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  1. I never said he's a bad coach. But I don't think he's anything close to a special coach. I don't think anyone who's watched the Steelers would disagree with my feelings about the lack of discipline, never-ending drama, showing up flat in big games, and his in-game decision making. A high level of talent on the roster, a weak division, and a HOF QB have made up for a lot of his shortcomings as a coach, in my opinion. Some just give him a pass because they've enjoyed regular season success and hey, who's better, right? I don't think he's anywhere near good enough as a coach to deserve the kind o
  2. Agree to disagree on how many current coaches would be preferable to Tomlin. I'm not up on who the best other options could be, but I can be sure I'd be looking at someone more offensive than defensive, and someone who's more of a tactician than Tomlin has ever appeared to be. Cowher is a different story... if he had Roethlisberger for his entire coaching career instead of just the last couple years instead of the likes of O'Donnell, Tomczak, and Kordell, his level of success would've been vastly different. But then again, his loyalty to Kordell was one his biggest faults. The big d
  3. Mostly because Colbert isn't the topic right now. The drafting hasn't exactly been stellar for a while now, either. Never said that hiring Tomlin wasn't the right decision then. Just saying that extending him may not have been the right decision now. Aside from the lack of discipline, his team too often showing a lack of an ability to make in game adjustments and his awful clock management skills have caused every Steelers fan out there a lot of anguish over the years, too. I just feel like if he had taken over a mediocre team and not built up his resume for 5 years on Cowher's back
  4. Agreed. Injuries have played a role, but that's part of my issue. He's a player's coach, everyone loves him, his quotes are on Sportscenter, and he's a minority head coach for the Steelers, owned by the family the Rooney Rule is named for. It's never his fault, nothing ever touches him... it's the players, it's the assistants, it's the schedule, it's the drama. But in the end, when will the buck stop with him? Players and assistants come and go, the schedule changes, but the drama and underachievement has been a constant under him for a decade now. When will people look past all the fluff
  5. I understand why they did it. But I don't agree with it. His complete lack of playoff success since 2010 is littered with bad losses and underachievement. And its not like they've lost to Brady and Manning led teams every year in the playoffs either. In the playoffs... 5-2 in his first 4 years after taking over Cowher's roster filled with experience, championship pedigree, and talent. This is where he built his reputation. 3-6 in his last 10 years, with wins only over teams led by Matt Moore, Alex Smith, and AJ McCarron. Say what you want about the talent on those teams, b
  6. I'd bet heavily that the Cowboys have little to no chance of surrounding Dak with enough talent to win a Super Bowl with him taking up 20%+ of the cap. Year QB % of Cap 00 Warner 1.30%
 01 Dilfer 1.60% 02Brady0.47% 03Johnson9.60% 04Brady4.40% 05Brady6.30% 06Roethlisberger4.90% 07P. Manning10.40% 08E. Manning9.20% 09Roethlisberger6.80% 10Brees8.30% 11Rodgers6.5M / ~136.5M = 4.76% 12E. Manning11.70% 13Flacco6.60% 14Wilson0.56% 15Brady10.64% 16P. Manning11.66% 17Brady8.62% 18Foles0.91% 19Brady
  7. Realistically, he SHOULD have lost to Wilson and Ryan too if not for inexplicably poor coaching decisions. But a win is a win is a win.
  8. It was a shot to the facemask. Thats what drew the penalty. A push to the shoulder may not have.
  9. https://twitter.com/rickgosselin9/status/1358543911044669441?s=10 For all those #####ing about the refs, this crew has already reffed 2 Chiefs games this year and called double digit penalties both times. They don't tolerate the grabbing that other crews do and they already set that precedent. The Chiefs had to know this. Blame the coaching staff for not making sure they adjust and play more straight up, honest defense.
  10. Like I said, people see what they want to see. The Chiefs dbs always play aggressive and push the limits of holding. Every game. Tonight its not flying and they dont have the talent to march up with Gronk, Evans, Godwin, and Brown without grabbing a little.
  11. If you're Andy Reid and you've played a sloppy half, you're down only 1 score, and you get the ball to start the 2nd half, WTF are you doing even thinking about possibly giving Brady additional time to get points? Stupidity.
  12. Agreed. Feet tangled alone is incidental contact. But that's not what happened there. The contact on the way down would've drawn the flag, and it was justified. Unlucky, but justified. Unlucky penalties like that aren't abnormal.
  13. I hate Brady as much as anyone, and I don't care who wins. But these penalties are legit. The Chiefs hold on defense, always do, and they mostly get away with it. Tonight, they're not, and they're paying for it. And Evans and Breeland got their feet tangled going downfield, and when Breeland fell, he also made contact with Evans' leg. That's a penalty every time. Matthieu held Evans beyond 5 yards... that's a penalty too. The Bucs have way more talent than theyre generally given credit for. The Chiefs can't protect Mahomes and the Bucs are taking away the big plays. Been a great gam
  14. This is what the Steelers have become. Good enough in the regular season, in part because the Bengals and Browns have been so bad for so long. Only 3 playoff wins in the last 10 years against teams led by Alex Smith, AJ McCarron, and Mat Moore, 0 wins in the last 4 years and 2 bad losses as big home favorites. The regular season success is far from guaranteed going forward with the division getting so much better and the AFC having Mahomes and Allen too. An aging QB showing huge signs of decline, no playmakers at RB, a weak OL, and an exposable secondary if the front 7 doesn't get pressur
  15. Can't resist... one more 5-2 in his first 4 years after taking over Cowher's roster filled with experience, Championship pedigree, and talent. 3-6 in his last 10 years, with wins only over teams led by Matt Moore, Alex Smith, and AJ McCarron. Say what you want about the talent on those teams, but most would agree there's been plenty of it being led by a future HOF QB. 0-2 in his last 4 years, giving up 93 points, both losses at home as big favorites. Blame the defense, blame turnovers, blame lack of preparation, blame lack of discipline. Plenty to go around, but accountability
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