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  1. I know rush is an acquired taste but I love all of their work even their quirky late 90s stuff.
  2. Typically YouTube but my college kid keeps telling me about Spotify
  3. Hell yes - I don’t even care if it’s effective as long as I can get back to watching my kid play baseball. Thought four years of college ball would be a blast to watch...list his entire soph year to shutdown and hoping his junior year is not the same.
  4. for Gods sake they've locked me in my house for 9 months and I don't get out - that is why I am asking for more tunes.
  5. Okay how have I not heard of Blackberry Smoke - 6 songs in and not a bad song yet. Really digging them. Arctic Monkeys also really good so far. Rammstein listened to 4 songs and really like the sound - but I don't speak German so there's that. They vaguely remind me of Danzig with a splash of Type O Negative. ACDC love the new album - same old dependable ACDC sound.
  6. So after going through my hundreds and hundreds of CDs - I narrowed down my top 10 artists (yes I know there are many HUGE bands not included in this list - but for whatever reason these are my top 10). What I am asking is if there are some music experts out there - take a look at this Top 10 and recommend other artists that I might like. In reviewing my list it is hard for me to define a genre - kind of a mix. 1. Electric Light Orchestra (1) 2. Lynyrd Skynyrd (6) 3. Rush (4) 4. Motorhead (10) 5. ACDC (3) 6. Metallica (5) 7. Smashing Pumpkins (7)
  7. our league is in its 27th year. This week I faced the 12th place team (I am fighting for the 6th playoff spot) and he puts up the 3rd highest weekly total in the 27 year hostory of our league...while I put up the 3rd highest score for the week and lose. Highlights on his roster - QB - Watson RB - Henry and Gibson (really??????) WR - A Robinson, J Jefferson, and AJ Brown and this team was 3-8 before facing me. Holy bad luck, Batman.
  8. Not cut and dried - on its face it seems shady; but I can understand where someone would put a condition on a trade like that all other things being equal. I suppose NOTHING should be done now - but in the future amend the rules to explicitly not allow this type of deal in the future???
  9. Barring getting to play for a team you grew up rooting for or for your hometown team, why would ANY player not want to play for the team that offered the most accommodations for your service? NFL careers are ephemeral, so you need to make the most money while you still have the capacity to make it. At some point, if you have played for a team for an extraordinary amount of time I suppose a one team legacy question would enter the picture, but owners will throw you on the trash pile if your skills slip so why give them a discount when your skills are still in demand? If it were not about the
  10. I was fully expecting to get blown out - and yardage wise we were, but at least it looked close in the final boxscore. Tough year for Mizzou. A few too many injuries and a qb still learning to be a leader. Oh well, at least I got the Border War tickets so I will get to see them reign hell on Kansas on Nov 26th.
  11. Relatively humorless, but has good football insight.

  12. Nice of Bucky to have a picture of my kid in his profile.

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