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  1. I don’t get a lot of the Williams bashing on this thread. Yes, he whiffed on pass pro and had some alignment issues, but it was his first game in the NFL lol he showed burst, toughness, AND the ability to catch the football. Granted, they definitely need a vet like Murray to shore up the position in the short term, but I fully expect this kid to be a major contributor the second half of the season. Bell, Murray and Freeman are all cooked! I guarantee you the stellar Raven coaching staff will coach up this kid and turn him into a viable NFL RB.
  2. Zeke isn’t a sell lol he went up against arguably the top rushing D in the league
  3. Zeke is at the top of the list for me
  4. Gallup is still an incredible value, especially in dynasty leagues, and I fully expect him to be starting opposite Lamb in 22; Lamb is clearly the 1a heading into this season, but Gallup has a good rapport with Dak and Cooper is getting older and has injury concerns. As for Gio, he may have a dreaded HAS, but they would be wise to get him back to full strength and unleash him in 3-4 weeks. They absolutely love him, and I can see his role growing as he gets healthier. All reports out of camp were that he and Antonio were scoring the majority of TD’s. He’s an Arians type of player
  5. If Dobbins is indeed out for the year, where will he go in upcoming drafts?
  6. I’ll be shocked if he’s not done. What an awful night for all Dobbins owners. If he’s out for an extended period of time, Gus becomes a low end #1.
  7. I don’t know how many of you are following the hurricane that is about to hit New Orleans, but it could bring catastrophic conditions. Sig just bought a house down there, and should he need it, I’d love for the FG community to help any way we can. I don’t know if Joe and David would mind, but if he incurs major damage to his home, maybe we can setup a fund or something. My thoughts and prayers are with the Bloom family snd everyone else in the State of Louisiana.
  8. This guy gets it. Jones is a talented, but oft injured RB who will be overpaid
  9. Feel free to make disparaging, condescending remarks, but the truth remains that Jones has been injured every year of his 4 year career. He's a tremendous player, but to think he can handle 20 plus touches a week for a full season, contradicts what his career has already shown us. Hopefully you are smart enough to understand this smh
  10. Horrible comparison. Jones has been injured multiple times, while Henry has been quite durable
  11. Nobody denies his talent, but he’s definitely injury prone and I doubt he could carry an offense and handle 20 plus touches a week. The Pack figured out the perfect formula
  12. Retaining Williams and letting him platoon with Dillon would be the wise move for the Packers and one I imagine they pursue. Let someone else overpay for a talented, but often nicked up Jones. Williams would be the passing/3rd down back.
  13. Dillon looked fine catching the ball this week and that was an unfair knock on him coming out of college--just because BC never threw to him, doesn't mean he can't do it....Jones is a tremendous receiver out of the backfield, but Dillon adds a new dimension to the offense. BTW, I'm a big Jones fan, but his proclivity to get nicked up and miss time is concerning. He's not the most durable back and the Pack brass would be wise to let him walk and pay either Williams, pay another FA RB, or draft one in May. As most already know, breaking the bank to resign a RB rarely makes sense. Any way you slice it, Dillon has a bright future in GB.
  14. Over who? Why does the site have the Charger pass vs. the Bronco D as a tough matchup??
  15. Exactly!! That said, it’s tough to start Pollard because we don’t know if Zeke will be effective and how many touches Dallas will give him after last week’s great game
  16. The weather is calling for snow, 2-4 inches during the game and 16-17 MPH winds. I'm worried about both teams being able to throw it with any effectiveness. Anyone looking to pivot from this game?
  17. Well, Zeke is going to play, so who's still starting Pollard? I'm deciding between Pollard, Lockett, and Gus Edwards in a standard league. I still think Pollard gets a lot of touches, but I'd love to know how Zeke looks in warmups...
  18. mcKissic. Zeke is active and with McLaurin out, JD is going to be busy
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