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  1. Just reading the link description I agree 100%. Also agree but while it would be great for the offense overall, not sure how great it would be for Pitts’ individual stats to have to share with so many other offensive weapons. Gallup could leave in a year or two, but Cooper and Lamb aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. I’d prefer if he went to a slightly worse offense where he had a path to becoming the key option (or close to it).
  2. He’s definitely a tough guy to figure out. Only one 1K season with two years just under 1K (including last year as you mentioned). Also a gaudy 4.6 YPC last year, so he was effective when healthy. The “if healthy” is definitely a factor, as he has had that issue in the past. Totally agree that what the Broncos do in the draft is critical. If they don’t add much at the RB position, Gordon may be one of those guys that slips under the radar and may be set up for a huge workload (with again the “if healthy” caveat).
  3. He never could get the monkey off his back.
  4. But oh the stories that racket could tell about Jimmy, McEnroe, Borg, Gerulaitis and the like.
  5. Jimmy Connors was way ahead of his time.
  6. Warnes loved those duet songs on soundtracks, continuing next year with All The Right Moves (one of my favorite teen '80s flicks). And of course a few years later on the Dirty Dancing soundtrack with Bill Medley on "(I've Had) The Time of My Life." That's the Chris Thompson from Manfred Mann's Earth Band - most known for his lead vocals on Blinded By The Light.
  7. As he was 2000 Light Years From Home 🛸 🌿
  8. Don't make me Tandy. You wouldn't like me when I'm Tandy.
  9. When you said brakes, I was expecting this.
  10. And that space odyssey is an ancient 20 years old now.
  11. Funny you should mention. Every now and then I think of this Bugs Bunny cartoon. First saw it as a kid in the '70s and seemed preposterous and scary how far away it was. And we're now well past it.
  12. I thought Escape was all 1981, but I see that Open Arms the single was released in 1982. Without a doubt, the most metal song on the Heavy Metal soundtrack.
  13. First thing I thought of when I saw her name was Square Pegs. RIP
  14. G E Smith? Must be GE. Bass player T-Bone Wolk (RIP) also played in the SNL house band but isn’t shown much in that video. The video has way too much sensory overload with all the flashing scenes. Love the song, but it’s not the album version.
  15. Is it the one in whose video Sadler sports an epic moustache? I think know that one you’re referring to, but that’s not it. The one I am talking about takes place largely in a casino - without the mustache.
  16. Also worth mentioning that Peterik was the lead singer/lead guitarist on the great 1970 one-hit wonder "Vehicle" by Chicago Blood, Sweat & Tears The Ides of March.
  17. Always have been a big fan of this song. I was hoping it would have been in Tim's 1981 thread as the album Worlds Apart was released that year. There's another really good tune from the album that I won't spotlight in case Bracie uses it for his next 100 for 1981. Unfortunately beyond On The Loose and the other one above, Saga's material is pretty blech. They did have another mild MTV hit in 1983 with Cat Walk that was decent.
  18. She did an appearance on Letterman wearing short-shorts that rode up her hindquarters and knew how exposed she was and played it up by turning her back to the camera and vigorously bounced up and down exposing more and more flesh. The crowd got into it and afterwards Dave came over and she bounced like crazy so Letterman dead panned the line. 'Good lord, you're going hurt somebody with those things'. Didn''t faze her, she hugged him and bounced some more. She had fantastic legs but they really made an ### of themselves. Guessing Dave had some s
  19. Mutt didn't just write and produce the original - that's him on lead vocals. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvxamEjpx4Q Good move to switch over to producing.
  20. Very well regarded harmonica player. While with Clover in the 1970s, he played harmonica on Thin Lizzy's landmark live album Live and Dangerous. Baby Drives Me Crazy (introduced at the 3:10 mark)
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