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  1. Wasn't released as a single and don't recall hearing it on the radio, so I'd call it a deep track. Hadn't heard it in forever from when I owned the actual album.
  2. Haven’t heard this in a long time - nice. Didn’t know there was a video for it - looks like the same set used for the other one.
  3. The power of MTV. Hard to hear “Magic” and not visualize Ric Ocasek walking on a swimming pool. Or “Hello Again” from the album and not think of Andy Warhol. And so on...
  4. You’re not alone in this. I admittedly need to step up my game big time in the communication department.
  5. I'm so sorry to hear this and hope it all works out for you and your son. This resonates with me because our son, a HS senior graduating in June, is heading off to college in the fall. Our school has been almost entirely remote since last March, and only now is back almost full time (4 days in-person, 1 day remote). Fortunately or unfortunately, he's never been a popular kid with a lot of friends - mainly a few guys through travel baseball . So the "loss" of most of his junior and senior high school years probably hasn't affected him as much as some of the more popular kids. Virtually all
  6. Answered my own question: Lou Reed and John Cale, for one.
  7. Does a fewer letter combination of two rock band members (assuming both first/last names are used) exist than Loverboy’s Mike Reno and Paul Dean? Yeah, I’m a loser and think of these things. ETA: unless Mel Ott and son Ed Ott were once in a band together.
  8. The album was released in October 1981, but not sure what criteria Tim is using.
  9. Sad story about Loverboy is that back in 2000, the bass player (Scott Smith) was lost at sea and never found. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/loverboy-bassist-scott-smith-missing-presumed-dead-255063/
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