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  1. Trying to make time for my best also-rans, but I'll highlight one that wasn't only omitted, but could very well rank up there among as the best of 1981. Red Rider - Lunatic Fringe
  2. I never knew Ronson was behind Payola$. Their 1982 song Eyes of a Stranger - which I first discovered when watching Valley Girl - is one of my favorite songs from the decade. That tune is among the just-missed 1981/1982 tunes for me.
  3. Binky is in utopia right now. Way long overdue - also can’t believe that Carole King wasn’t in until now.
  4. We have slightly bigger rosters (20) but I think the hoarding concerns are overblown as mentioned above.
  5. Exactly what I’ve said but some people just don’t get it - or want to get it.
  6. Yes, right next to my telex machine and dot matrix printer.
  7. There are no limits on other positions, but that makes sense given that there are only 32 starting QBs and tons of RB and WR. Your bolded statement is spot on - we keep 8 and in our transition year we are allowing teams to keep only one QB because teams did not have a chance to prepare for it. Sucks for me, as I have Allen, Burrow and Hurts on my roster, but hopefully I can move at least one of them.
  8. Agreed. I think we'll get there, but this is baby steps to placate those that still have a hard time letting go of the traditional flex.
  9. I can see a case limiting QBs with 16 team leagues. I should have added that I'm in a 10 team league and it would be start 1 QB with the option to flex another. Even though it effectively becomes a start 2 QB league when you're allowed to flex QB.
  10. Thanks - that's what I believe. Some people just want too much spoon feeding - drives me nuts.
  11. Sorry if this should be in another forum - here is where it's at in the offseason. My league (deep keeper) is contemplating moving to SF in which we are eliminating the kicker and replacing it with another flex spot. So 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 DEF and 2 flexes (but only one of these two flexes can be a QB). In discussing the switch, a few league members are concerned that teams may hoard QBs with only 32 starting options out there, thus holding QB needy teams at ransom. I don't share these concerns, but it is what it is. Some have mentioned a max of 3 QBs. Question for t
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