue in the first volume and got nothing from it. I was expecting Groo level hilarity but I didn't find it funny at all. Returned it without reading the rest of the volume. Coraline - I'm in the middle of this now, and diggin' it. Never know what Neil Gaiman has cooked up. I didn't see the movie for this either.
  6. Finished Volume 2 of Alias. Great read. More superhero stuff in this one, but really well done on the writing. Highly recommended especially for Marvel comic veteran fans.That it he entire series too. 14 issues per volume, the series lasted 28 issues. The story apparently continues in an ongoing series called The Pulse. I'll have to check that out. The Pulse is not under the Max imprint though, so it will have a different feel than Alias did.
  7. Cool. I'm a pretty big fan of Spider-Man (the character) and think it'd be neat if they made a Spidey series that took place in a universe with no mutants or other superheroes...They are there, they are just more in the background.Here is another vote for "WTF was Marvel thinking with that Mephisto crap (a.k.a. Brand New Day)?" I do think Spider-Man was going downhill prior to that, but BND sure wasn't the way to solve it. It even makes reading the old Spidey books a little sad. Oh yeah, this didn't really happen now...
  8. Same universe, but it is not rampant with superheroes running around. Luke Cage makes an :cough: ahem :cough: note worthy appearance with the protagonist, Jessica Jones. Jones has lunch and gossips with Carol Danvers in another scene.
  9. I just finished volume 1 of the series ALIAS - Marvel Max imprint. I heard it was good on some podcasts. Former superheroine who doesn't want to be a superhero turned detective with a self-esteem, drinking and sleeping around problem. Written by Brian Michael Bendis. The Max imprint is explicit content, so while in the superhero realm, it isn't really a Marvel superhero book. Good, interesting story. I just bought volume 2 but haven't go into it yet. Purchased volumes 1 and 2 of Punisher also from the Max imprint. It is a much more serious, graphic and violent take on the Punisher. I read volume 1 and thought it was okay, not great. Punisher: Welcome Back Frank was more entertaining even though much less realistic/more comic-booky. Wolverine: Old Man Logan is a good read. Big twist at the end which was unfortunately spoiled for me. For those who like Superman, and even those who don't particularly, Superman: Red Son, is an excellent alternate universe tale of Supes where he lands and grows up in communist Russia instead of midwest U.S.A. Written by Mark Millar.
  10. Just watched this week's episode but the ending got cutoff on recording. Can someone give a quick recap of the final few minutes? I saw Charlie sitting on the beach after getting stiched up and Claire got baptised. Was there a final flashback scene? Any suspense to lead into next week?
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