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  1. I don’t typically like playing the matchup game, but this seems like one of those cases. As bad as the WFT defense is playing and up against the Chiefs, one has to imagine Heinicke will be chucking it plenty. Arnold is indeed emerging as a safety valve, but Trevor still has Jones and Laviska. And this could conceivably be an ugly low scoring affair.
  2. I’m holding in my keeper league, but I can easily see a case for being droppable in redraft leagues with short benches.
  3. Great value and also hurting the value of Godwin and Evans in the process.
  4. Good move. Thomas can’t come back until week 8 at the earliest, I believe. And the WFT receiving crew is decimated outside of McLaurin and throwing a lot.
  5. Feel like this guy is falling way under the radar as a streaming option at a very barren position.
  6. Moss is a better all around RB. The same thing happened last year down the stretch where more of the playing time shifted to Moss. This year, Singletary had a great camp and was given more playing time, while Moss was hurt and seemingly in the doghouse. Things have seemingly reverted to last year.
  7. From a Lions fan perspective, what do you think of his prospects for the rest of the season? Tyrell Williams will probably return but not like he’s exactly a world beater.
  8. Not sure Hilton won’t be a threat, but hoping TY affects Pascal and/or Campbell more so than Pittman.
  9. Seems like ARSB is flying under the radar. Snap count and targets have been on the increase, and with Cephus out long term and a lot of negative game scripts, could be some value here. Anyone on the bandwagon?
  10. Hilton returned to practice today and his return is imminent. While Pittman has established himself, I imagine his value takes a bit of a bit with T.Y.’s return.
  11. After being burned by Gainwell over Sanders last week, I don’t think I can roll out either of them until there is more clarity on the split - or I need to because of bye week issues.
  12. Patterson. Knox has also been really good for a very barren position.
  13. To be fair, they have 3 RBs when you factor in Hurts and he’s producing on the ground.
  14. True, he's risking the possibility of a T.J. Hooker movie remake.
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