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  1. Can't resist... one more 5-2 in his first 4 years after taking over Cowher's roster filled with experience, Championship pedigree, and talent. 3-6 in his last 10 years, with wins only over teams led by Matt Moore, Alex Smith, and AJ McCarron. Say what you want about the talent on those teams, but most would agree there's been plenty of it being led by a future HOF QB. 0-2 in his last 4 years, giving up 93 points, both losses at home as big favorites. Blame the defense, blame turnovers, blame lack of preparation, blame lack of discipline. Plenty to go around, but accountability
  2. That's a valid position to take, but one I strongly disagree with. Looking at the teams they've lost to, and specifically HOW they've lost to them in a lot of cases, it often speaks to a lack of discipline and/or a lack of preparation. Accountability should start with him, and 3 playoff wins in a decade just shouldn't cut it. The awful Steelers of the 80's got just as many playoff wins and AFC Championship appearances as Tomlin's teams did between 2011 and 2020. That's insane. I think I've made my opinion well known, gotta bow out of this debate without cluttering things up even more lol
  3. That I understand. My point is more about the lack of playoff success Tomlin has had DESPITE having a HOF QB throughout his entire coaching career so far. His immediate run of success with the talent Cowher had assembled looms large in his resume. It's basically what his entire reputation is built on because otherwise, he's Schottenheimer. But his last 10 years have been a failure with the amount of talent he's had to work with. 3-7 in the playoffs with that talent should be unacceptable. Playoff appearances are nice, but they've been almost assumed with his level of a talent and a m
  4. He's had more success than a lot of coaches in the regular season, no doubt other teams would love to have him and some would be lucky to. Other would think they are, but wouldn't be. But, I'd love to know what some of those "lesser" coaches could've done with the talent Tomlin has had to work with. Is he a great coach because his teams have had great talent and made the playoffs with regular season success coming out of a division with the Browns and Bengals in it? Or is he an overrated coach because of his playoff futility over the past 10 years with teams led by a future HOF QB? It's p
  5. Cowher was only a game under .500 as a coach in the playoffs with teams led by Kordell, Tomczak, and O'Donnell. He was 5-1 in the playoffs with Ben as a rookie and a 2nd year QB. I wish they would've address the QB situation differently and part of that definitely falls on Cowher, but Cowher was an exceptional coach getting the most out of those teams before a 6-10 season allowed them to draft Ben. The SD loss sucked, but his other AFCC losses were to Brady and Elway, and that's just too big of a gap to overcome. Again... Tomlin's only real success in the playoffs game in the 4 years afte
  6. I think the Steelere are stubbornly blinded by loyalty, and in some cases, too much so. I think the organziation values stability and no one believes they'll let him go, and he's not going to be held accountable for the playoff failures since 2011. Noll was a homerun, and so was Cowher. I think Tomlin is a mediocre coach but full of quotable material for TV and still viewed as a success despite a 10 year run of futility in the playoffs that wouldve cost him his job on any other contending team. It's always someone else's fault, but he's the guy in charge. I find him comparable to someone
  7. Never said all of the losses were bad and sure, players have to make plays. But none of their three playoff wins since 2011 have been impressive wins, and several of their seven playoff losses have been really, really bad. It's not just a specific snap or a specific decision or a specific interception. It's part of a pattern of underperformance in the playoffs over a decade long period, and the accountability has to start at the top. It's Tomlin's job to have his team prepared to execute and time and time again, they don't in the playoffs. That'd be fine for the Lions. It shouldn't be fo
  8. Here's a list of the teams Tomlin's teams have lost to in the playoffs. Only once have they lost to Brady and the Patriots - in the AFCC in 2016 after they beat teams led by Matt Moore and AJ McCarron. Those were 2 of his 3 playoff wins since 2011. David Garrard and the Jaguars Aaron Rodgers in SBXLV Tim Tebow and the Broncos Joe Flacco and the Ravens Peyton Manning and the Broncos Blake Bortles and the Jaguars Baker Mayfield and the Browns They weren't limited by the Patriots. They were limited by consistently poor performances in the playoffs.
  9. Not exactly the same. I remember those conversations about Cowher, but they were always ridiculous and if he had a fault, he didn't address the QB position enough. Cowher made 4 AFC Championship games and a Super Bowl in his first 12 years as coach, but people were griping about not getting over the hump, but that's what happens when you take on guys like Brady and Elway in AFC Championships when your QB is Kordell or O'Donnell. But he BUILT what he had. He inherited a team from Noll that was a .500 team with only 1 playoff game in the previous 7 years. No one expects the Steelers to fire
  10. It's not quite that simple. Cowher did that mostly with the likes of Kordell, Tomczack, and O'Donnell at QB, which admittedly was partly his fault. His overall playoff record was still 12-9 and in his teams appeared in 4 AFC Championship games and 1 Super Bowl (losing all of them) before Ben was drafted. In his only 2 years with Ben as his QB, they were 5-1 in the playoffs and made an AFCC and won a Super Bowl. In Cowher's last year, Ben had his motorcycle accident. In Tomlin's first 4 years, he was also successful in the playoffs with the same core of talent that Cowher was winning
  11. Lately? 10 years isn't "lately" anymore. It's over 2/3 of this coaching career and just about all of the time since his team had become his team. And if another coach can come in and win with Tomlin's roster, that would emphasize the point about Tomlin's shortcomings as a head coach. A good coach can beat you with his players, and then take your players, make them better, and beat you again with your own players. The difference is that Cowher was winning in his final years with his roster, and Tomlin just kept it going. Tomlin isn't winning with this roster. And you're right,
  12. The funny thing is that in the past decade, that team had the best results. And that team was an 11-5 Wild Card team that beat Matt Moore in the Wild Card round and squeaked by an Alex Smith led Chiefs team in a game where they didn't score a TD. Then they got smoked again by the Patriots. For a team with the talent the Steelers have had for the last 10 years, for that to be our best result in a decade is disgraceful.
  13. Yes, he did leave 14 years ago. It's been Tomlin's team for a while now, both in terms of talent and in terms of discipline. Tomlin had the success that his entire reputation is built on in his first couple years. He won a Super Bowl in year 2 and lost a Super Bowl in year 4. Since then, as the team has become more and more in his image, the results have slipped consistently and now they're without a playoff win and two brutal playoff losses in the past four years. Throw out last year if you want to because of Ben's injury... the results have still be lacking for 10 years. This isn't a on
  14. I find these playoff stats amazing too. I know the game has changed over the years, but Noll and Cowher earned their trust and long tenures. Tomlin hasn't. In the 2010's and 2020, entirely under Tomlin and with a HOF QB the entire time, the Steelers are 3-7 in the playoffs with 1 AFCC appearance, no impressive wins, and multiple really bad losses. From 2006 to 2010, with largely an inherited roster, Tomlin was 5-2 in the playoffs with a Super Bowl win and a Super Bowl loss. From 2000 to 2005, Cowher was 7-3 in the playoffs, 1-2 in the AFCC and won a Super Bowl. That includes a 5
  15. That's one way of looking at it. Cowher likely would've won more Super Bowls had Ben come to the Steelers sooner or he hadn't stuck with Kordell for so long. If Cowher had an issue, it was showing too much loyalty to Kordell and never fixing the team's QB issues that always caused their downfall. But the team he left behind was awesome and only finished 8-8 the year before because of Ben's motorcycle accident. Beyond 2010, the team is 3-7 in the playoffs and none of the 3 teams the Steelers have beaten in the playoffs had a good QB. They've only beaten teams QBed by Matt Moore, Alex Smith
  16. Like I said, maybe we replace him with someone better and maybe with someone worse. But his performance over the past decade hasn't earned him the type of lack of accountability that the Steelers ownership continues to give him or a reputation of being a premier coach. He's not. Making the playoffs most years with a HOF quarterback isn't a tremendous accomplishment, and he's generally been a failure in the playoffs. I'd like them to hire someone who'll run a tighter ship with more discipline and better in game management skills. But I'm not qualified to determine exactly who that would be
  17. The Steelers have become a reflection of Tomlin. Have some talent, but never as good as the sum of the parts because of some glaring shortcomings that never get addressed or fixed due to a lack of accountability. Tomlin is and always has been a terrible in-game coach with stuff like clock management, challenges, and timeouts, and while his soundbites are great on ESPN, his teams never peak at the right time and almost ALWAYS have discipline issues.Blame AB. Blame Bell. Blame JuJu. I blame Tomlin for allowing it with no consequences. Winning in the regular season is great and all, and havi
  18. On one hand, I'd love to know what the defense would've done if healthy. Having Marsh, Williams, and Spillane out there most of time left us unable to stop them from running anywhere and those guys are all lost in pass coverage. None can blitz effectively either. For a defense built around LB strength, that was a death blow. On the other, this team was never going to legitimately contend with the worst running game in the league. I don't care how good the WRs/Ebron are, without balance it just won't work. Not even the THREAT of a running game except those stupid draws to nowhere that get
  19. Kudos to the Browns. Their gameplan attacked the Steelers linebackers vs the run and the pass, and with mostly 2nd and 3rd stringers in there, it worked like a charm. Wish the 1st quarter wouldn't have started out that way, could've been an exciting game to watch.
  20. This Steelers team isn't the same as the one from early in the year. The losses of Bush and Dupree have had a huge impact and Haden is out tonight too. Watt is seeing more double teams and the secondary isn't nearly as good without the consistent pass rush. I'm hoping the 2nd half of the Colts game was a sign of things to come for the offense and Ben's ability to go downfield, and I'm hoping the week off gives his arm a little more juice for the playoffs, but time will tell. I certainly don't expect it to be a blowout, and I won't be surprised no matter who wins.
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