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  1. Little Girls and Into The Night should have a runoff for the pervy-iest song/video.
  2. This was on my list for the next 100 - surprised you would pick it. Solid.
  3. I saw H&O/Squeeze/KT in late February last year, right before COVID hit. In hindsight, guessing half the audience walked away with it that night.
  4. I prefer the Gabriel era myself - this was the last of the good Genesis material IMO.
  5. The Skynyrd connection runs deep - as I’m sure you know, .38 Special guitarist Donnie Van Zant is the younger brother of the late Ronnie.
  6. Yeah. It’ll be back. Strange because the others are still there. Total Eclipse of the Heart is a really good one too.
  7. Great stuff - seems to have been taken down from YouTube for some reason.
  8. I disagree - I think there will be a lot of movement among skill position guys. Unfortunately for many UFAs, due to the cap situation, they’ll probably have to take less than in previous years. That could argue for many of these guys staying put, but their current teams in many cases are facing the same constraints in keeping their own.
  9. This was expected - Myles owners shouldn’t blow a gaskin over it.
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