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  1. I don’t typically like playing the matchup game, but this seems like one of those cases. As bad as the WFT defense is playing and up against the Chiefs, one has to imagine Heinicke will be chucking it plenty. Arnold is indeed emerging as a safety valve, but Trevor still has Jones and Laviska. And this could conceivably be an ugly low scoring affair.
  2. I’m holding in my keeper league, but I can easily see a case for being droppable in redraft leagues with short benches.
  3. Great value and also hurting the value of Godwin and Evans in the process.
  4. Good move. Thomas can’t come back until week 8 at the earliest, I believe. And the WFT receiving crew is decimated outside of McLaurin and throwing a lot.
  5. Feel like this guy is falling way under the radar as a streaming option at a very barren position.
  6. Moss is a better all around RB. The same thing happened last year down the stretch where more of the playing time shifted to Moss. This year, Singletary had a great camp and was given more playing time, while Moss was hurt and seemingly in the doghouse. Things have seemingly reverted to last year.
  7. From a Lions fan perspective, what do you think of his prospects for the rest of the season? Tyrell Williams will probably return but not like he’s exactly a world beater.
  8. Not sure Hilton won’t be a threat, but hoping TY affects Pascal and/or Campbell more so than Pittman.
  9. Seems like ARSB is flying under the radar. Snap count and targets have been on the increase, and with Cephus out long term and a lot of negative game scripts, could be some value here. Anyone on the bandwagon?
  10. Hilton returned to practice today and his return is imminent. While Pittman has established himself, I imagine his value takes a bit of a bit with T.Y.’s return.
  11. After being burned by Gainwell over Sanders last week, I don’t think I can roll out either of them until there is more clarity on the split - or I need to because of bye week issues.
  12. Patterson. Knox has also been really good for a very barren position.
  13. To be fair, they have 3 RBs when you factor in Hurts and he’s producing on the ground.
  14. True, he's risking the possibility of a T.J. Hooker movie remake.
  15. I like this take. Seems like everyone is leaving him for dead, but I still think he's interesting as a bench stash for these reasons. They lost their prized 1-2 punch at RB in a hot Texas minute. Let's say they like the talent, maybe even consider him their most dynamic option but think he could benefit from some more seasoning, which is probably a reasonable take based on the early reveal. It would make a lot of sense to protect this guy early in a 17-week season, especially if you're winning games and the Dobbins-Edwards snake bites are still fresh in their minds. Like you said, it makes some sense to go so far as to sit him for a game and see if any of the veteran journeymen can be part of the solution. I just think there's a fair chance that he resurfaces in a meaningful way by the fantasy playoffs, and I'm not convinced it will take an injury in front of him to get there. For what it's worth, I'm kind of at a similar place with Rhamondre Stevenson. There's some talent there and it's a beatable depth chart. Both interesting redraft bench stashes, I probably lean Ty'son between the two. You both bring up good points, but my concern is that we're talking about the RB position - which is probably the biggest plug-and-play position there is. Other skill position players often take longer to adjust, while RBs often hit right away or they fall into obscurity (sure there are guys that take longer than others to "get it"). Also, he's not an unknown having been on the practice squad last year. There are things that we just don't see behind the scenes as outsiders. Believe me, I'd love to be wrong as a Williams owner, but it just doesn't seem to be happening for him.
  16. Looks like the Chiefs just signed Elijah McGuire to the practice squad, so Mack may not be on the horizon regardless.
  17. That's pretty telling in terms of how much they're on the field. The touches haven't followed as much, with Swift's and Williams' total touches pretty close - Swift is obviously doing a lot more with them. So basically more often than not, when Jamaal is on the field, he has been getting the ball. I imagine those touches will continue to shift more to Swift unless there is a very positive game script in which the Lions are very run heavy.
  18. End of November is pretty late for him to make an impact unless Mitchell/Sermon/Hasty (who should be back by then) are all hurt and/or are all completely ineffective. Not out of the range of outcomes, but that's still a lot of ifs and Lance may be the full-time QB by then.
  19. Fair points - we don't see what goes on during practice, so there's obviously a reason they don't trust Ty'Son even if his efficiency is good in limited touches. I do think that they the Ravens don't want to give up their rushing identity, so if not Ty'Son or these older guys, someone else may be entering the picture.
  20. That would be a fantastic trade for both teams, which means it won't happen.
  21. I'm wondering if ESPN got the information wrong from the article, and the Ravens are looking to trade *for* RBs. Or at least they should be.
  22. Given the TE landscape these days, Hurts to Ertz isn't the worst.
  23. All about protecting Lamar? I get the 'winning' comment on surface level, but highly doubt Harbaugh prefers to come back from 19 point deficits that existed because of inability to run, and forcing them to become one dimensional. That certainly is not protecting Lamar. They probably became one-dimensional because of a negative game script in which their defense didn't hold the Colts down. Protecting Lamar in the run game is important too, and that's where Murray and Freeman may have an edge. We'll never be able to figure out Harbaugh, but there's clearly a reason why Ty'Son is not being used much. Could that change? Perhaps, but I don't think there's huge upside even if he does become the 1A RB - the offense is just not built that way.
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